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Life is great in my new home! by Teddy....

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I'm going to my NEW home today!!

November 4th 2006 4:14 am
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Dear Diary,

Today will be my very last day that I see my foster parents because I'm going to my New Home Today!!!!. In an hour, my foster parents & I will leave home and drive to Canada to meet Jake's parents!!!!

Jake's Mom is such a great person! She said that Jake is not going to meeting spot today because he doesn't travel well and will be very hyper to see me (she said that Jake may scare me but I don't think so). She said that it doesn't matter if we won't be able to know if Jake & I will get along at first because she already feels committed to me and will not leave without me. I'm SUPER LUCKY that this family found me on dogster!!!!

As for my foster parents and Mini:
I will not forget them. Thank you for having me in your house! If it's not because of you, I wont be able to find Jake & his family. I will miss you......

Alrighty, I gotta go now diary! I gotta get ready to see my soon-to-be family.

Goodbye now.



Only 4 MORE DAYS!!!!

October 30th 2006 9:46 pm
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There's only 4 more days till the day that I've been waiting for! Only 4 more days!!!

Today, My foster mom clipped my nails. I'm as usual a good boy and so I lay down and let her do what she wants to me. After the nail cutting, she said that since I'm so behaving, she'd try to cut the extra hair in between my pads. Woof! I use to hair the scissor getting anywhere near me but tonight, I was such a boy!


There's 8 more days till the GRAND DAY! The day that I've- been always waiting for.

October 26th 2006 10:02 pm
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There're 8 more days till Nov 4th- The grand day that I'd meet my new family!!! I've been waiting for this day for a loooong time. On Nov 4th, my foster family will drive up to Canada with me to meet Jake's family! I can't want to see them!!!!!

Will everything go smooth? I hope that Jake and Jake's parents would love me! I hope that I'd get along great with Jake!! I hope that he'd like playing with me. I hope that the kitty Ty will not hate me. I hope that Jake's parents will not think that I look cuter in my pictures than in-real-doggie. I hope that Jake will be a nice doggie.

Jake told me that his mommy will get me a NEW pillow and a NEW Kong! *tail wagging*.

Nov 4th. Nov 4th...NOVEMBER 4th! I'll finally meet a family that will love me. Although I'm not sure how does it feel like to be "love", I'm sure that it will be the greatest feeling ever in the world. Dear God, I'll wait for Nov 4th patiently and quietly and hope for the best. I'm not a greedy doggie- like any other doggies, I just wants a home that I can call mine forever. I'm a good doggie! Please grant me my wish. For once!


I think THIS IS IT! It's Jake's family I'm going home with!!

October 18th 2006 10:01 pm
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At first, there was a minor problem for me to go to Jake's home but now I think Mommy and Jake's mommy have everything solved. So I think this is it!
I'm only 7 months old and I've stayed with 4 families already. Sometimes I doubt the saying that "dogs are loyal" because I really don't know WHICH home is MY home. How can a doggie be loyal if he doesn't know who are his family? How can a doggie learn to love if there's no one for him to love?

I finally found a home that I belong.
I finally found a loving family for me to be loyal to.
I finally found a family that would love me and treat me WELL.
I mean, FINALLY!
I cannot be more happy.

Jake's mommy care about almost every aspect of a doggie!! ..Before, I may be one of the unlucky doggies but now, I'm sure that I'm one of the luckiest doggie!! My life just changed from the moment my foster mom found me and things are getting better and better.


If you've send me a pmail, a pal request or a rosette or- even a STAR

October 18th 2006 1:01 pm
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and you haven't received my reply yet, please understand that Mini and I are sharing the same computer and both of us has send out around 140 mails in the past few days altogether!! I've been trying to get through all of them but there's really a lot!! If you don't trust me, ask my mommy! She has been proof-reading our mails and she can proof that I wasn't playing around not replying you buddies!!


It's the 18th of the Month...and...

October 18th 2006 12:55 pm
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I'm 7 Month Old today!! WoooHoo.......


I think I'm going to join Jake's Family!

