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That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It!

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October 27th 2006 7:07 am
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Bummer, Mommy has to work all day today. I usually love Fridays cause she comes home at noon. I still got Daddy. He threw his back out and is kind of laid up so I can snuggle to my heart's content!

Nellie we are still praying for you honey. The kids claim it was unintentional, that you were tied in the box of the truck, then why did you leave her there to die??? Intentional or unintentional -- you left her to die!!!! in her own pool of blood!!!

Hold them responsible. My Jenna is like my baby, hopefully these two never have children!!

Jenna and Mommy -- Doggy Love to Nellie


The rantings of an animal lover

October 26th 2006 6:40 am
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I need to vent, I am so angry and distraught over the story of Nellie in Texas that I had nightmares last night and cry every time I think of this poor dog. Jenna and I have started a prayer chain in forums:, the more prayers for Nellie the better, let us see how many we get, and if the animals are caught, these can be read at their trial. Pass this info on this forum to the your pals, to family, to neighbors, whatever it takes.

It is time that this nation get off its duff and passes legislation to make animal cruelty a CLASS 1 FELONY!!! If anyone knows of any write in campaign, etc., relative to this matter, please let this community know.

If you are a member of or, you are an animal lover. I kissed and hugged and held on to Jenna last night for all its worth. Nobody will ever hurt or neglect her again. She didn't have it half as bad as Nellie, but I'm sure the cold winter nights weren't happy ones for Jenna.

Here's my prayer for Nellie, I hope those guys are caught and get old fashioned Texas justice. I emailed the sheriff, if everyone on this site emails this sheriff -- maybe they will get the hint. Email: sheriff@vzsheriff. com

Jenna's group -- Rescued puppies with great rescue stories -- wants to see Nellie's story here with a fantastic happy ever after family.

Thank you for just letting me get this off my chest, I am sure in the days and months to come, I will still have nightmares, but Nellie is in a good place right now with people who are taking as good of care of her as humanly possible.

Give all your pets hugs and kisses from Jenna and Mommy Pooh, and we salute all of the wonderful people we have met in this website who are truly God's guardian angels of the animals.

Mommy chose my new theme song, "you're my best friend" because we are two of the closest friends you want to meet.


Watch out!!!

October 25th 2006 10:51 am
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Mommy got a video camera!!! OMG -- you are going to get sick of me!!! Where can I hide??? Under the covers in bed, nope that's my usual hangout, on the couch under the covers, nope same thing. Oh well, guess I just have to grin and bear it!!!!

Means there are going to be videos of me doing everything from sleeping to pooing. Lucky you!

Got to seek out a new hiding place, gotta go -- Love Pooh


Its Snowing!!!!

October 24th 2006 7:04 am
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Well we have snow in the Adirondacks again. Seems we are just getting teased at this point.

I was on my midnight raid last night, I know there's a mouse in the house, but he doesn't want to come out and play with me!!! I'll show that mouse. Getting Mommy all upset because we wake her up at 4:00 in the morning. But Mommy is such a pushover, I hopped back in bed when I had had enough, shimmied up next to Mommy and she said that's okay Pooh and stroked my head and my belly for me!!! That's what you've got to love about Mommys. It seems Mommy knows exactly what she is in for when they took me a master JRT!!!!

We went to see the new tenants in our house in Forestport and she has three little girls, well if you need attention -- just ask for the address and I'll give it to you. Me the poor suffering, never get attention Jenna sucked right up to these girls. They asked if we were going to trick or treat at their house, Mommy said yeah she'd love the girls to see me in my costume!!! I hope there's greenies, or biscuits or Bully Sticks or Bit O Honey at their house!!!

