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Life is great in my new home! by Teddy....

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Doggy park! I have a twin!

January 10th 2009 3:04 pm
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Today, we went to the doggy park after Jake had his appointment at the smelly vet.

It was a weird day. Jake had to have eye drops but he forgot to tell you that we also all had to have our flea treatment too. So Jake was in a pretty grumpy mood all day long until we got to the doggy park!

The first thing mom noticed was another Teddy was waiting for us. He was standing at the gate, like he was greeting us. His face looked different from mine, but his colour and markings and tail and bum feathers (:-O) looked identical to mine. Mom found the dogs owners and asked what breed is your dog and they said Husky/Shephard.
not Husky/Collie like mom and dad started to think I we are still wondering from time to time what breed (Or mixes of breeds) I am.
One of my Dogster friends sent mommy the info on DNA testing but we have not done it yet!
Mom says she knows what I am already anyway, I am cute, she says! :D

On another note we ordered BBQ chicken from a take out place last night and I managed to steal the BBQ sauce and also the sour cream from Moms baked potato and hide it in my crate!
Mom and Dad are surprised at how sneaky I am getting. When they catch me they scold me and then they marvel at how I get away with things! - Wow, he's getting good mom said!

he he heeee



Its beginning to look a lot like.......

December 17th 2008 8:20 pm
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We got snow today!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Mommy took us on our walks and today I got to walk with my snout in the snow almost the whole way! I love snow! Me and Jake have been playing in it a lot today. The snow storm last night was so much fun!

Mommy is almost done with work. she only has 2 more days of work and then she is home with us for 2 whole weeks!!!!!

and we are going to get more snow on Friday too!!!!!


I am sooo happy!

We have snow!
Mommy will be home with us for 2 whole weeks without working!

Guess what we found??????

Jake will fill you in!
Just go and read his diary!



Where are our ornamanets?

December 13th 2008 4:05 pm
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Jake has been telling you about mommy looking for our stockings and tree ornaments.

I was listening to a bunch of banging around and mommy saying "words" and went to look down the basement stairs.
I saw mommy throwing boxes out of the Room of Doom and tossing things in the corner for garbage. "Where the heck is everything???!!!" she excalimed and I woofed "I don't know mommy!!!" And gave her a scare. :)

So I watched her search for a long time and then she found something....."Ha, I have found some tree ornaments!" she called to the boy. And brought a few little boxes upstairs. Then they opened the little boxes.

ALL of the boxes were empty! :-O
Except for one
So she opened up the box and said "Something weird is happening here"
The box was supposed to contain a Dickens character. A man pulling a Christmas tree.

When she took it out, it had no head! A headless Dickens man!!! :-O

The Boy took one look and burst out laughing! "That's so funny! Put it up anyway!"
Mom said it would make a better Halloween decoration. BOL!

She thinks we put the ornaments and stockings in the attic last year! :-O
She will make Daddy look tomorrow and see.
I wonder what they will find in THERE??



November 10th 2008 6:31 pm
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There is nothing better in the whole wide world than going for a walk in the fall!!!!

Leaves fall on the ground and when your paws step on them they make a crunch crunch crunching sound! I love to stick my snout in the freshly raked up piles of leaves too! Sometimes I fling the leaves around. It is so much fun.
I have made up a happy fall song.


Thats all I have so far

what do you think?
Jake says I need another verse.......



The Groomers!

November 1st 2008 9:43 pm
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Yesterday, we went to the groomers!!!!

Jake and me have been getting rid of fleas...and we are winning the battle. Mom and Dad have us on Advantage 100......The smelly vet says that we are now LEAN, MEAN FLEA KILLING MACHINES! :D Anyway, even though the fleas are dying and gone, I STILL had the itchies and my nails were getting long so mommy sent us to the professional groomers! It was Jake's first time there. I had such a wonderful time in there! I got a bath and got my nails done and my fur is now all nice and soft and smelly!!!!!

We even got little ribbons on our collars from the groomer and free cookies because it was Halloween! It was so much fun! I do not itch anymore.....


Then we got bully sticks from mom because of Halloween! AND I got to bark at kids all night.....WOW! I had a big day...Mommy says I was so sleepy that I snored in the kitchen EVEN BEFORE bed time! I was so content. I got a bath and cookies and then more treats with the bully stick and then got to bark all night long...Life is good!


