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Life is great in my new home! by Teddy....

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The smelly vet. - (Does my butt look big to you?)

June 26th 2008 7:35 pm
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Today we had to go to the smelly vet. :( It was all a surprise to us too. A secret.
Mommy came home from work and Grandma came too. And we were so excited to see her. Well at least Jake was. He always loves to welcome people to the house. I prefer to check them out and then keep a close eye on them, even Grandma. Sometimes, she comes in and steals our plates....she tells me they are hers and ....and I have seen her steal weeds from our yard. Anyway Jake greeted Grandma with a howdy doody "jump" and a bunch of slobber. THEN mommy said ok lets go get in the car. We ended up at the SMELLY VET! Grandma had me by the leash and Jake "walked" mommy to the door.
I did not want to go inside. BUT I did anyway. I cried in the lobby. I hate the smelly vet. That place stinks like terrified dogs.

Jake had a fun time running around the smelly vets office and everything but me, I did not have a good time.
I lay down on the floor all flat when he came to examine me. He asked me why I was so tense. I really do not know why I wanted to tell him.

I got 2 needles, something stuck up my nose, Jake stole my smelly vet special cookie and to top it all off......When it was FINALLY time to go home mom asked the vet "Do you think he's fat?" and pointed at me. Smelly vet said "YES" Then they all laughed because they said I looked embarrassed. Well DUH! Luckily though he said that if I stay the same as I am now and not get any fatter I will be ok. He did not say anything about a diet at least. *whew*

So now I know the truth. It is now out in the open.
I am getting fat.
There is no more denying it for me. This is going to be hard, but here I go:

"Hi, my name is Teddy, and I am a foodaholic" Does my butt look big to you?



I am brave now

June 14th 2008 4:33 pm
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Today at the doggy park I did something I have never done before in my life.

Every time I go to the doggy park I get followed around by male dogs. Some are big and some are small and they all want to smell my bum. I wouldn't mind so much if they were girls but geez......Do I look like a girl dog to you?
Anyway, today a dog came to the park and followed me all over the place and he was really getting annoying. Sometimes, when mean or annoying dogs are bothering me, Jake will step in and scare them away. This doggy decided that he liked me so much that he wanted to do ......something else....... he got behind me. And I growled and snapped at him and told him off. Mom and Dad were totally shocked!
He left me alone for a bit and then later he came up to me and tried it again and I let him have it! I even had my fur up on my back when I snarled at him. HE TOOK OFF RUNNING!
Finally for the first time in my life, I have stood up for myself.



Jake is nuts

May 24th 2008 5:38 pm
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So Jake jumped from the big honkin' truck today when we arrived at the doggy park.

Honestly I dont know why they put up with him. :)
He is nuts I think, but terribly, terribly cool!

Today at the park, I met a Jack Russell terrier named Eddie. He fell in love with me. I could not shake him all afternoon! Teddy and Eddie.
Mom took pics of us.

My entries are not nearly as exciting as Jake's because I don't jump out windows in a single bound.

I just have a male Jack Russell in love with me.



I heard from Mini today!

April 23rd 2008 9:03 pm
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Today mom went on my Dogster page and told me that I got a Gold Bone Rosette from Mini!

Mini was my foster brother and I have not heard from him since he moved all the way to Hong Kong last year! I was so excited to hear from him again! Mommy and Mini's mom still keep in contact with each other! Thanks for the rosie Mini! I sent you one too!



Thank you, Hendrix!

January 31st 2008 6:13 pm
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How exciting!
Today i got my own mail!

Mommy came home from work and check the mailbox. We heard her say "oh look here it is!" So me and Jake had our noses going sniffing the air when mommy got the package from the mailbox. Then she said "LOOK! It is from our pup pal Hendrix and it says, To Teddy!" I was soo excited! I danced around and tried to open the package with my teeth. (I was sure I smelled cookies). Mom opened up the package and inside was a box with a paw shaped thingy. Mom pressed a button and all of a sudden it made noise and started whirring. She held it up in the air and we stared at it. Then she put it on me and pressed the button and I jumped and ducked. She tried Jake and he did the same. She never commented at all. Just put it on the coffee table so we could get used to it. She says it is called a pet massager. Hendrix has sent us a pet massager! I think I will get used to it. She has since tried it on s a few times and I am starting to kind of like it!!
When mommy left it on the table I decided it was a fun toy! Mommy has caught me twice bouncing it around on the floor and playing with it!!!

Also, I WAS RIGHT about smelling cookies. Because there was another thing in the package and it was special cookies!!!!!!!!! BOY oh boy do we like them! I think I would stand on my head for those special cookies!
If Hendrix gets those everyday, he is a very lucky puppy! All I know is that he is a very NICE and SPECIAL puppy!


We love you!

Jake is going to post now......he is gonna tell you WHO in our family likes the pet massager the MOST!




