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Life is great in my new home! by Teddy....

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Doggy park fight - more like me running for my life!

November 26th 2006 8:48 pm
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Today mommy posted pictures of the two doggies that used to live with me in my old home. Foster mommy had sent my pictures to new mommy and when she saw those doggies she cried. She said that she wanted to do a tribute to them. I do not remember too much about that place because I am so young. But I have a scar on my ear from one of the doggies who bit me. I am just happy to be in my new home. I get food and food and more food and walkies and the doggy park and out time.
I love out time.
We find sticks and fight over them. Mommy laughs at us as she watches from the window. Jake's mommy and Daddy - and mine now, had cut down a tree and piled the big branches and logs beside the shed. We keep going to the pile of wood and taking pieces of the wood pile. and run around with our own "Sticks" and play tug of war.
I am having sooo much fun here. And mommy is spoiling me with cookies and food and brushing! She calls me Teddy bear and I like that. I feel as if I have heard that name before......Teddy Bear.

We went to the doggy park yesterday and a big white dog named Ransom chased me around yelling at me. GRRRRRRRR he said! He wanted to fight me!!!!! I yelped and yelped and cried for my mommy!!!!! I ran around in circles hoping I could outrun him. He was big!! In my panic I forgot where I was in the park to where Mommy or Daddy was - I could not find mommy or daddy!!!! I could feel his breath as he was closing in on me!!!!! I yelped and cried "leave be alone, you brute"!!!!!
Then all of a sudden I could hear the doggys mom saying "Ransom!!!!! NO!!!!" Then I hear the familair voice of mommy saying "Teddy, come hereTeddy!" And I saw her then. I made a beeline to mommy and she and other people at the park were making sure that I was ok. I was ok, just a little freaked out.

But Ransom got in trouble with his Mommy. I wonder why he was mad at me?
Anyway it was ok. He left and then came back and we played for a bit. I hear that he is one of Jake's closest buddies. hmmmmmmm..... Don't know, he kinda scares me!.....I know that next time I see him, I will try my best to be nice to him.

Kisses Teddy!



November 22nd 2006 9:19 pm
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Today I actually got in trouble all by myself!
There was no blaming Jake for this one. *woof*
Mommy was making a yummy dinner.
And I wanted some of it!
It smelled soooo good.
Daddy had tried to feed Jake and me in the morning, but we weren't interested, we wanted to play in the yard. We just kept nipping at each other and playing. He got fed up with us, So he took the food away and let us out instead, and we did not get food until mommy came home. Jake did not care about food, but I was HUNGRY. Mommy gave us the food from the morning and I gobbled it down and then I ate Jake's. "ok," she said "I have to cook dinner now, you guys will have to wait, if you are still hungry" WAIT? For what?
Anyway, So she put potatoes on and I saw her with a roast, *slobber, yummy*.
Jake said we would get some of the roast later if we were good boys and waited patiently until the humans were done. Oh I could smell the food! it was heavenly!

Then Mommy left! She went downstairs for a minute and left a bowl of Cauliflower and cheese on the counter top, covered up with a dish towel!

I was soo hungry. I could stand it no more. I Stood up on my back legs and removed the dish towel first. Jake was like, "What are you doing? Mommy is gonna be back soon!" " I do not care" I said, "This stuff smells good ! Torment me no more!!!!" And away I went
lick, lick, lick,
"What makes mommy think we cannot have this good food too?" I wondered.

I don't know if I even heard mommy come back in the kitchen. Jake did not warn me. I heard mommy say later that she wondered what was going on because Jake had a horrified look on his face. He went and lied down even before mommy even started to yell at me. Like he was ready for THE BIG YELL.

So, Mommy did her yelling thing. And Jake was hiding so I knew I was on my own. Thinking fast, I wagged my tail at her to tell her that her cauliflower and cheese was the best I had ever tasted. Possibly the best in the world. (*but it did no good*)

It was ok though because later, Jake was right and we got leftover roast, mixed in with our regular doggy food. Then we got to go for walkies.

Mommy does not hold a grudge
So that is good
Even though she told the daddy guy on me. So now HE is gonna make sure I don't steal food off him too! *Sigh*
Oh well!


Fun day!