Kisses, Teddy!


My last entry about fleas

November 1st 2008 9:34 pm
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Oh my!!!

Mommy was just reading our last entry and pointed something out to me. We had said this "I came from a flea ridden home"
We need to correct this....because I came from Mini's and foster momma's home and it was NOT flea ridden!
Those fleas came from my backyard hell mommy, whom foster momma rescued me from. AND she got rid of those terrible fleas for me. She gave me my first ever flea bath. I remember that to this day, she is the greatest angel on earth!

To My foster Momma! I hope you read this one day. I live, and get fat, and have a good life, because of you! Thank you.

Love Teddy!


Me got fleas.

October 7th 2008 8:10 pm
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I have been very itchy lately....and kind of grumpy. I have not had mu usual smile for mom and dad.
I am always itching myself but Mom was getting kind of curious about my scratching and biting and was a bit worried too. So, yesterday mommy flipped me over and looked at my belly and saw that I have bites on my belly. She called the Smelly vet and then Jake and me had to go in to see him this evening!
He says we have fleas. And gave mommy some kind of oozy liquid stuff to put on our skin. He says that now if (and when) the itchy flea thingies bite us, they will die! YAY! I feel better already. I am sleeping better today and my smile has come back. Even after only one day!

Mommy told me last night as I was laying on the floor all sad looking that she was sorry. She said I am sorry Teddy, that I didn't know you had fleas. she said I came from a flea ridden home before I came here and felt kind of bad that I came to live with them and ended up getting fleas again. She promised me that she would take us to the vet and get rid of the "Itchies" and she did!

I love my mom! Thank you mom for taking me to the smelly vet to help me be rid of my itchy fleas.
These things sometimes happen, but at least we are getting rid of them!



I think I am not a Husky/Shepherd after all!

September 12th 2008 8:54 pm
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We have been looking at dog crosses and think we have it figured out.
I am not Husky/Shepherd/something like Mini's mom (and mom) always said

I am Husky/Collie/something!
mom and me think alot of the husky/collie X doggies look like me, BUT, Look at this guy! Change the color and it could be me!

Mom is gonna change my breed on my page.



For all the Chained neglected doggies out there. Something- for the humans to think about

August 28th 2008 9:04 pm
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Mom saw this poem on this website

please go to this webpage when you get a minute.

We went there and saw this poem and Mommy thought about ME and my foster mommy saving my this poem is dedicated to Mini's mommy, we did not write this:

The Backyard Hell

As I lay dying in a pool of dirt and mud
I felt a hand touch my matted fur
My old eyes looked up and saw
An angel with sad eyes staring down at me

The hands stroked my fur and the unfamiliar
touch puzzled, yet comforted me
Can it be that I have already died,
Released from the never-ending agony
of chains, neglect, bones grating cold ground?

Yes, my rescuer has picked me up from this backyard hell
And bathed my skinny, dirty, bony body
Released me from the heavy chains and the fleas
whose bites I long ago became accustomed to

I have little time left
But in a dog's world, a hint of kindness,
a soft touch, a kind word and a warm blanket
overshadow the years of suffering when no one cared
Can you see the love and gratitude in my eyes?

As I lay dying, I looked up
and saw kind eyes looking back at me
An angel rescued me from backyard hell
And paved my way to eternity.

For my foster momma! and dad! And Mini!

I love you still and think of you always



What about peeing????

July 10th 2008 9:21 pm
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Jake has posted a diary entry all about playing ball in our new (1/2 and 1/2) yard and how he is all confused about which way to run when mom throws a ball because we are "fenced off" and he think mom has bad aim when she throws but do you know what?

Mommy leaves the gate open, don't know why he is confused.
And he always runs the same way no matter how many times mom throws the ball the other way.
It is not too hard to figure it out.
BUT I am not going to comment about Jake's blonde-ness this time.

Because I have a grievance too.

Where do I go pee now?

I had a favourite spot and now it is fenced off. Jake says I will need to find another new place to go!!!!

But for now, mom is leaving the gate open. Until we get new grass. I may need to think about this a bit.


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