December 23rd 2007 10:11 pm
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I cannot believe it!

Christmas time is here again!!!

And I am still in the same home! Yippeee!!!!

I am remembering last year, Jake was telling me all about Santa and how he snuck into your house.......SNEAK INTO MY HOUSE???? I thought. "I dont think so!" I went on high alert then - last year-,I tried to stay up to see the big fat guy break and enter into our home. I barked alot that night!
BUT I never got to see Santa. He must stay up really late because I finally fell asleep around 3 am and still never saw him. But in the morning, when I woke up. there were gifts and the stockings were full!
That Santa guy came and I missed him.

But now here we are again, and THIS is a whole new year!!!!!

AND this year I am gonna stay up and wait for the big fat guy, I have figured out HOW.
I will pretend to sleep! AND I will be oh so quiet, so Santa will not know I am there.
oh ya gonna bite Santa's butt!

That'll teach him for breaking into MY house twice!




December 15th 2007 9:16 pm
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Wowwee!!!! have we ever had a lot of snow today, there is gonna be a ton more for tonight and t0morrow too!
So much snow, like I have not ever seen before.
In the morning, Jake and me will play in the backyard! I hear there will be A FOOT OF SNOW!
Jake is gonna bring his balls!


I've been Chnristmas tagged

November 30th 2007 9:28 pm
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I've been christmas tagged! Yay!!!

So, with this new version of tag I have to list some things I would love Santa Paws to bring me and then choose 5 pups to tag.

Hmm, I think I'd like a biiiiiiig box of treats, and...a box of treats, and...a box of treats, and........ oh yeah, a gigantic box of treats. :o) And something to chew on like a bully stick or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5....

Now, which 5 pups shall I tag? Hmmm...
1) Lucy, my sweet furry friend from San Diego
2) Marley, my sweetheart
3) Chloe my other sweetheart BOL! Just kidding Nick!
4) Kai because he is a bah humbug and he needs some Christmas spirit.
5) Bonnie because she had surgery on her tongue and is not feeling well.
Gee, can you believe it's only 3.5 weeks until Christmas!!! I gotta tell mom to start baking some cookies soon!

Have a save holiday season, everypup!!



November 15th 2007 8:53 pm
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ok so I have decided that I LOVE fall!
Mommy takes me for walks and has noticed that lately I have been acting totally silly and weird. It is BECAUSE- Jake told me that in the fall here, the humans rake their leaves and then leave them at the end of their driveways/lawns and then the city comes around and vacuums them all up. He tells me this and I am thinking. "WHAT? Vacuum them all up????? No way!" I love sticking my nose in each and every leaf on our walk!
Leaves are the coolest, most smelliest things ever to land on earth!
I thought that I must save the poor leaves. So, when mommy takes me on walks now, I pounce on them! All of the neatly raked piles...I cant resist them.
Screw the citys Vacuum progam thingy I MUST PLAY IN THE LEAVES!
If all the leaves are going I need to smell them all!
So here is my point:
Mom takes me on walks and I am busy walking and pouncing through all the neighbours' leaf piles and mommy does not understand. She is yelling at me to quit sniffing/playing/running though the various neighbours leaf piles.
No way mommy! Leafs smell too good to give up.
JAKE says there ARE some leafs he would give up and he is talking about that naked Leafs guy from the Toronto Maple Leafs!!! BOL!

Jake is hockey crazy!

Talk to you again soon!


Dogster rulez! November 4th is my day! My one year- anniversary in my new home! Happy day!

November 3rd 2007 10:42 pm
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Today is the one year anniversary of the very first day I came to my forever home!
The first anniversary of when Jake and me met!
We met at the school yard down the street.
I had just been on an 8 hour drive to my new home and mommy took me to the school yard. I saw Jake for the first time and he looked so cool! He smiled at me and said "wanna play?"
Then we wrestled on our leashes, and one of us growled.
Our leashes got all knotted up and mom and dad thought "OMG what have we done?"!
We wrestled and ran around for 4 days around the house like a couple of lunatics!
BUT we eventually settled down!
I remember it all as though it was yesterday!
A whole year!
I cant believe it! A whole year since I left my foster family and Mini!
When I look back in my diary I see how sad and lonely I was last year.
I said in one diary posting, "Doesn't anybody want me? EVER?"

But my mommy saw me posted on Dogster.
I looked pathetic and sad and I was wearing a pair of reindeer antlers.
She fell in love with me and showed me to daddy.
And then she told them that she wanted to adopt me!!!!!
And now here I am! In my home with mommy and daddy and the BOY and Jake!

I am soo Lucky!
Another Dogster success story!

YAY for me!!!!!

I got a furever home.
If it was not for Dogster, there is no telling what would have become of me. I have my furever home now, and it has been one whole year.
One year and counting!

Dogster rulez!



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