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September 11th 2008 10:39 pm
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I am so infuriated! I fostered a litter of orphan puppies about 2 years ago, and it turns out one of the owners has decided to put one of my former fosters down.

I spent a lot of time being angry about this. I randomly emailed the owner b/c she was the only one that had been great about sending me pix as dear Coco was growing up. They appeared to be Lab mixes during their youth, though its always a gamble what they'll evolve into as they get older.

The owner emailed me back, saying that animal control and he vet had determined her "TOO AGGRESSIVE" and that she had to be put down. This is after one human bite and one bite of the fellow dog, both of which seem food-related. I

tried sending her links to behaviorists, telling her NOT to depend on A/C and the vet to determine whether a dog is aggressive b/c they don't know anything about the behavioral side. Might I add that no blood panel was ever done by the vet? The vet gave the death sentence based purely on third party anecdotal evidence. The owner didn't even witness the 2 events, it was only based on her crazy mother's account. Is this woman retarded? Who relies on these 2 sources to determine whether a dog is aggressive?

When she ignored me, the rescue itself contacted her and even provided local referrals to behaviorists. Instead of following through with a FREE come to your home appointment w/a behaviorist, her mother decided to put the dog down. Then, we realized that SHE NO LONGER OWNS THE DOG! That would be fine if she had disclosed it, but it looks like it is her mother that is pulling the guillotine on Coco, not her. Her mother won't even let her help Coco unless she takes Coco to her own place, which I hear is not going to work for whatever reason. The dog lives in her mother's garage, never being exercised or disciplined.

Based on their irrational fear of Coco, and also the vet and A/C's baseless assessment, these MORONS decided that Coco was TOO aggressive, and TOO much of a liability.

It makes my blood boil just to think about it!!!

This is the 2nd to worst kind of owner out there-- the kind that disposes of furbies when its not convenient to work out any issues. The kind that throws away their pets when the going gets rough. She would not even accept a free behaviorist session, who would come straight to her door! If I threw out my dog or kitty every time we had an issue, I'd have hundreds of pets by now!

I cannot believe this woman. I found out today that she doesn't even have the dog in her possession, and its her mother that wants the dogs put down. She clearly has put no effort and money into dealing with this so- called problem!

In my desperation, I asked my husband whether we could take her in temporarily, and work on her aggression issues. The only knowledge I have about big dogs is through Cesar Milan's show, and I tend to give off a scaredy cat energy, but I'm determined to fight this, and help this poor dog. I will do my best to help her with her aggression, if she even has this issue.

I raised her from when she was a 3 week old orphan. I've offered to take her in, so I hope the owner doesn't say no at this point. She's scheduled to be put down tomorrow MORNING, and I at least need to give her a fighting chance-- at the very least, meet with a behaviorist who can properly diagnose her behavior, exercise her, etc.. Also, this problem has only been happening for a mere 3 weeks! And no prior incidents. Who knows how her mother's been treating this dog...

Anyways, she's going to be dropped off on Sunday. I was nice to the owner, lest she change her mind, and decide to put Coco down. After all, this is the easiest method, as she wouldn't have to make a trip down to my house. She even insisted that we sign a document showing transfer of ownership, so she and her family would no longer be liable.

So for now, it looks like we have to get a dog crate, a pinch collar, and a doggy back pack. We don't have (nor plan to) have any big dogs, so these will be out of pocket expenses, on top of any additional training she's going to need...


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