Well gotta go, I have to take my nap now, busy night!!!! Just don't let Mommy know -- she's kind of dragging around today! Love Jenna

Postscript: Mommy took me to work with her this afternoon!!!! Although Mommy now knows it wasn't her brightest idea. I bark at anything and everything that moves (I'm not doing it because I'll bite, Mommy says just look at the other end -- my tail is always wagging -- that's my happy face). But she brought my blankie in and put it down for me to sleep on and I didn't have to stay home by myself this afternoon, you think I'd know better, oh well, Mommy gave me a chance and I screwed up!!! But that's okay, Mommy says she loves me just the way I am. Although mid afternoon, Mommy said I finally settled down, cause Mommy remembered she had bully sticks in the car for me, yeah that's all I needed, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :P


Weekend Report

October 23rd 2006 8:39 am
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Mommy and I had a nice weekend, it actually snowed here in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. It was mostly quiet and we stayed home and worked around the house (okay Mommy worked, but I kept her company). Mommy and Daddy had their anniversary celebration on Saturday, they've been married 6 years!!!! I got some chicken cordon bleu, Mommy makes it for Daddy cause it is his favorite dish that Mommy makes. I love celebrations don't you???

Last night Daddy was going out with the boys, so Mommy asked if Chelsea (a beautiful chocolate lab with white freckles on her nose) could come for a play date with me. I love my Mommy. Well Chelsea didn't want to be around me very much (I'm kind of exploring my options -- Chelsea didn't want me for a boyfriend, if you know what I mean). Mommy says she isn't too sure about me. Chelsea is a chocolate lab and she is big, but it is just my way of saying I like ya -- that's my story and I'm sticking by it!!!

Chelsea had an accident on Mommy's rug in the living room area, and Mommy asked which one of us did it and I swear it wasn't me. Chelsea did it, yep that's my story and I'm sticking by it!!!!

Oh well, we had fun anyway. We started to get aggresive with each other and Mommy had to step in and she lightly tapped me (Note from Mommy -- on her big butt) with the fly swatter. Well it didn't hurt, but I'm not going to tell her that. It was Chelsea's fault and she blamed me!!!! Yep that's my story and I'm sticking by it!!! She didn't hurt me physically, but it hurt my feelings so I sat in front of Mommy and started blinking my eyes like I was going to cry and Mommy picked me up and kissed me and said she was sooooo sorry, but I had better behave. Well for the most part, I got my way.

Thank goodness, they didn't stay out too late, her Daddy came back and got her. I don't know what I would have had to do if she was going to stay!!!! Well lets not go into that right now.

Ta Ta for Now, DS&PL -- Jenna & Mommy I caught the comment about my butt! It's the camera angle it adds 10 pounds -- that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Postscript -- Mommy came home and asked me who did the piddle in the living room -- Mommy swears I was grinning!!!! It wasn't me, and as I said before, it's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!


Happy Birthday to you -- Mommy!!!

October 20th 2006 6:49 am
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Mommy’s birthday was yesterday!!! She turned the big 5 0, don't tell her I told you.

What a great day we had!!! Daddy took Mommy out for lunch (she brought me some of her meal), Daddy made Mommy surf and turf for dinner (nummers – Lobster!!!!) and she had pecan pie and vanilla ice cream and I got my own bowl of ice cream. I’m not supposed to have it, cause I’m on a diet (what word do you see in diet??? – die!!! -- they are starving me -- okay first one to laugh gets it) I’m not fat, the camera adds 10 pounds to a girls figure – right??? Mommy lost 30 pounds and feels pretty good about being 50 cause she is comfortable with herself and says she is in a good place now in her life.

When we were done with dinner and Mommy opened her cards (she loved the one from me because it had little Jack Russell puppys on the cover and inside – she is going to scan it into her computer and post it here), I waited by the couch until Mommy came over, laid down and I jumped on the couch and snuggled down deep under the covers with Mommy. Mommy said that was the best present she had gotten all day!!! I know what my Mommy likes. Mommy has health issues that make her tired at the end of the day, so this is our routine every night.!!! I know how to suck up!!!!

So I just laid down, wriggled closer to Mommy (any closer and Mommy says I would have been behind her) and closed my eyes. Mommy said that was unusual cause lately I sit up and just look at Mommy before she can get me to settle down for a nap. (It was her birthday after all so I behaved for Mommy).

