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A Day in the Life of a Princess

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Exciting News!!!

November 27th 2008 10:41 am
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Mommy told me some exciting new last night. It wasn't really finalized until then but my Auntie Katie and Mommy had been talking about it for a few days.

A little bit after Christmas we are flying to Chicago on a plane to visit Parker, Jack, and Bebe!! We'll be there for about five days, including New Years! Mommy says I might even get to meet Gretta and Rondo and Parker's horsey brothers! Mommy has already met Gretta and Rondo but I haven't had the chance yet.

I don't really know what a plane is, I've never been on one before, but Mommy tells me it's just like a big car (I love riding in cars!!) that drives through the sky instead of on the ground and goes a lot faster. Unfortunately, I have to stay in some kind of bag the whole way under the seat and can't look out the window. Mommy says that we're going to get me to the point where I really like the bag and feel comfy and safe in it. Auntie Katie sent it in the mail yesterday so I can get used to it.

Mommy also says that I'll get to see snow. She's not sure what I will think of it but she's hoping that I will like it. She's really excited about it because she hasn't seen a real snow in 8 years and used to live for snow and skiing. We will have my parka and lots of sweaters handy and I am also going to have some new booties so my paws don't get completely freezing and wet and I don't get any salt on them. Mommy bought her snow boots yesterday too!

I think I'm going to have a good time. I've been to Chicago before and I liked it. I love Auntie Katie and am starting to like Parker a lot. Last year Jack seemed okay...well he kind of ignored me...but I'm okay with that.

Well it's time for us to go get ready for Thanksgiving dinner!




November 27th 2008 10:15 am
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It's Thanksgiving and there are so many things that I am thankful for in my life.

1) Being alive and very healthy!
2) Having a loving home and the best Mommy and Daddy in the world (not even counting the best Nana, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, and nieces and my kitty brothers Noche and E-Man).
3) Having a home at all! We thought after the hurricane that we wouldn't have a home anymore, that we might have to move back in with Nana and Grandpa for a little bit while things were salvaged and prepared.
4) For Mommy providing the best care she knows how! I eat the yummiest food - even if it is expensive at times and get all the vet care I need.
5) For agility class! I love agility so much! Especially the running around like a crazy wild Mia.

We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and the hurricane really brought that to light.


Hurricane Update

September 15th 2008 12:49 pm
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Mom here:

Just wanted to post a quick update. I'll do a full recount of the last 4 days later on. Everyone and animal is fine. The house and apartment survived with almost no damage, no flooding. The wooden fences are all down. Luckily we have a little courtyard area between our garage and the side of the house and a metal gate that closes off the backyard. Mia can get through the metal gate poles because they are about 8 inches wide but we put up leftover plywood so we can at least let the dogs out there.

We are playing host to a stray boxer puppy that we have named Roscoe for the time being. He is very sweet and gets along well with everyone. Mia doesn't like him but she doesn't like most other dogs at first anyway.

I will post pictures of the damage, etc. later. We have power and cable and internet here at the house. No power at the apartment yet though. We are hoping soon.


Hurricane Update

September 11th 2008 4:24 pm
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Note from Mom:

We're here at my parents' house now and are not planning to go to Austin at this point. We are prepared to ride the storm out. All of the windows have been boarded up except for two that we cannot board up and the glass pained back door. The windows that we are not able to board up have been braced with duct tape. We have TONS of bottled water. Tons of food (I think 1 loaf of bread per person and 3 huge jars of peanut butter), we have granola bars, canned goods, etc. etc. We have several flashlights, tons of batteries, and several lanterns. We also have everything else that is recommended to be in a hurricane kit.

The pets are not freaking out too much yet but they are sticking close to us. We have 3 dogs (Mia, Emma, Kiba), 3 cats (E-Man, Noche, Sootie), and a rabbit (Raine) here right now. My sisters' friend might come over with her ferret and bird too. We aren't sure about that yet. We have food to last all the pets for several weeks and bought a bunch of cat litter today for just in case.

I'm still pretty scared but feel a lot better now that we have everything prepared and boarded up.

So yeah. I'll be keeping you guys updated until the power goes out. It's looking like the hurricane is going to take more of a direct hit...but at least we won't be on the dirty side where we get a crap load of rain and tornadoes.

Mia (and Family)


Evacuating for Ike

September 11th 2008 8:48 am
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Hi Everypup,

We are about to evacuate for Hurricane Ike. We are in a mandatory evacuation zone because we are less than a mile from Galveston Bay. For the time being the plan is to go to Nana and Grandpa's house (they are boarding up the windows as we speak) but we have a hotel room in Austin reserved for Thurs/Fri/Saturday if we feel we really do need to get out of town.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We will try to keep in touch.



