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Buddy Todd....A day in the life....

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He's just doing his job.......grrrr

January 20th 2007 6:35 am
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That's what our neighbor Mr. Dave says when I go out and arooooooooooo at the squirrels while Mommy is apologiziing for all the racket I make! Well.....I have been putting in a LOT of overtime lately! It seems that I have to check all 800 or so trees in the back yard and I MUST aroooooo the entire time while I'm checking them for possible squirrel activity!! Now Mommy keeps our doggy door closed during quiet hours of like 10 pm to 8 am but then...look out!!!!
On New Years day after Mr. Dave seemed to have had a very "fun" night before we woke him up by cornering a giant possum in the electric fence! He came outside looking a little tired and took care of that matter right quick like! Sometimes I think Mr. Dave wishes I would NOT work so hard or maybe take some time off from my "job" once in a while ;)


Quality Time with Daddy & Beaglie Education

December 7th 2006 5:58 am
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Well, Daddy was home this weekend and we got to spend a lot of time together so he got to learn all about me. I think he had a great time! I know I did! On our first morning walk he let me off my leash and I was sooo good I walked right with everyone else...except I'd get sidetracked a little sniffing ya know! So...he came home and told Mommy what a good boy I was and she said in a not so sweet Mommy voice..."Honey...he's a beagle!"...and something about if you lose my dog...blah, blah , blah.....
SO.....the next we went on our walk....and OFF I WENT...and Daddy said my arooo got quieter and quieter until he couldn't hear me anymore! We live where there are woods all around even our property is wooded so he couldn't find me! He looked and tried not to yell my name too loud because he was still right at the back of our fenced yard and he didn't want mom to hear him! He waited and waited trying to decide if he should go and get mom to come help look for me and pack his suitcase! FINALLY after 20 minutes or so I came walking back from my adventure...I don't know what the fuss was...everyone else goes out without a leash! Dad says I have to wear my leash from now on because he doesn't want mommy to kill him.
Daddy also learned that I really can climb trees really fast and high! He climbed up a tree and I climded up too but, real high then I fell and he had to catch me!!!
I just love quality time with my Daddy!!!!
PS. Can you tell he never listens to Mommy?


My BIG Adventure by Buddy the Tree Climbing Beagle

October 6th 2006 11:58 am
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Boy did I surprise Mommy today!!! I was outside playing with my brothers & sisters and & then Mommy didn't see me. She went all over the place calling me and looking cuz she thought I got out of the yard somehow. But...I was right in the yard the whole time!!! I kept calling Mommy and whining so she could see me but, she couldn't tell where my voice was coming from. FINALLY she looked up and there I was in a big oak tree!!! I went up to get a squirrel but, it was really high and scarey and I couldn't get back down! Mommy had to go and get a big extension ladder from Ms. Janice next door and climb up to get me! I must've been 20 feet up! Mommy kept telling me to be still and calm down because she was afraid I would fall but, I was too scared to move until she came up on the ladder. Mommy's friend Wallace came by today and he cut the low branch off so I can't get up there again....thank goodness because that was very scarey....especially for mom I think!


The VET!!

October 4th 2006 9:07 am
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Mommy took me to the VET today for my first appointment since I moved in! I weighed 24.5 lbs and everything looks good....I coulda told them that without all that poking!!! They talked about getting "Nootered"....I hope that's some kind of treat!!! Well, I'll just wait and see.


My first full day home

October 2nd 2006 5:52 pm
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Boy oh boy....this is way different from my old house! It's kinda crazy sometimes!! I just had 2 cats at my old house and they were my good friends...I will miss them ;( There are 4 other dogs here that are trying to get used to me. I am pretty tuff and I act like I'm a giant even though I'm the smallest one here! I hope they don't figure out I'm the smallest cuz, oh boy then I'll be in trouble!
So far I like going in the big yard and sniffing and playing LOTS! I also like to snuggle with Mommy when we sleep. And, I think she's going to need a bigger chair at the computer (NOT CUZ SHE'S SO FAT) but, cuz I like to lay on the chair behind her.
I think i'm gonna like it here!

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