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Life is great in my new home! by Teddy....

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The cone is coming off tomorrow!

January 5th 2007 4:58 pm
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Mommy just told me some really good news. And that is that tomorrow morning I am going to go to the smelly vet so that he can take the stitches out of my head. At first I didn't like that. The smelly vet again!?!?
THEN mommy told me that it also means that I will not have to wear the stupid cone thing anymore! hooray! Am am soooo happy to hear that. It is hard to do things with this cone thing on my head. I broke it twice but daddy kept taping it back up. Mommy says I hurt her when I try to jump up on her. I have
"coned" her in the head once or twice. I also don't like the sound it makes when Jake wags his tail on it. So goodbye and good riddance to the cone!
I am going to look forward to going to the smelly vet tomorrow. For once, actually looking forward to it.

I will let you know how it went and if I peed on anything in the lobby!


someone get this cone off my head!

December 31st 2006 6:28 pm
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I hate this cone thing on my head. New years eve and mommy gave us New Year kongs stuffed with good food. Do you beleive that i had to get mommy to hold it for me? I cannot easily do it myself! How frustrating.
I don't want this collar thing on my head anymore. Mommy says i still hafta wait 7 days to get it off!
oh well
Happy New year to all my dogster friends and especially to Mini and his family. I want to remind you all how thankful I am to you and dogster for helping me find my new happy home.

Lots of love to you



December 30th 2006 5:34 pm
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Ok, So I look like an idiot now...... I have a shaved head and one of those cone collar thingies on my head. Mommy keeps saying how cute I look......
I hate the smelly vet. I peed on the dogfood in the lobby when daddy took me there. I got to go home the same night though which was good because I really did not want to sleep there. I had my pillow and my blanket that smelled like home just in case. mommy came to get me at 6:30 and I was soooo happy to see her I whimpered. I was so happy to be going home. When we got home the boy let Jake out and then they brought me in and put my pillow etc back in the cage and put me in my cage to sleep. Then they let Jake in. At first he did not see me and then he saw my cone and me and backed up from me like he was scared of my cone and barked and barked at me! Later mommy let me out of the cage because I kept whimering and wanted to see everybody and eat some food. Jake went and hid under the computer desk all night and would not come out! I was lying on the floor with my mommy and Jake was just hiding under the desk watching us all night. It was not until the next day that Jake would come to me and not run away from me. I was feeling sad. I have a strange thingy on my head and Jake doesn't like me anymore. Mommy gave me lots of love and attention and gave me my pain pills and cookies and pets. She keeps taking pictures of me - how embarrassing. She says she will post them later.
I have to go out to play with Jake now. Will type more later


Tomorrow is the day

December 27th 2006 8:01 pm
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Tomorrow is the day I have to go to the smelly vet and get my cyst removed and get snipped - whatever that is! Jake and me have been playing and playing all over the house today. Mommy says it is because I want to get the last bit of fun in before I go to the smelly vet!!!!!!
She is right.
We had a good Christmas and got lots of toys. and bones. and treats. I have decided that I really like the Christmas thing. I did not get to see Santa though. I also fell asleep before he came like Jake did last year. Santa guy was really quiet too. I never got to bark at him.
Oh well, there is always next year.
Gonna go sleep now. I am worried about the smelly vet tomorrow.
I will keep you all posted




December 23rd 2006 4:02 pm
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I saw a Charlie Brown Movie that had that song in it. CHRISTMAS TIME IS HEEEERE.
This Christmas thing is getting very exciting. I am even not thinking about my surgery after Christmas! All the presents have been wrapped and are under our tree. Jake has finished his obedience class and passed with flying colours, the BOY is off school, and Mommy and Daddy are finished work. I am ready!!! Jake says we just need snow, he says that usually we have snow for Christmas. I wanna wait up for that Santa guy tomorrow night because Jake keeps talking about him and I do not believe it. WE HAVE NO CHIMNEY JAKE! How the heck does he get in our house? Jake says he doesn't know because he has only had one Christmas before and he fell asleep and never got to see Santa.
I will let you know how he got in next time. He ain't getting past me without a good sniff. or I will bite his butt! BOL!
While Jake will be napping I will be on high alert for a break and enter big fat man dressed in red!
Happy Howlydays to you


hmmmmmm! a secret star.

December 19th 2006 11:16 am
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I got an anonymous star too, just like Jake. Very interesting indeed.
Somebody out there must really really like us!

Anyway, just like Jake said earlier.....Thank you. whoever you are!


