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The Great 8!

October 23rd 2011 9:51 pm
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Today is my 8th birthday!! I got a new bag of yummy treats, a new container of tennis balls, lots of chicken in my super and a fun walk!!

Things have been a little crazy lately, mommy had another allergic reaction last week, this one bad enough to send her to ER. And it was a blessing in disguise, cuz they also found out that mommy has a serious infection in her belly, and if she had let it go (like she was doing, that bad mommy!!) she could have been in serious troubles!!! They found it cuz when they were trying to figure out what the allergic reaction was to, mommy mentioned she had been taking stuff for her belly all week, cuz it didn't feel too good! So now she has to see lots of doctors (or vets to you and me!!) so they can figure out what she is allergic to, and get this belly issue taken care of! They think she is allergic to a type of red dye, that is the lead so far! But no one can do anything til they get this infection cleared up!

So I am going for my day of beauty on Wednesday, my spa day at the groomers. Just in time for me to be tres chic on HowloWeen!! One week to go!!


Missin Dixie

October 3rd 2011 8:35 pm
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Tonight me n mommy had a "missin Dixie" moment. Mommy was making some chocolate chip cookie dough. It is one of her and daddys weaknesses, so she makes it a lot!! One of the best things Dixie taught me was to get in that kitchen as soon as the beaters turn on. Mommy would start blendin the dough, and me and Dixie would get our hineys right out there and sit by mommy's feet, given her the infamous cocker eyes! When she was done mixin she would always give me and Dixie a little taste before she added the chocolate chips!! To this day, I still get my little tail out there as soon as I hear the beaters, and mommy always gives me a little taste, and we always take a minute to stop, miss, and fondly remember our old girl!! Tonight mommy chuckled and said here we are havin a little sad moment, but I just bet Dixie found herself a little keebler elf at the bridge who makes her cookie dough til her hearts content!!! She's very self-sufficient that way!


"Your Butt Tinks"

October 2nd 2011 7:37 pm
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Yes pups you read right. "Your butt tinks". That is my baby bruther's new favorite thing to tell everyone. It all started when he had a messy diaper a few weeks ago. Mommy picked him up to change him, and said "PU Cole your butt stinks!". Well of course, he picked that right up and now he runs around the house going "Macy your butt tinks", "Richter your butt tinks", "daddy your butt tinks", mommy your butt tinks". He has most recently started telling his toy Thomas the Train that his butt "tinks" as well. He still hasn't quite gotten the s in stinks, so he just says "tinks". The time to officially watch what you say in front of him has arrived!! BOL!! But seriously, I can't speak for everyone, but rest assured, my butt does NOT "tink"!


Lucky Lucky!!

August 28th 2011 8:23 pm
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Everyfur, thank you so so much for all the pup prayers!! They must have worked because we are safe and sound in our house tonight, with electricity!

We were one of the few that did not lose power throughut the storm (which we still can't believe considering we lose it with almost every thunderstorm now lately!!). Everyone else in our families lost it about 10 pm last night and mommom still doesn't have hers back. They told her it could be up to 5 days!

We really didn't have any damage either, just some big branches that blew loose so daddy had to pull them down before they fell. But considering that there are still about 500,000 people with out power and towns literally under water still, we feel very very fortunate that a few branches were our biggest problem! Poor Aunt Connie had a leak in her ceiling when she got home, and had to fill trash can after trash can with water the whole time it rained

It is so funny, right now the sky is crystal clear, you can see every star, the crickets are chirping, and there is a cool, light breeze. Who would think that just 24 hours ago, we had torrential rain, tornados, and winds sustained at 60-80 mph?? But the important thing is we are all ok and looking forward to a much needed week of temps in the low 80's with very low humidity and plenty of sunshine!! Perfect ball chasing and walkie weather, and I plan on doin a lot of both!! BOL!! Thanks again for all your puppy prayers!!!


So Scary!

