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Princess Heidie: My Life with that rascal Starbuck

Heaven parted its clouds and appointed a special place for- our queen Heidie

March 31st 2013 10:07 pm
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It has been a week now since our darling Heidie girl left our sides and made her trip over the rainbow bridge. Eleven years to the date of when she first arrived with us, she made her special trip. We would have wished for more time, but that would have only caused our sweet honey to endure more pain, not fair for such a lovely soul as our sweet Heidie. We could tell you about all the ailments our poor Heidie suffered over the past few years as age caught up to her, but we would prefer to share with you some of the lovely moments that we had with her through the years, because those moments are truly what speak loudest about her life.

Heidie was never a ham. She was always a gentle fawn of a creature. Even in her beginning days of sharing time with Starbuck when he came to us as a puppy, Heidie maintained her lady like quality. She did attempt to teach him right from wrong, but she was never overbearing with him, and it was her gentleness, that we believe allowed him to continue to be a sweet little boy, even at 6yrs old, as we speak this day. Heidie came to us with her name, and it was well deserving. For most of her life, she would prefer to hide, and avoided having her photo taken at all costs. The photos we have shared with you here, barely caught a glimpse of Heidie's soul. She had the sweetest eyes, and they always portrayed the innocence that was truly her nature. When she would look into your eyes, you knew she was listening and understanding whatever conversation you were having with her. Heidie's favorite time was spent laying in the sunlight. When the wind would blow gently, you could actually see a true smile on her soft face. When she would walk, she had a gentle little stepping motion, just like a deer, her tiny feet would prance lightly with each step. When Starbuck was a puppy, she would make a stearn bark that sounded somewhat like a "BAUCK" noise, but she never fought with him or went beyond a bark. As Starbuck grew, she was content with letting him be the Alpha Dog. She had taught him to come to eat when she barked, which Starbuck took over as she aged. She did not mind sharing a bed beside this young man, but they were never mates. Heidie was always the motherly matriarch of the pair.

In her final days, Heidie did not eat very often. Starbuck was always their dinner bell. We would put down the food in separate bowls, and he would never eat from Heidie's. We believe he knew as we did that it was important she eat, and his daily regimen involved barking when the food arrived, and waiting for Heidie to come to the bowls. Before he would begin to eat, if Heidie didn't raise her head, or get out of bed, Starbuck would bark once or twice more, and then lay down with his head in his paws, waiting until she would make her way over. The first day after Heidie passed, Starbuck still barked for Heidie to make her way to the bowls. He looked for her, and it was my greatest sadness, that she was not there to respond. He did not eat easily, and it was difficult but we tried as best as we could to explain to him what had occurred. We have spent the last week, babying him and attempting to help him restart his life. We know he will have moments of grieving, just as we will, and Heidie, will never be far from our minds. She was always our angel, and it is only fitting that she has now replaced her crown, with a halo.
We will always love you Heidie-- we hope you have a gentle wind with sunshine on your shoulders now to keep your smile. Love Meme, Daddy, Starbuck and Cassie


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