November 18th 2006 6:14 pm
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I am learning what Jake has been doing in his doggy classes - he calls it cookie class!
Mommy has been showing the boy what Jake has been doing so he does stuff in the living room for everyone. Today I started doing it too. Mommy just ignored it because it was Jake who was working. But when she was done with Jake she said ok let's see what you can do baby. She used hand signals and I did them all. Sit, down, sit, stand. I did it! Every one was so excited. Stand was kind of weird at first but all of a sudden I understood and stared right in to mommy's eyes and then I did it! So mommy says "he is smart, guys. He will be an easy one to train."
Oh yes I will - if it involves treats- then oh, yes indeed...I will be easy to train. **tail wagging!
Did i mention that this afternoon the boy had a hockey game and they all left the house for a bit and mommy told Daddy not to put me in the cage because I had been in it in the morning because it was Jake's class day?
"Lets give them a chance together alone" she said. "Teddy has spent alot of time in confined places. Do not put him in there. let's just see." Daddy looked at me kind of funny.
I tried to look cute and sad.
So they left me out!!!!!! and Jake and I promised to be good. Then we played and we played and we jumped on the sofa and Jake moved the loveseat across the room. Honest it was Jake - not me- we were not wrestling or anything!
Then we got sleepy and I lied down on the couch and had a nap.
I was off that couch when they all got home. But somehow daddy knew I had been on there.
The big fluffy pillow on the couch I had lied on had left my paw prints!!!!! ARRRRRRRR - silly Teddy -
It was ok though they just smiled at each other. No damage done, but boy oh boy did we need to go out. So that is how mommy figures we had played and played all rough in the house. because we really had to go! That and the loveseat being accross the room!
Mommy is smart!!!!

I don't know what the plan is for tomorrow. Mommy says something fun will happen though

stay tuned



doggy park and walkies!!!!!

November 17th 2006 5:57 pm
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yay! Mommy and the boy took us to the doggy park tonight. Even though it was dark. Jake told me that it was Friday and sometimes that means doggy park and he was right!
I played with Jake in the dark. He was saying something about not being able to see his ball in the dark.
When we went home mommy took Jake out on his leash because they needed to practice walkies for obedience class tomorrow morning. Jake had not done his homework. I was upset at first because mommy took Jake and not me, so I looked out the front door for them and whimpered. The BOY gave me Jake's toys to play with while they were gone!!!!!! I was careful to drop the toys when they came back so he would not see! Then mommy said your turn Teddy and put on my gentle leader and off we went. Jake did not like staying home either. So he told me that The boy gave him a cookie for being a good walker. The boy is kind of cool. He pretends he is too busy being a teenager, but he likes us doggies. That's for sure.
So we had a fun night

I hear tomorrow morning is Jake's obedience class again.

I will let you know if he smells like cookies when he comes home again!



The BED!

November 16th 2006 7:51 pm
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I am bored! I want to see the big world out there! Mommy says this week the boy and that daddy guy have been sick, So she has been staying home looking after them and we have not gone walkies much in awhile. Jake is happy digging in the mud. I was reading what he put in his diary. I did NOT do the new hole in the yard! I am a good boy. I am always too busy outside protecting the humans from people. WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?
woof. woof. woof - warning woof - under my breath
Mommy likes me being a watchdog because she says that Jake does not do that protecting thing. He looks embarassed when she says that.
Jake likes to lead me in to trouble like with the hole. For example this morning mommy and the boy left the house and we were waiting for daddy to come home and Jake says Wanna see where I sleep? So he shows me the bedroom upstairs and the big king sized bed he shares with mommy (Daddy works nights)
"Come on, Get on it" he says. "No" I said. "I hear daddy does not like it when we sleep on the bed"
"Nah!", he said, "It's cool, you'll see, look how comfy it is!!!" So he hopped on the bed. I was still standing there like, I dunno...........
Jake said " Come on, I tell you it is cool, Daddy will NOT mind"
So I hopped on and we snuggled on the bed. OOOOOOOOO! How nice and soft. Mush softer than my doggy pillow in my cage. Jake says I can come here too someday!
Oh it was so soft and so nice....we went to sleep.
Then I heard a noise! And I went "WOOF?"
IT WAS THAT DADDY GUY! He was home and we missed him because we were sleeping!
All of sudden Jake is like " oh my god, oh my god, we have to get out of here!"
I tried to bolt right past the daddy guy because I knew he was gonna yell!
Then... you guessed it...We got yelled at. something about the bed having dog prints all over it and someone lied on the pillow and got it all doggy! Apparently, mommy is ok with it but daddy is not......
So you see...Jake keeps getting me in trouble along with him.
It's ok though

He is really cool. Even though he keep making my ears all slobbery.
He is starting to share mommy! The other day mommy petted me and again today and Jake did not care!

Things are looking up!



