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The Lovely Ladies Journal

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Woe Is My Belly:(

September 22nd 2007 8:53 pm
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Hi pups,

Move over daddy!!! It is my turn to be the patient now!

That's right, my poor little belly has been feeling sick for 2 days now. Yesterday morning, I woke everyone up at 6 am because I threw up. At first mommy and daddy didn't think too mucn of this because sometimes if I get too hungry I throw up. Once I eat, I am fine! But yesterday I didn't want to eat my breakfast after my first throw up, and then I threw up 3 more times!! When mommy got home from work, she gave me some food. I ate it, and was fine the rest of the day! I had my supper, and kept that down fine. We thought it was over.

Then this morning, daddy fed us breakfast and left for work. While mommy was getting ready for work, I threw up a big mess. Then while mommy was at work for a couple hours, I threw up 2 more times!!!

Mommy made me some plain rice and mixed it with a little bit of my kibble. So far I have eaten this twice and been ok. The thing that really stunk though, was that we weren't allowed to go out and see Kim today:( Mommy said she didn't want me eating anything other than my rice and kibble for the rest of the weekend, so we couldn't go see her, because she always gives us bonies!! And mommy thought it would make me too sad to see Kim and see Richter and Dixie get bonies. Bummer.

Well, hopefully tomorrow will be a better tummy day!!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


Ready To Poop

September 18th 2007 6:44 pm
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Mommy and daddy seriously need to get with the program. In about a month I will be 4 years old, so that means that mommy and daddy have been lucky enough to have had me for 3 and 3/4 years about. You would think that they would understand all my rules by now.

The rule that is being misunderstood right now is my poopin rule. I poop when I am good and ready. And make no mistake, there is no ignoring me! When I am ready, I let everyone know about it. I howl to mommy and daddy and hop all around.

It is not my problem that I always seem to be ready at what the peoples call in-appro-pre-it times.

These are the times that I most like to poop:
Between 5-6 a.m.
Right as mommy and daddy are sitting down to eat dinner.
About 5-10 minutes after we come in from being outside.

If you think that my poop time is just a quick run outside, you are wrong. Even if I have to poop really really bad, I have a ritual. First I like to chase my ball a couple times. Then I have to sniff and sniff the whole backyard, sometimes a few times to find just the right spot. Then finally I can go. When I am done, I must kick the grass all over, and then my poop time is officially finished.

So here we are, we have just come in from being outside for about an hour. Mommy got us all inside and settled down, and just sat down at the computer, and guess what mommy? (Hee hee!!) Now she is grumbling something about "now we have to go out AGAIN, and wait til the princess decides she is ready to go".

And what is wrong with that?!?!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


My Busy Week!

September 16th 2007 6:56 pm
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I have had quite a full schedule this weekend, actually this past week!! On Wednesday the 3 of us all went to grandmas, and we all went for a walk there. It was fun, me, Richter, Dixie, mommy, grandma, Aunt Connie and her boyfriend Scott went on the walkie!

Thursday turned out to be a not such a good day, daddy got really sick AGAIN!!! Can you pups believe it??? When he called his heart dok-tur, he sent daddy right back to the hospital!! It was a sad day, mommy came home from work early and they left and then grandma came and fed us supper and stayed with us til mommy came home. Daddy had to stay over again.

Friday turned out to be a better day. Daddy has the same thing wrong with him as a few weeks ago, but it got a little worse, and all the card-e-oll-o-justs at the Unniversity of Penn, and daddy's regular card-e-oll-o-just had to have a big conference to figure out how to make daddy better!! They came up with a concoction of medicines for daddy to take, and so far it is working!!!!! Daddy sure has gotten good at giving everyone big scares, including his dok-turs!!! Mommy told him that she thinks 3 times in the hospital is enough now!!

Anyways, daddy came home on Friday afternoon. He is feeling great, and better then he has felt for 3 weeks!!!! His medicines are really workin!!

Saturday, we went to Woofstock, which is a pet fair sponsered by the animal shelter that Dixie came from. We had lots of treats and everyone wanted to pet us!!!

Today we cut up the big tree that fell in our backyard, and then took a big walk and went for a car ride to the store!! Now it is finally time to rest!!

