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That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It!

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Monday -- YUCK!!!!

September 11th 2006 7:02 am
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Mommy had to leave me again. I don't understand why she leaves almost every day, but I don't like it you hear!!!!! But when she leaves, she brings my old boyfriend Thatcher home so I get a play date. He takes my stuff, grrrrrr!!!!!!! Even if I'm not using it, don't touch, its mine. But I do like chasing balls with him, we slam each other into the wall, wheeeeee, what fun!!!!!

My weekend was grrrrreat!!! I got to see Gramma Saturday and Sunday!!! She acts like she doesn't like me, even my Mommy's Aunt June can see right through her!!! She kepts telling me to get off the couch (no blankie), but I wasn't on the couch I was on Mommy's lap. That's a free zone, ha Grammy, how do you like me now???? I love my Grammy, although she isn't as friendly as Mommy, she gives me cheese even though I'm on a diet. Ha Mommy, how do you like me now???? She said more than ever!!!!

Well I've go more napping to do before Mommy comes home at lunch.

Doggy slobber and puppy love -- Jenna Pooh


Dogster Plus

September 8th 2006 11:13 am
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I'm going to luv being in Dogster Plus, Mommy says this way we can thank all of our good pals for being so nice to us. (I think its because she can really show me off now!!! -- Mommy's for ya -- what can you do but luv them).



September 8th 2006 6:32 am
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This is not going to be a good Friday!!! (pouting) Mommy has to work all day and Daddy is golfing so I'm alone for most of the day. I know she will come home at lunch to play with me and cuddle with me, but I don't like being alone!!!! Mommy says I have to be a good girl and stay brave, that this doesn't happen usually, but since I can't not bark, she can't take me with her. Not my fault :(

Well I'll just wander around and either wait for her on the bed (I can see out the window and watch for her or Daddy) or on top of the back of the couch where I can also watch outside. Hurry Hurry -- I want smooches!!!!

Where's Grammy???? She always takes care of me when Mommy and Daddy can't be with me. She lives an hour away, but hey, she can still drive. I'll pretend like she's here, yeah that's it!!!, I'll imagine she's here or Daddy's out in the yard letting me sleep (yawn) in........

Okay Mommy, that's not funny posting my piggy picture!!!! There are some pics of you you wouldn't want on the internet...(yawn)

Doggy slobbers...puppy love....(snore snore snore)... Jenna Pooh


Buddy of Corolla

September 7th 2006 12:42 pm
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I am getting more and more worried about my friends in Florida!!! Everyone say a prayer for Buddy, Goofball and his family. I miss you guys!!!

Continuation of my story regarding my visit to Grammy's house!!!! My Grammy loves me, but she doesn't understand me very well. She asked Mommy why do I stare at her. Hee Hee, just to freak her out, Ha Ha, no, she's supposed to read my mind by looking into my soulful eyes. She don't get it. Mommy told her I love her, and I do, cause Grammy snuck me some treats, hee hee, don't tell Mommy. Grandma told her that she put a blanket on her couch so that I could take a nap in comfort. I AM THE QUEEN!!! Mommy says Grammy doesn't even do that for her. HA -- step aside Mommy, the Queen is here!!!! Grammy threw me my ball that she keeps in her house just for me. She let me sniff around, she took me outside to do my business (I was a very good girl, I didn't do any accident in Grammy's house -- if I had, I'd never be able to go back and face Grammy again) and let me sniff some more. Grammy adores me. Once I saw Daddy's truck pull in the driveway -- out of my way Grammy, I don't care if you are 79, I'll trip you to get to Daddy, cause Daddy will get me home to Mommy!!!! I have my priorities. Ta Grammy, see you maybe this weekend. Slobber slobber!!!

Oh yeah, and Grammy called me a "bad dog" for no reason and I tried to suck up, boy did she freak out!!!! I hopped in her lap and I tried to do the my head under her chin thing that I do with Mommy. Grammy wasn't quite sure what to make of this!!! Mommy laughed when she found out. She said I suck up better than anyone she knows, even Daddy, hear that Daddy, who's the man now Daddy!!!???

Today Daddy took me with him to do some painting on a house he has in Oneida and that's okay with me, as long as I don't have to stay home alone.

Ta Ta For Now -- Doggy slobber and puppy love -- Queen Jenna Pooh


My name

September 6th 2006 10:14 am
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I just had a Pup Pal ask me about my name -- my name with my first family was Geneva and people at the bar called me jinxy, Mommy didn't like either name and told everyone I wasn't a jinx I was a blessing from above!!!! Mommy shortened my name to Jenna and she started calling me Pooh, so my name is Jenna Pooh DePasquale.....big name for a little doggy, but I LOVE IT!!!!! I wouldn't want to have any other name, because Mommy said the name Jenna Pooh sounded as pretty as I looked pretty. I love my Mommy. Can't have low self-esteem around her. She loves all the pup pals I've made since I've been on Dogster -- and wishes them all well.

