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Bears World, Come Play With Me!!!

About Snow!!

February 21st 2007 5:51 am
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frankly I hate it!!! it snowed and snowed until it was 2 times taller then me, mom tried to get me and willey to go play in it but we came right back to the door holding one paw up then the other til she finally gave up, said we were no fun, hummmmp let her go out there and play if she wants but no not me!!
i had a good valentines day phoebe of course was my valentine cause she is my gurl, she is sooo beautiful!!
i met a lot more new friends, and now just waiting for spring to come.
last night i got a bath cause mom said i stink, whats with that i hate baths espically when it freezing outside but it did feel purty good, willey gets his tonight and he is gonna cry like a baby.
well gonna go til next time, everypup have a great day!!





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