October 18th 2006 3:20 am
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Remember I mentioned that two families were really interested in bring me home? Guess what? Mommy has been e-mailing them again and again and I think instead of going to Valley's home, I'm going to join Jake's family!! Valley's family is really really nice but mommy thinks that it may be slightly better for me to go to Jake's home. I really appreciate that Valley's mom is not mad and that Jake's mom didn't change her least...not yet.

Although Jake and his family lives in Ontario, Canada, they are willing to drive to Montreal and we are going to meet there!!!!! Can you believe that they are willing to drive so far? I heard that it will take them a total of 14 hours of driving time!!

Like Valley's family, Jake's family is really nice!! Now I can't wait to meet Jake and play with him! I saw his pictures and he is a beautiful Golden Retriever! I'm really grateful that not only ONE loving family welcomes me but there are TWO!! You know, mommy has been asking them a lot of questions like dog food, Vet Care, daily routine, grooming, etc...I even start to feel bad for Jake's mom and Valley's mom because my mom is using so much of their time for typing e-mails!

Now I hope that everything will work just fine and I can stay in Jake's family!! The only thing I worry about now is that Jake's family will change their mind..
I'll cross my toes everyday now until the day that we meet.



October 17th 2006 7:42 am
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I've received an e-mail from Valley and he told me that he is aware of a "possible problem" in the future. Mommy told me that she will talk to dad about it to see what will be the best for me. I'm so glad that Valley's family is willing to bring me home because I truely think that they are nice people but at the same time I hope that Jake's family hasn't changed their mind yet and would still love to bring me home.

I think some of you may think that my foster mom is being too picky and that I should be happy if ANYONE wants me. The truth is, since I've always lived near her in the past, she knew how sad my life was. My mommy cares about me and wants me to go to a GOOD home, not just any home. If she didn't care about me, she wouldn't save me and I would have been in rainbow bridge long ago. Unfortunately, mommy says that she knows that she cannot provide me with the best that I deserve and that she may move overseas and she knows that she cannot bring me with her.

Mommy says that my fate is in her hands now and she'd feel really bad if she'd ever know that I'm not treated well in rest of my life. She feels that she's responsible of me.


YAY!! The date of out meeting is finally SET!!

October 17th 2006 1:32 am
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Today, my mommy called Valley's mom to talking about me and to set a meeting date.

We will be meeting on October 25th Wednesday in Albany, NY. We are still looking for a safe dog park to meet there so hopefully we can find a good place. My mommy talked to Valley's Mom and she seemed to be a really nice person who is a responsible dog owner and will take good care of me forever! I'm so happy and I can't wait to meet them!

At the same time, I will miss my foster parents and Mini soooo much!! Mini is my best buddy over here that I love to play with! He is a really GREAT friend and I hope that he will not forget me even after I moved to the new family!


I'm so blessed.

October 15th 2006 1:13 am
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So far, I've only reply about half of the responses I've received!! There are too much thankful notes to send! (oh, of COURSE I'm NOT complaining!!!! Are you kidding?) I really need to catch up on that otherwise some pups will think that I have forgotten them.

I'm really blessed!
There are currently 2 families that are currently really interested in adopting me. I'm really thankful to Valley's Family & Jacob's Family! They are both very nice family and I cannot express my graditude in words. This time, I think hope really does exist!

I will be meeting Valley's family the week after next week to see if I can get along with Valley and their other dog Toto. Jacob's family said that if my foster mom cannot find anybody to take me home, they will bring me to their loving home.

I swear that I'm not being greedy at all, but I just want to let doggies and their family out there to know that if you would like to bring me to your home, please, please send me a pmail! This week is my golden week because I'm on DOG OF THE WEEK but as soon as I'm off the homepage of dogster (which is within a few days), I know that everything will go so slow and if unluckyily things don't work out with the 2 families, it may take me a long time to find a loving home!

1) I really appreciate all of you who send me greetings!!
2) Thank you Valley, Jacob & Charlie for considering adopting me!
3) I'm a really GOOD doggie
4) I love dogster!!! Dogster Rocks!

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