I have a lump on my head.

December 14th 2006 7:00 pm
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I have a lump on the top of my head. And today, mommy took me to the vet. The vet looked at it and told mommy, yes this is a cyst and it has to be removed. Mommy says that on December 27th I am going to have the lump removed and also will be fixed and microchipped on that day too!
Jake says Dec 27th? Rotten holiday for you Ted. I am starting to worry. Mommy says I will maybe have to stay there overnight. I don't like the vet office. I cried the whole time. It smells like scared animals in there. The vet guy kept trying to give me cookies and I spit them on the floor. Mommy says Ben did that too. So she gave them to me herself and I took them then, but only off mommy. The vet guy smelled funny. He petted me and I slunk away from him. There was a doggy with a broken paw in a cage there, crying. I do NOT like the vet. When we left I PEED ON THE DESK on the way out!!
Just to show them!
I like the vet guy ok, but the place just gives me the creeps!
I don't WANNA sleep there!
Mommy says that I will be spoiled when I come home from the surgeries though. I want a SUPER SIZED KONG when it is all over mommy!



My Own Stocking!

December 9th 2006 6:14 pm
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My mommy went out yesterday to the doggy store. She went without Jake and me because she said she was going Christmas shopping and it was on the way. She came home with some bags and one of them had bones in it! She gave us each a yummy roast beef Nylabone. It was the usual thing. Jake gobbled his down and then wanted to eat mine. He even stole it from me and hid under the dining room table when daddy yelled at him. I got it back. Then daddy put it in my cage so that I could eat it when I went to bed at night and closed the door to the cage. It was safe and sound in there.
Jake kept barking at it. Jake does not like to share anything! Unless he wants to play tug of war with me!
But do you know what else happened? In the same bag that had bones in it, mommy took out a fuzzy red paw thing. She said it was my Christmas stocking. Jake and Ty already have one and now, I have my very own. They even put my name "Teddy" on it. And do you know what? My stocking is bigger than Jake's! SSSHHH says mommy. Do not tell Jake. He will be mad.
by the way,
Do you guys know that a big fat guy comes and puts treats in those stockings?
Santa something.....I have seen pictures of him....he looks weird.....

Kisses Teddy!


My Anniversary!

December 4th 2006 7:58 pm
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Mommy says that today is my "'one month" anniversary in my new home! A whole month! We celebrated by mommy and the boy going out and getting Jake and me nylabones. Mommy got a harder one for Jake, a white one, and a clear medium one for me. The only problem with that was that neither one of us wanted the white, harder bone. So we wrestled and fought over it. Mommy said next time she goes to the doggy store, she is going to get us both the exact same kind of bone.
Do you know what? Our house is decorated kind of funny. Jake says it is because of Christmas. He says that I do not have a stocking yet, and then says ha ha ha na na. I think mommy will buy me one though. I wonder what they are for? We have one up already with JACOB written on it with a gold pen says mommy and another one with TY written on it........Why are our names on these things? Jake keeps saying to me. "You are gonna get goods thing in there You knowon Christmas day" but I just don't get it. It is all so strange.
Guess what else? We have a tree in our house now!!!!!! I wonder why? Isn't that strange? A tree inside, instead of outside. Is my new family odd, do you think? It has fancy things on it! Mommy and Daddy and the BOY all decorated it!

Also, when I go for walks now, I keep seeing weird things on people's lawns. (lighty up things.) At one house, I saw a big waving red fat guy! I growled at it. Mommy giggled and said that was a big blow up santa. Huh?
You know, I do not know what is going on but you know what? Everything kind of looks pretty. I like the lights at night. The tree thing in our living room is nice and big. I heard mommy say to daddy that she hopes I do not decide to pee on it.
MOMMY!!!!!! Really! I can tell it is not a REAL tree. It has no smell.

Anyway Happy Anniversary to me! I heard mommy say that I have many more years to come in my new home! I think this means that mommy and daddy and the BOY and Jake and Ty are gonna keep me forever!~ Really and truly! Everyone already told me that but I didn't really believe it until today! And do you know what? Even though Jake does not like to share any toys. I LIKE IT HERE!

Kisses Teddy


Diary of the day!

November 28th 2006 8:15 pm
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Hooray! I was Doggie Diary of the Day on Monday!!!!!!!
Mommy and me didn't even notice it because mommy did not work today and did not get her email!!

oh I am sooo grateful to all of you for This honour!
Thank you thank you thank you.

I am on top of the world!

Jake - however is looking kind of jealous!


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