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Life is great in my new home! by Teddy....

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It is my birthday today!!!!

March 17th 2007 5:45 pm
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Today I turned one!!!! and what a cool day I had! It was my first day of obedience class. mommy took me by herself because the boy had a hockey game and daddy had to take him......I was scared! Mommy was surprised. I think it was because I got in the car without Jake. I did not know where I was going. I cried in the car.....mommy said have I ever taken you anywhere that you got hurt before teddy? Why are you scared?
I'm thinking oh no mommy, the neuter and surgery on my head didn't hurt at all...But I never said that. I was too worried. When we got to obedience, I didn't want to go in. But mommy coaxed me. Dogs were all there on their leashes, some were excited some were scared, one peed on the floor. and I cried. Mommy said to the lady she thought that I was worried I was going to move again because I have lived in 5 different homes. The lady said this will be good for Teddy maybe he will realize that every time he goes in the car it does not mean he is moving to a new home. Then she gave mommy the yummiest cookies I have ever smelled in my life ever! Jake told me about those when he went. mmmmmmm. no more fear! mommy said sit, down, stand, I did it all.
I had a good time after all, I even made a girlfriend, she is a bulldog. I forget her name. I will ask her next week. Then after obedience mom took off to catch the boys playoff game. (They lost) boo. The boy is done hockey now.

Then we went to doggy park with more birthday cookies and mommy and Daddy took pictures of us. Mommy will post them when the camera is finished charging. She has stuffed kongs waiting for us in the freezer! What a great day! I love birthdays, don't you?
I am one today! And still in my nice home with my mommy (luv my mommy) and my brother Jake (luv Jake). Mommy is going to Las Vegas tomorrow with Grandma so we will not be online until next weekend. She is packing and I am stealing her shoes and running around the house with them!
A guy has to amuse himself somehow....what a better way to annoy a lady than to steal her shoes???? BOL!

Anyway happy birthday to meeeeee
Happy St Pattys day to all
And have a good week.
See you when mommy gets back from Vegas!
I have to get to my birthday party!
Mini where are you boy? I wanted to say hi!

Kisses Teddy


baby pictures!

March 7th 2007 3:25 pm
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Did you see them, doggies? Did you see my baby pictures?!
Mini's mom sent some puppy pictures to me and my mom today by email, she got them from my very first owner. Me and mommy like them very much.
Mom says it cool for her to see them because she has wondered what I looked like as a puppy. She says it is kind of like adopting a child or toddler and not knowing what it looked like as an infant.
So there I am!
Baby Teddy!
for all to see!
Wasn't I cute ,says mom?
Of couse I was mom.

(AND Mini's mom)

I can't wait for obedience class to start. Only 10 more days!!!!




February 26th 2007 7:09 pm
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Today I have been frolicking. that's what Jake calls it - frolicking- in the snow. We had a snow storm and it snowed all day. Lots and lots of snow! Jake taught me how to eat all the snow off the deck before the humans can shovel a path! mmmmmm! yummy, delicious snow.
Mom laughs at us as she watches us tear around the yard. She says that when there is a snow storm like this, we don't need the dog park! When we come inside, we have white snow noses! But we have been having lots and lots of fun and mommy is having a hard time getting us to come inside the house tonight. She is bribing us with stuffed kongs!!!!!!!!!
So, the word of the day is frolicking.....I don't remember ever having frolicked in my life before.
I love winter!

Kisses Teddy


February 10th 2007 5:57 pm
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Mommy just told me today that I am going to doggy obedience classes! The first class will be on my Birthday March 17th! St Patricks day! What a cool first birthdayI am gonna have! This is the same place that they were taking Jake before I think. Jake says be careful of the scary tunnel thing.....I just hope I do ok. mommy says the lady is real nice and she has these yummy treats. I"M THERE!!!!!
Yummy treats, here I come. Yesterday I got invited to join Jake's Golden/Lab lover group!!!!! And I not even a lab or a golden. I am the only mutt in there. Jake says they let me in because they think I am nice and probably cute too. What a good weekend it has been so far, we even got to the doggy park.
Gotta go eat my bone now before Jake steals it.......Mommy says we have kiongs coming later.....buruuurp...oops excuse me.

I have not heard from Mini in awhile again.

I will try not to worry this time

Kisses Teddy


Jake's Diary.

January 31st 2007 4:36 pm
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So Jake got dog diary of the day today! The blondes DO have all the fun after all I guess.
He is so proud of himself for getting stuck in the snow fence......he is partying right now. One of his groups is throwing a party for him. I wasn't invited. Labs or Goldens only. oh well. I know he is going to thank people when he gets back. just hope he does not drink too much.......imagine a blonde/drunk thank you?
Congratulations to him!



My brother is so blonde!