Well, hope you pups are enjoying the Fall as much as we are!!! I am trying to get daddy to help me write an entry to tell you all about the video game I help him play!!!!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


Always Remember

September 10th 2007 6:54 am
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Tomorrow is a bittersweet day in our coutry. Six years ago on Septemeber 11, 2001, the United States was viciously attacked by terrorists. Four planes were crashed, 1 into each building of The World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and one into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The brave passengers on that plane realized what was happening and heroically fought back, taking their own lives to save countless others. Chaos broke out around the country, as people frantically tried to contact loved ones and make sense of what had happened. The air that night was eerily silent as no planes passed through our skies.

Now 6 years later, we are still remembering and praying for the families who lost loved ones on that dreadful day. September 11th is not only a day of sorrow though. May we look at it as a day of unity and pride for our country. We all came together as a country 6 years ago and realized that we have a bond, a bond that, as we showed those terrorists, can not be broken.

We are asking all doggies, kitties and their families to say a little prayer tomorrow for those who were lost. Say a prayer for all the heros and heroines, (including all the rescue dogs!!!) who tirelessly searched the rubble in NYC and Washington for survivors. Fly American Flags proudly, and please always rememeber September 11, 2001.



Thank Goodness For Grandma!

September 1st 2007 8:59 pm
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We are some lucky doggies and kitties to have such terrific grandpawrents!!!!! Grandma saved us again!!
We had an emergency here last night. Daddy started having bad pains in his chest and a really high fever, so mommy had to rush him back to the hospital where he had his surj-erry. Richter explains what happend in his diary, but luckily, daddy is ok and will hopefully be able to come home tomorrow!
Right before they left, mommy called grandma and asked if she could come stay the night with us, because she had no idea what was wrong with daddy or how long she would have to be at the hospital! So grandma came right over!! We had lots of ad-ven-churs!!! Here is mine!
There is a doggy that lives behind us. Whenever he is out, me and Richter tear across the lawn, and us and this doggy chase each other back and forth along the fence! There is also a little hole in the fence for us to stick our noses through and sniff each other. Now of course I have to show everyone who is the boss. I grab one of my balls, and I shake my head as hard as I can with the ball in my mouth. I make a super scary growly noise when I do this, to make sure that the other doggy knows how tuff I am!!!!! Mommy says that one day I am going to shake my little brain loose! I shake my head around so hard that my ears whip through the air and on the side of my head!!
Well, it was dark out when grandma took us out, and Richter and I took off to chase this doggie and I did my head whippins, and made my super tuff growly noise!! Grandma didn't know that a doggy lived behind us, so at first she thought that Richter and I had gotten a hold of a bunny or a squirrel!! She started to run after us, with horrible visions of having to try to rescue this poor animal from us, when the neighbors yelled at their doggy to stop it, and she realized what we were doing!!!! Boy was she relieved that she didn't have to rescue anything, or run all the way across the yard in the dark, where our little poo piles are nestled in the grass!! Hee Hee!
I will bark to everyone when daddy gets home!!! I am wishin and hopin for tomorrow!
Macy Noodles Weena Huston


Anonymous Star!!!!!

August 28th 2007 6:25 pm
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OMD, OMD you pups won't believe it!!! I received an anonymous STAR today!!!!!! How mysterious!!! I am so excited!! Thank you thank you whoever you are!!!
Macy Noodles Weena Huston


Mommy Blabs My Secrets

August 25th 2007 10:43 am
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My mommy is such a blabbermouth!!! She tells everyone all the secrets about me all the time!! Like the lastest one from the groomers this past Tuesday.
Mary had originally put me and Richter together in the big cage, and Dixie in a smaller one by herself. When we were all done and waiting for daddy to come get us, she just left the crate doors open so we could come out if we want. Richter came out, and Dixie went in and laid down. I was so tired that I went in and laid down right next to Dixie. No big deal, I was tired and needed to lay down. But everyone had to make a huge deal about it, because they all think I was being so so nice to Dixie. So maybe I was. So what??? There goes my tuff girl image again!
I think I have come to terms with the fact that Dixie is here to stay. Mommy says that I seem to accept her totally now, I lay with her, and let her come near me and sniff me and stuff. I share with her, which mommy says is a miracle, because I am not usually too good at that!! Like today, I was laying on a blankie on the ottoman chewin my chewy, and I got down and left it there. Dixie went over a few minutes later and took it. I watched her do it, and didn't make a fuss. The old Macy would have flipped out about that, but I guess I am becoming a softie. Thats what happens when mommy puts her mind to helping me get over my issues with other dogs.
Well, gotta go watch for Kim!!!! BTYL!!! Stay cool!!
Macy Noodles Weena Huston


Chill Pill

August 13th 2007 7:12 pm
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Can anyone tell me what a "chill pill" is??? Mommy says that I need one. It is pretty hot out, maybe it is a pill that makes ya chilly??