Crazy Life!!

July 20th 2008 6:05 pm
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So TONS of things have been going on since I last wrote. Mom has been super busy for the last 7 weeks because she was in a crazy intensive Spanish course where she learned two semesters worth (~9 months) of Spanish in 7 weeks!!! She did awesome though and ended up with an A in both of her semesters! Go Mom!! So pretty much that is why we haven't been on Dogster very much!

I started agility class on June 14th and while I am pretty much terrified of the other dogs I am getting a lot more comfortable and starting to wag my tail more. Mom thinks I really like the obstacles and the actual agility stuff but that I am so scared that I don't get to enjoy it much. This Saturday is our last group class and then I am probably going to start doing some private lessons until I gain some confidence. Our trainer is really great. Mom really clicks with her and she totally understands me and is wonderful with me. I like her a lot too. In our class there is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Joey, a Sheltie named Aggie, and a Golden Retriever named Chase (like my Daddy). We have also had a couple dogs do make-ups in our class, a Belgian Sheepdog named Giada, a GORGEOUS Aussie named Pancho, and a WILD Border Collie named Foxy. I was really nervous about Pancho because he was pretty advanced and was off leash a lot but towards the end of the class his Mom said it was okay and I went and sniffed his butt!! Mom was soooo proud of me.

We got the keys to our new apartment yesterday. Mom and my Auntie Lauren were painting the new apartment all day today. They were up there for like 7 hours!!! I got to go up and check it out yesterday and it's pretty cool. The floor plan is a lot more open and Mom is excited because we have brand new carpet and dark wood laminate flooring, brand new countertops, and a brand new oven/stove and refrigerator!! I told my brothers all about it and I think they'll like it too.

Oh yeah!! I have a new brother!!! He is a kitten and his name is Noche. I didn't like him at first at all but he has really grown on me and now I like him better than E-Man. He's a lot of fun to play with. He has been sick a whole lot though. He's had an upper respiratory infection with tons of bloody noses and congestion and right now we are trying to get his diarrhea under control. He has to go back into the vet on Tuesday with Mommy to see what they can do about that. *Sigh* Hopefully he will be completely better soon. He's grown so much! When he came home he was 1.8 lbs and completely skin and bones! Now he's about 5.5 lbs, has a fat little tummy, and a shiny black coat. I sure do love him.

Well I am gonna go for now. Mommy is really tired considering she was painting ALL DAY today! We have missed everyone but should be around more these days!



I was a pretty good girl today!

May 31st 2008 8:12 pm
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So Mom has decided that she is also going to start actively working with me on getting my therapy dog certification. Right now she is trying to decide between Delta Society and TDInc. certification. I'm not too picky as long as at least one of these people I meet rubs my belly! After we move and kind of get settled Mom is going to see about calling my old trainer and asking when his next CGC class is going to be. We're shooting for a goal date of about 6 months to hopefully get me certified.

Mom isn't worried about me in any part of the test except meeting the friendly dog. Sometimes when I meet other dogs I feel like I have to tell them that I'm just as big as they are (even when I'm not...which is quite often). I bark at them but there is nothing aggressive about it...I don't show my teeth or have any kind of an aggressive posture. Sometimes I growl a bit under my breath too.

So Mom and I have been working a lot on "Watch Me" which will help me both in my agility AND therapy dog training along with many other things in daily life. I'd say I'm getting pretty good at it. Not as good as Mom would like it though. *Sigh* Sometimes that woman has kind of high expectations from such a little pup like me. Hehe...I am a fast learner though most of the time. I still love her though!

Today we went to Petsmart and there was already a big change from last week when we went. I even saw some of the same dogs and didn't bark at them this time! One of the trainer guys has this HUMONGOUS dog that looks like a GIGANTIC Super Sized White German Shepherd. He is probably 20 times the size of me at least! Last week I barked at him every chance I got...and this week I didn't. Instead, I calmly watched him and I got tons of kisses and pets from Mom. The only time I barked the whole time we were there was at a humongous Great Dane. I barked once, Mom verbally corrected me, and I stopped and looked at her. This is a pretty big deal for me!!

After that we went to Angel's Pet Boutique and Angel (a Pomeranian) ran straight up to me and got in my face (just being friendly) and I didn't bark or growl at all! I guess all this stuff Mom has been doing to get me to focus on her has started to work.