August 27th 2011 8:09 pm
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Well pups I'm gonna type this as fast as I can before we lose power! Hurricaine Irene is about 3-4 hours away from directly hitting us, and already we have tropical storm force winds and torrential rain. Problem is that we have had record rainfall in August, so all grounds, rivers, streams, creeks, etc are at full capacity, so there is nowhere for the 6-8 inches of rain that we have left to get to go!!! This also raises the risk significantly of large trees uprooting because the grounds are so saturated. There are confirmed tonados touching down all around this area, and we are some of the few lucky enough to be left with electricity so far. Mommy and daddy have us all packed up and ready to get up and go if we need to. And tonight we are all gonna sleep downstairs in the family room as the experts are recommending. The wind is beating the house so bad it is making me so nervous, I keep lifting my head up and looking around. We have been warned that overnight we are getting winds so strong that it may break windows.

We had our family over earlier for Cole's pawty, it was fun, but sort of stressed as everyone was keepin an eye on the weather and we had the news on the whole time. It was cool though!! He got lots of trucks, and had this totally pawesome cake! We are gonna post a pic of it once we get through this mess. Everyone was joking and calling it "Cole and Irene's pawty"!!

Please keep your paws crossed, everyfur in the same boat as us, stay safe!! I'll post as soon as I can, but they are estimating a worst case scenerio of no power for up to 2 weeks!!

Bark to you soon!



August 25th 2011 10:02 pm
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Well since Richter got to bark to you all about the Earthquake, I'm gonna bark about the next natural disaster we are about to face...Hurricaine Irene is about 36 hours away from slammin us!

Where we live in NJ, we are about 20 mins out of Philadelphia, and about 40 mins from Atlantic City. Our whole area is under a state of Emergency already, and all the shores are being evacuated. My daddy was supposed to shoot a wedding in Cape May tomorrow, but the poor couple was forced to cancel their wedding! They are warning about 5-8 inches of rain, and sustained wind gusts of 50-80 mph here inland, and 5-10 inches of rain at the shore with winds 60-100 mph!! They are shutting everything down at the shore evacuating everyone!!

We had to make an emergency birthday pawty change!! We were gonna have Cole's birthday pawty here on Sunday, but when daddy found out his wedding was cancelled for tomorrow they decided to bump it back a day to tomorrow night. So far they are forecasting Irene to hit us starting late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

Well gotta run pups, we gotta get outside and start battening down the hatches, BOL!! Gotta secure furniture, take down flags, put away all Cole's toys and pool floats, and the most important thing of all........find and bring in all my tennis balls!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and Congrats to our sister, Angel Dixie for being the Diary Pick of the Day!


Hiney Scorch Fears!

July 22nd 2011 12:22 pm
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OMD, OMD, I can't take it anymore!! Our thermometer, that mind you is in the shade outside is reading 104 degrees right now!! But that is not the worst part pups, oh no! It is so humid that the heat index (fur those who don't know, the heat index is how hot it actually feels outside) is 115 degrees! My tongue is practically draggin on the ground, this is no good for a princess fur like me!! Even our pool thermometer says it's 90 degrees in there! Mommy has all three of us on lockdown in the house today, we even have most of the curtains closed halfway to keep it as cool as we can with out the a/c running continuously all day long! And mommy says we are havin grilled chicken tonight cuz she has officially put our stove/oven on strike until Sunday. We have a heat emergency in place here until 8:00 pm tomorrow night.

I have never felt heat like this before. It even hurts your paws to walk in the grass, that's how hot it is! I'm scared that when I go potty my hiney will get scorched, BOL!!!!!!!

I know that a big part of the US is feelin exactly what I'm feelin right now, so please, everyfur, take it easy and BE CAREFUL!


Too Hot! Too Hot!

July 20th 2011 11:50 am
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Wowee I am a DDP today!! Thanks Dogster!!

OMD, I think the so called dog days of Summer are here!! It is horribly hot outside, and mommy says it is gonna get worse tomorrow, Friday and Saturday! It is supposed to be 105 degrees on Friday, and that is without the heat index! Yikes! I think the only way we will be setting foot outside will be if we go in the pool! Mommy just said either me and Richter have to take a short swim to cool off or get wet with the hose, or stay in the house, cuz it is that hot!