I'm still at Grammy's so I'm dictating this over the phone.

Doggy slobbers and puppy love -- Jenna Pooh


Over the River and through the Woods

September 6th 2006 7:11 am
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I'm being transported to Grammy's house again!!!! I luv my Grammy. She's going to let me sit on the couch today -- ha, I told you she luvs me!!!! She'll be surprised about the blanket thing cause I paw on it until I get a nest to rest in!!!! Grammy was told not to feed me, but Mommy knows that Grammy will slip me a treat. I'm Grammy's little angel -- she has a t-shirt that says "Ask me about my granddoggy"!!! I swear its true!!!!

I luv my boyfriend Buddy Lee cause he turned me on to Bully Sticks!!!! OMG, nummers -- but mine don't seem to last as long as his!!!??? I want more!!! Thanks Buddy for the tip. 60% Slobbers

I haven't heard from Buddy of Corolla and he's in Florida and he was worried about the hurricane!!! I'm saying a prayer for you and Goofball and your family!!! 40% Slobbers I pray I'll hear good news today!!!!

Well gotta go, I'm sure I'll have some really good stories after I get home!!!!

Doggy slobber and puppy love -- Jenna Pooh



September 2nd 2006 3:28 pm
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I love Saturdays, believe it or not, Mommy and I slept in until 9:00 this morning. What a rare treat. I love snuggling with Mommy after Daddy gets up, she's soooo warm and she tickles me oh so sweetly. She woke up and I was staring at her face for some reason. I guess its because I love her soooo much I don't want to forget what she looks like. Daddys granddaughter and her cousin are here for a visit. Sheeeese, why doesn't anyone ask me if I want company. I don't get enough attention!!!! They are all sooo nice to me, but Nina didn't like it because I sat close to her (something about shedding!!!) Oh well, get use to it. I'm the princess here and I can sit anywhere I darn well please! Gotta go for now, ttys Doggy slobber and puppy love -- Jenna Pooh



September 1st 2006 7:01 am
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Daddy and Mommy took me shopping last night -- well I waited in the car, but when Mommy was done and got in the car, I went straight for the bag she had in her hand!!! I got treat after treat after treat. Nummers -- I love treats!!!! I know if Mommy has a lot of bags, there will be at least one new treat or toy in the bag for me. Way to go Mommy Pooh!!!! She let me have one of my treats to chew on in the car!!!! I love my Mommy Pooh!!!! (I got Slim Jims -- one of my faves!!!!) When we got home, I cuddled with Mommy and I know tomorrow is Friday, Mommy comes home at noon and then I have her for three and one-half days all to myself. Except Mommy said Daddy's granddaughter Sam is coming to visit for a couple of days, but that's okay cause she spoils me too. Sammy loves her Pooh!!!!

What's not to love??? ttfn, have a great weekend!!! Jenna Pooh


It's Fursday

August 31st 2006 6:19 am
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Well, to finish my entry from yesterday, when Mommy got home I was all over her like brown on rice!!! Last night I found another baby mouse in the house under the stove. Mommy and Daddy thought I was crazy, ha I say, double ha!!!! Mommy took a broomstick and rolled the poor little fella off from under the stove (he was dead)-- well he looked like a snack to me (he was less than 1 inch) but Mommy snatched him up and gave him a proper burial. I love being a mouser!!!! Mommy says I'm really good at it, that's my job in our family!!! You'd think I'd at least get to eat them!!! Mommy is too quick. I snuggled with Mommy like it was the first time last night. I was in my happy place.

This morning Mommy took me for a walk, she's feeling a lot better with the new meds. We went around the block and I did all my proper duties! I got home and I went for the stove again. I swear there's something under there!!!! Mommy and Daddy are calling me crazy again!!! I'll show them and when I do I'll laugh -- ha ha -- I'll laugh I say!!!!! ttfn -- Jenna Pooh the Master Mouser



August 30th 2006 1:49 pm
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Phew I'm glad this day is over. Daddy came and got me from Grandma's house. I was soooo afraid he wasn't coming back!!! I love my Grandma, but I'm not allowed on the furniture, she doesn't kiss me all the time like Mommy and she only has a ball for me to play with. Nice to visit, but wouldn't want to live there!!!! Love you Grandma, see you later alligator.

Grandma kept getting phone calls from Mommy and she'd tell her that all I did was stare at her. Well, duh.... I have to sit in one place on the floor even!!!! OMG the indignity. If I was home, I'd be in my bed or on the couch in my favorite spots. I'd hear Mommy's voice, but no Mommy (hmmmm what's that all about????), I want my Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!!!! Well I'll just have to do the Jenna dance when she gets home tonight!!!! That's my dance of joy!!!

10 minutes and counting!!!!! I actually can't tell time, but Daddy told me.

Have a good night and snorgle in good with your families. toodles Jenna Pooh

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