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A day in the life of this bulldog

Deep Buddy

June 17th 2005 7:09 pm
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Notes to self:

Stop chasing cars - now I have to wear the stupid harness!

No more pooping in mommy and daddy's bedroom. No matter where I try to hide it they can somehow always find it.

Try to quit humping two leggers who come over to see mommy and daddy. Mommy says it's bad to try and force people to mate with me.

Cat food, although tastes yummy, causes me to have icky poops.

Cat poop, although tastes yummy, makes mommy not kiss me anymore.

The treat comes after the click, not steal the clicker and try to eat it.


Rain, rain go away!

June 15th 2005 10:03 am
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It's been raining and storming too much here in MN. We even had hail storms this week. Mommy and Daddy were rushing around so they could pull the cars in the garage since it was hailing so hard. I wasn't scared a bit at the thunder and lightening and Mommy let me watch it through the screen door. I must be a big strong guy to not being afraid of all of this. Yep my mommy loves me and I know why.


A day at the lake

June 12th 2005 8:44 am
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Oh I had so much fun yesterday!! Mommy bought me a life jacket and we went swimming!! I ran in and out of the lake chasing after my floating toys. My life jacket works well because I can go where it's deep and swim and not sink. I didn't even mind wearing it. I love summer! I hope that we can go again soon. I even found a dead fish on the beach. Daddy said I had to stay away from it but I really wanted to sniff it out. Maybe next time. Mommy posted a picture of me wearing my new life jacket. People at the beach were looking at me and smiling but they were looking at Mommy and Daddy like they were crazy. At least they thought I was cute=)


Ahhh Fridays!

June 10th 2005 8:49 pm
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I love Friday's because it means my mom and dad are home for a couple days in a row and not at work! Weekends are especially fun for me because my parents plan fun things for me to do. Tomorrow I get to go to the lake and swim! My mommy bought me a new life jacket because she says bulldogs sink like rocks and usually can't swim at all. I love the water so if this is the only way I can play in the lake I guess I wont try too hard to rip the life jacket off of me and destroy it.
Well I'm getting sleeping again so it's nap time for me. Hopefully mommy doesn't try and wake me up before noon tomorrow. I prentend not to see her when she tries to wake me up and if she bugs me too much I sneek into another room to try and get some more rest. It's hard being a bulldog.

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