Tonight our baby bruther is going to play soccer. He is in a 6 week program, last week was his first week. Mommy and daddy said everytime his coach introduced a new activity he ran around the field going "oh yes!oh yes!!" and everyone kept cracking up at him! He got a prize for great enthusiasm and sportsmanship last week. And don't anyone worry, it is all indoors, out of the heat! Mommy says she hopes the enthusiasm carries over to this week, BOL!! I wish they had a big indoor field for dogs! Then I could chase my ball in rain, heat, ice, and snow! And I wouldn't have to worry about my ball getting buried in snow, cuz I really hate that! But I think I sure would take some snow right now! Mommy says she would take 10 feet of snow over this heat! BOL! So how bout you pups??? Would you rather have some freezin Winter snow, or hot and humid Summer days like this??


Crazy Allergies!

July 16th 2011 8:21 pm
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Today was a good day cuz not only did we get our walkie, but we got a car ride too!! Lately our baby bruther is obsessed with going bye-bye in the car. Today he woke up from his nap and mommy sat on the floor to see if he wanted to play his cars. He climbed up on the couch, pointed to mommy's car out the window and said bye-bye. Mommy had to go to the bank, post office and get gas in the car so she loaded all 3 of us up and we all went for a ride!! We were allowed to go too cuz all three places mommy didn't have to get out and we didn't have to stay in the car in the heat! Then mommy went to the drive thru at Dunkin donuts to get herself a coffee and the lady workin there complimented me on my good behavior cuz I was sittin on the seat so nicely!!

So you pups won't believe what happened to mommy earlier this week! She started not feelin well Sunday night, she had a sore throat. Mommy is no stranger to allergies/sinus infections, so this was not the surprise. She took some Amoxicillin to start fighting the infection, and all of a sudden she broke out in hives everywhere and her eyes and lips swelled all up!! This was a big shock since mommy has never had a reaction to any drug before, and has taken penicillin based drugs all her life!! So her doctor told her she should never take penicillin drugs again, and if she has to it has to be in a doctors office or hospital!! He said it is odd, but it is possible to develop an allergy like this later in life! My mommy is so weird! BOL!!

Tomorrow Aunt Connie and Maddie are comin over to go swimmin and have hotdogs for lunch on the grill! I am hoping to get a bite or two!


A Close Call

June 19th 2011 4:52 am
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You pups won't believe what happened to me yesterday! Mommy and Aunt Connie (who work together) went to a graduation party for their boss's daughter yesterday afternoon, so grandma came over to sit with Cole. When Aunt Connie and mommy got home me and Richter were all excited and we got even more excited when everyone got into their bathing suits to go outside in the pool. So grandma ordered some dinner and left to go pick it up, grandpa was on his way over, and Aunt Connie, mommy and Cole got in the pool, and so did Richter (more on that later!). So they are all splashin and swimmin around, and mommy realizes that Cole did a poo in his swimmy diaper! So she gets him out of the pool and brings him to the patio to lay him on a towel and clean him up. Well while she was doing that, grandma and grandpa both got back, grandma had a big bag of delicious smelling food, and now we were really excited! I ran up the steps to the deck, and then when I was running back down, my one front leg couldn't keep up with me I guess, cuz my paw bent all the way under and I fell down the last couple steps and onto my bent paw! It hurt really really bad, so I yelped and then sat down and held it up, shrieking the whole time!! Everyone was so upset and trying to see my leg, but I didn't want anyone to touch it, so I just sat on my hiney and kinda spun myself in a circle so no one could touch it, still shrieking! Finally mommy got me to let her take a good look, (she said she was already starting to run a plan of a trip to the ER vet in her head cuz she was sure I broke it since I was shrieking so bad), but then all of a sudden I hopped up and started running around again! Later mommy very gently looked at it, and it was not swollen and I have been walking fine ever since so we think we dodged a bullet there, BOL! She said she does not even want to imagine me being immobile, cuz I am certainly a dog on the go, BOL!! Happy daddy's day to all those super daddies out there!!

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