November 13th 2006 8:40 pm
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I think we are friends now, Jake and me! He is sooo funny. He gets so silly when I play with his stuff. I don't know why he is like that. I don't want his slobbery ball, I just want him to chase me when I take it. I always give it back. Today new mommy gave us kongs stuffed with dog food. I was not really used to the new stuff but I liked it anyway. well, Jake came and took my kong. I guess he was still mad about the last kong episode when I took his! I laughed. Mommy was mad at jake and saying No Jake, that is Teddys know what? I just took the kong he had in the first place. I didn't is food. But Jake then decided he wanted that one instead and every time mommy looked, he had 2 kongs! Jake did not want me to have ANY Kongs. She kept giving them back to us as if we were human kids she said. Then finally we went outside to play and roll in the mud! And when we came back inside, the kongs were gone. I think I can still smell them in the freezer!!!!! Jake is playful today! He still wants to play with me in the house. We have both learned ENOUGH and DOWN while in the house so you know what we do????
We lay down and nip at each other and roll around quietly so mommy doesn't notice! I think she notices, but does not care as long as we do not go "Nutso" in the house late at night.
Any doggies out there know what the word "Nutso" means???

Anyway, I am gonna go play with Jake now




November 11th 2006 6:52 pm
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Today mommy and daddy got up early and let us go outside. Then after awhile they put me back in the cage and took Jake on his leash out of the house.. Something about obedience class. I cried because I wondered where they were and where my friend Jake was going? To Another house? On a walk? Why can't I go tooooooo? So I cried and then the boy came down from his bed and let me out of the cage and let me outside and after awhile, they all came home again. JAKE SMELLED LIKE COOKIES! BUT HE WAS VERY HAPPY AND SO WAS MOMMY! And he was nicer to me today. Because mommy said "enough" when he went to bother me and then he got cookies! Then we were all happy. Mommy even gave me cookies because I was lying down in the house being good!
I do not know what Obedience class is But I know that it involves cookies!!!!! and that is good!
PS today I met a grandpa guy who put up a fence around our new mud pit so we could not go in it and mud wrestle. And also a grandma person, I thought I had met them all already!
They were nice.


YAY! I can Pmail again!!!!!

November 9th 2006 9:23 pm
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Here I am now on my new computer at my new house with my new brother Jake who is sleeping. It IS kind of late!

But boy oh boy ho boy I have had fun!!!!! I think Jake is jealous of me a little bit but he still likes me. He likes to play tug of war in the yard with me with sticks. FUN. I have a yard to play in now!!!!
For the first day I kept running to the door and smelling it. Mommy says it is as if I wanted to make sure the "out" door was still there.

I am still getting evey one's scents. I barked at Shane today - Jake calls him the boy so I guess I will too.
I keep forgetting who lives in the house. I know mommy, she is cool and she smells good. And the new daddy guy is great, he gives me pets when Jake won't let mommy give me pets.
And then there is the boy. He took me walkies yesterday for my first walk.
Then he goes on the computer when we get home......I am not sure if he wants to bond with me or not.
So I am figuring Either mommy or that daddy guy will be the best bet to bond with!

Mommy says my foster mommy and mini did an amazing job with me. I went to the vet on Tuesday (doesn't scare me, I wonder why Jake is so freaked out by the vet?) and the vet told the new daddy guy that I looked great! No fleas or anything.FLEAS? EWWWWWWW I hope not, foster mommy and daddy worked so hard to get rid of those things.

I want to tell everyone on dogster who is reading my page that I want to thank my foster family and Mini and kitty too.

My foster parents were awesome! New mommy calls them angels!!!!!! they took me in the car 3 1/2 hours to meet my new furever family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New mommy says that there are not many people that she knows who give a neighbour dog they want to help good food (Like holistic food, whatever that is) and keep them so clean when they know they are not going to keep them and that means that my foster family were angels and you know what? I agree!!!!!
Thank you foster mommy and daddy and Mini and Kitty!!!!!!!

And just because I now live in Canada and I have my own page, do not think that I will forget you.
(I have heard that Jake STILL emails his breeder and he is
1 1/2 yrs old!)
I am soo sleepy now. New mommy says it is time for cage.
*Yawn* ok new mom.
I hope the Jake guy does not eat my ears anymore tonight, they are all slobbery!


Dogster Page TRANSFER!

November 9th 2006 5:57 pm
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My foster mommy asked Dogster HQ to transfer my page to my new home and she received the confirmation e-mail today. SOON, I'd be able to dogster in my new home! Yay!!


Life is GOOD!

November 8th 2006 11:16 pm
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Dear Diary,

On Nov 4th Saturday, my foster parents drove me and Mini up to Canada to pass me over to my new parents!! Mini kept whinning the day that I left. I think he knew that I was going to leave. Mini my good friend, don't be sad, I'll never forget you and I'll keep in touch with you on dogster!

I'm now with my new family and Jake and I'm having a lot of fun!! I love playing with Jake and my new parents are great people!!! My foster parents are going to transfer my profile to my new parents so that I can dogster at home! Yay!

I'd like to thank you all of the doggies who cared about me on dogster! I'm so lucky that there's a happy ending to my search of a loving family!

Big Kisses,

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