January 30th 2007 5:21 pm
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There is something to be said about Golden retreivers. First of all, they are totally BLONDE! Everyone thinks they are soooo smart but man, they can be really blonde...hello?
Jake just got himself trapped in the fenced off area of our yard. When I first came to this house, dad and the grandpa guy put up a snowfence around the terribly muddy area. Well, today Jake crawled under it. Nobody is sure why. He crawled under it and was on the other side going "oh ya, oh ya who's the smart dude now? I am in the fenced off area! na na na na na!" It was kind of ingenious that he figured out how to crawl under the fencing but not too smart after when he realized he could not get out! He barked and barked until mommy came out and laughed at him. She could not figure out how he got in there, so she called The Boy and he found the place he had crawled under. They had to lift up the bottom part of the fence to make a small area big enough for Jake to crawl under. Funny as it was, we thought that was the end of that.
Well, my dumb brother just did the exact same thing again. "I'm going in here.....uh oh....I can't get out again" bark bark bark at the house for someone to let him out of it.....I said to myself- you gotta be kidding me....YOU are the alpha? The second time, mommy was not so impressed and got mad at him. Then sent the BOY out to rescue him and give him heck. I was inside getting petted and told how smart I was! Jake is now lying on the kitchen floor looking guilty. and I might add- A little confused.
I'll bet you anything he will do it again tomorrow.
I am sure DADDY will be pleased when he has to get his boots and coat on and pull up the fence!
Jake I love ya, but you are a REAL BLONDE!!!!
Teddy the brunette.


Doggy park in the snow!

January 27th 2007 5:24 pm
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It snowed and snowed last night! I love the snow. Jake was telling me all about it but I have never seen snow before, so I did not really undertstand him when he told me how much fun it was. Mommy has been letting us outside to romp in the snow alot because it has been too cold for walks. But today after the boys hockey game mom and dad put their coats on and started up the big truck and off we went! I was worried....They did not bring a jug of water with them for us to drink so I was not sure where we were going....I kept remembering the smelly vet.....So I was a bit nervous. But as soon as we got to the road that leads into the park I started to squeal! Mommy said, how cute, he knows where he is and daddy said Teddy stop squealing in my ear. And Jake was like, I told you where we were going man.
We got there and as soon as mom opened the gate I took off!!!! running like the wind. Mom had her camera with her and she has posted some pics. She said all my pics are of me in the house and it looks like I have no life. So she took some of us and posted them on our dogster plus photo albums. I ran and ran and ran. Mom said to dad that she has not seen me that energetic at the park before. I even joined in on the golden/lab/border collie ball chase thing they had happening. You know, some one throws a ball and all the "ball dogs" race for it. I usually don't bother but today I was in there! I came in third once or twice. I think Jake was impressed.
Boy I am sleepy.
So I will go for now. Jake is going to update his pics and do a diary entry now. I will woof again real soon.
Kisses Teddy.


My Mini!

January 20th 2007 8:17 pm
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My Mini is back so all is well again. He had a yucky virus on his computer thing and that is why he was not on Dogster and not talking to me. It was a long time..... almost 3 weeks without Mini. I was worried, but Jake told me it would be alright. but i still worried about him. Mini and his family saved me! They helped me to get a new home! How could I NOT worry? Anyway all is good again and I am content to be able to pmail my good friend and know that at the same time, my brother Jake is here for me too! I do so love it here. But i still want to be able to talk to Mini when I can.
Anyway, on another note....I LOVE THE SNOW! oh boy is it fun! Mom says it is too cold for the doggy park so she lets us outside in the yard to play all the time. We have a shrub that we are working on demolishing.

Will let you know when we actuallydestroy it totally!
Kisses, Teddy


Where is my friend Mini? I miss him.

January 12th 2007 4:45 pm
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I am worried about Mini! My pal and my foster brother. I have not heard from him since Christmas and he didn't even ask me how my surgeries went. And I sent him a star and still have not heard. So we joined one of his groups to talk to him in there and it turns out everybody was looking for him too, so now I am worried, Jake says that Kitty probably ate the computer wire and the computer is broken, he says cats are stupid like that.....Mini.
Where did you go? If anypup knows whre he is can you pleeeease tell me?



no more cone!

January 6th 2007 5:35 pm
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Today I went and got the stitches taken out of my head! We went in the morning, and even though I knew where I was going, I still kinda freaked out when we got to the smelly vet.
Then a guy took me away all by myself and left mommy and daddy sitting in the lobby. That kinda made me wonder for a bit.....What is really going to happen? More surgery? I stopped walking and the guy had to coax and pull the leash to get me continue to follow him. "Where is mommy and Daddy?????" I wondered. The last time they took me away by myself I had sugery. But it turned out ok.....the guy took out my stitches and then took me back to the lobby to ask my parents if they wanted the cone removed. "YES! I THOUGHT THAT WAS PART OF THE DEAL MOMMY" for a minute I was worried, I thought, "What if they say leave it on? What if it never comes off?" But thank goodness they said yes and the stupid cone collar was finally removed from my head! boy oh boy! I was soo happy that I didn't even pee on anything in the lobby today.
When we got home. Jake spent a lot of time checking me out and smelling me. Then we played and played all over the house. Mom says it reminded her of the first weekend I came to live with them. There was alot of excitement. We have been wrestling and playing mostly all day and I am very tired. But also very happy.
I look normal again
I AM normal again.
I am not a freak anymore
The dogs won't laugh at me now.
but most of all.......If the ground ever freezes and if the mud ever goes away.....I CAN GO TO THE DOGGY PARK WITH JAKE AGAIN!!!!
I can't wait! Thing are looking up.


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