I do know that I have not been completely myself since Dixie came. I have been pretty nice and tolerant of her, but I have been a little nutty in other ways. Like the other night I stole a denta-bone out of the cabinet and when daddy came to get it from me, I (I am ashamed of myself:( I growled at daddy. ( I have NEVER done anything like this before.) I didn't mean it, I just wanted to eat my denta-bone. There have been a few incidences where Dixie has gotten in my way and I gave her a little growl too. Today, when mommy and daddy had Dixie at the vet, they told on me!! Can you pups believe that?? They told the vet about the denta-bone incident, and about a few other growly times I have had. The vet said that I am probably stressed from all the change and that mommy and daddy should give me a couple of weeks to adjust. They have been really nice to me and given me lots of lovin too, but I think I just have to make sure that I am still important to them!! Mommy says not to worry and that I am her good girl and that I am pretty. That makes me feel a little better, mommy always tells me how pretty I am!!

Well guess I will bark to you later to let you know if I feel better and if I ever got the "chill pill"??

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


OMD!! The Stories Are True!

August 8th 2007 7:17 pm
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Listen up everydog and cat!!!!!! I don't know if your mommies or daddies ever tell you stories of a place called an animal shelter, orphanage, or the pound. Our mommy tells us all the time how lucky we are because there are these places where people take doggies and kitties that they don't want anymore!! We just couldn't imagine why a place like this would have to exist, so we just figured mommy was just making this stuff up. Get this...... It is real!!!! I was actually there today, and saw it with my own two eyeballs!!!!!

We had to go with mommy to meet Dixie, because the shelter people have to make sure that we would all get along before they would let us take Dixie home! It was just like mommy said!!! All these poor doggies and kitties just waiting for a nice family to come and take them home! Usually, I am very NOT accepting of other doggies right away, but once I saw where poor Dixie was, I behaved myself so good, that they let us just take Dixie home right then and there!!!! Thank goodness, I wouldn't have wanted her to stay there!

The shelter people are really really nice, and they help thousands of homeless animals find homes!!!! That is one good thing! This weekend me and mommy are gonna gather up some old towels, and leashes and stuff and bring them there to donate!

So on a happier note, we do have a new sister!!!! Mommy has already started her a dogster page, her ID is 601380. Check her out and bark hello if you get a chance!!!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


Macy's Recipe For Morning Fun!

August 1st 2007 4:58 pm
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I have invented my very own mornin game to play with daddy!!! You pups should try it!!! Here are the rules:

1) Pick a time to wake up your mommy or daddy. My favorite time slot is usually between 6-7 a.m.

2) Grab a sock off the floor and make sure they see that you have it!! Be sure that it hangs most of the way out of your mouth. I have also heard that this works well with underwears!

3) Prance around the room with your prized sock, playfully lettin it swing to and fro as you hop around the room!!!

4) As soon as someone says "(your name here), give me that sockie!!" Run out of the bedroom to the top of the stairs and shake your hiney really really fast!!! For those with tails, wag them as hard as you can, and give them that irresistable puppy grin!

5) Tear down the stairs, drop the sockie, and grab a squeaky toy!! Squeak happily for a few seconds!

6) Run to the potty door. On the way, drop the squeaky toy, and grab whatever your favorite outside toy is! Mine is my ball!

7) Race outside, clear the yard of local wildlife, do your toiletries!

8) Go back inside, enjoy breakfast, beat mommy and daddy back up to bed and lay in their spot! On weekends, this is fun because they usually want to get back in their bed! On weekdays this is fun because now they have to watch you loungin in their bed while they have to get ready for yucky work!!

Bein a doggy rules!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston

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