We also started to work on "Stick 'Em Up" today where I sit on my bum and put my paws up! Mom would also like to teach me to "Wave," "Take a Bow," and "Give Kisses" (on hands, only if invited) before we start my therapy work. I already know how to do other cutesy tricks to show off.

For agility she's also decide to teach me to jump into her arms on command (of course she'd have to bend over a bit) for a big finish!

So we've had a pretty fun week! Mom starts school on Monday unfortunately so that means she won't be home as much...but it also means I get to go over to Nana's and play with Emma and Kiba much earlier!!!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I know I did with Mom home with me the whole time!! Until next time!



Over and Paw Success!

May 25th 2008 6:04 pm
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I write tonight to tell you all of good news! It seems Mommy's mistake has been righted! Now I only stand up to more of that laying down nonsense.

Tonight Mommy had me jumping about 12.5 inches (.5 inches more than I would be jumping at trials) and then "paw"ing afterward. It was so much fun (well partially because I get more treats when I do a longer behavior chain hehe)! Now when she asks me to paw I will walk halfway across the room if she puts my lid over there.

Mom really wants to start introducing me to the tunnel. Unfortunately though it is WAYYYY too hot outside and the tunnel barely fits in the living room of the apartment. I think tomorrow she is going to move the coffee table and the desk chair out of the way and put the tunnel diagonally in the living room. It should fit that way!

Yesterday I got a bath with this new shampoo (Happy tails Infuzion Shampoo + Conditioner) that Parker and Auntie Katie sent us. I'm not a big fan of baths but this stuff was great because it meant a shorter bath! Normally Mommy has to shampoo me and then put conditioner on and wait a few minutes and then rinse me again. That time was cut in half yesterday woo! Plus Mommy says I smell great and she gives me more kisses just so she can smell me, bol! Thanks Auntie Katie and Parker (and Jack-Jack too)!

We also started using the Happytails Eyepack to hopefully help with my tear stains. There is a supplement and eye pads that Mommy has to use every day. Tonight I got my supplement smeared all over some ham! Yum-O!

Well it's time for me to take a nap. Mommy is going to try to get Daddy to take a video of me jumping tonight and we will post it tomorrow!

Until next time!

Mia Bella


Over and Paw and Petsmart!

May 18th 2008 5:07 pm
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So last night Mommy realized that she made a bit of a mistake in teaching me to target the lid with my paw. She had me doing "over" (jumping about 10" again) and then asked me to paw the lid. Well...I did what she said, I jumped and then laid down to "paw". I guess Mommy doesn't want me to lay down to paw. But she has let me lay down every other what is the problem? Well apparently laying down in an agility trial isn't a good thing unless I'm on the pause table...whatever!

So today we worked on "stand" and I'm getting pretty good at it. Mom has been meaning to get it on command for a long time now. So now when we practice paw I am learning that I have to do it in whatever position I am in. If I am laying down I have to "paw" while laying down. If I am sitting I have to "paw" while I am sitting. If I am standing, I have to "paw" while I am still standing. I guess that makes more sense to me.

We also went to Petsmart today to get me a tug toy and ended up getting a Kong Wubba and another Kong toy that has a rope. Mom will post pictures later. There were lots of big dogs there so Mom decided it would be a good time to practice some of my training. If I saw a dog and growled Mom would stand in front of me, tell me to sit, and then have me "watch her." I did really good too! As soon as she said "watch me" I stopped growling. She was really proud of me! So now she thinks we should go every weekend and practice! Next time she will remember to bring treats too but who knows if I'll eat them b/c I don't like eating treats when I'm not comfortable.

Well, that's all for now!

Kisses, Mia

ETA: Here's a picture of my Kong Goodie Bone and Rope tug toy!

And here's a picture of my new Wubba.


Over, Moving, and My "New Name"

May 16th 2008 10:25 pm
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Tonight Mom and I worked on "over." She had me jumping about 10" no problem before we ran out of treats!! In competition I will probably be jumping 12" but she is most likely going to over train me a bit. I was getting cheese and roast beef, YUM!!!

Mom and Dad found our new apartment complex and they are going to put a deposit down tomorrow. Hopefully we will have a week or so wiggle room between when we can move in and our lease is up so I can go visit the apartment and Mommy can paint!

After much deliberation Mommy has finally come up with an awesome registered name for me. It will be Sweet Willow's Ciao Mia Bella. It means Hello my beautiful one in Italian. How cute is that?!

Time for me to go nap off some of this roast beef. Goodnight!


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