Everyone says that I don't think I'm a dog cause I have to sit up like a human, that's cause I want to be Mommy's baby. Grammy says I am more human than a lot of humans she knows. Grammy likes the fact that I take care of Mommy for her. Love you Grams!!!! Thanks for giving birth to Mommy 50 years ago.

Well – I want to shout out a hey to my peeps!!! Have a great weekend. To infinity & beyond – Jenna Pooh



October 16th 2006 4:47 pm
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I love vacation!!!! Mommy and I have been together every day and every hour since last Thursday!!! Mommy got me a school girl outfit and I've been the hit everywhere I've gone!!!! We went to pick daddy up from the local tavern and he insisted I come in and see everyone!!! Well once my tail started wagging, watch out!!! I had everyones attention!

Well pretty soon we will have pics of all of my new outfits, I've got two evening dresses, a fur coat Mommy made, a leather coat Mommy made, lots of sweaters, costumes, all kinds of new things to give me all the attention I deserve a tiara!!!! Cause, Mommy says above all else, I am a princess first, cause Mommy is The Adirondack Queen!

I'm a lucky doggy!!! DS&PL Jenna


Trick or Treat

October 11th 2006 6:47 am
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As you can see by my page, Mommy is gearing up for Halloween. So here goes nothing, trick or treat, okay Mommy can I take off this ridiculous costume now???

Mommy thinks I look so cute in this outfit, what was she thinking? Although I do bear a striking resemblance to Samantha from Bewitched don’t ya think??? Well a girl can dream can’t she????

I guess I’m going to have to humor her in a couple of weeks. I love my mommy so I’ll suffer the indignity of it.

DS&PL – Jenna Pooh


The Goat Family

October 10th 2006 10:59 am
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Weekend update from Jenna Pooh

Well we had a blast this weekend. OMG Petey is getting as tall as his Mommy. (These are the goat family we visit.) Mama goat tried to head butt me, but I don’t scare easily!!! There were cats everywhere, but none of them wanted to play with me. Darned those cats!!!! I just want to play (heh heh – yeah right!)

I got to see my friend Chelsea (she’s a chocolate lab) and we had fun aggravating the cat that lives at her house too!!! Don’t you love friends who watch your back for you!!

Mommy bought me a new stuffed animal. I got loads of them, but as soon as I get the eyes off from them, they seem to be disappear. There’s a big bag on the side deck of our house and I keep pulling my stuffed animals out of there and somehow they manage to walk right back into the bag???? Gotta investigate this matter! I’m not through with them yet~~~!

Well anywho – My friend Thatcher is doing much better, but still limping. So he hasn’t been to my house for over a week for a play date. I sure do miss him. When Mommy comes home at lunch, I half expect him to be right behind her. Oh well, I sure hope he feels better real soon!!!

DS&PL - Jenna Pooh


Today is Friday and this is a 3 day weekend.

October 6th 2006 7:11 am
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Mommy got mail this morning saying I'm a semi-finalist in the Cutest Pet Photo Contest by International Pet Owners Club!!!! Mommy is sooooo excited, even if I don't win, people will get to see my picture.

Mommy, Daddy and I are going to see Petie the goat this weekend. My male boyfriend John has a vineyard in Hector, New York, and he has this family of goats, the baby’s name is Petie, he use to be my size, but John says he’s almost as big as his mommy now. I don’t care, I can’t wait to see him. We have fun bumping heads!!!! I run and bark and all the goats get excited. The Mommy goat isn’t afraid of me, but Petie was. I wonder if he still is???

So I get three and one-half days with my Mommy!!!! We cuddled so close this morning, Mommy said if I cuddled any closer, I’d be behind her – BOL!!!! The nights are getting cool here in the Adirondacks and that means cuddling for body heat. I will be out of touch until Monday – so don’t think I’m ignoring you, we are just going on a little vacation.

Mommy said she is going to get a video of me and Petie and Nanny (the Mommy) and Billy (the Daddy) Goat playing so she can put it on my page.

Gotta go, I need to guard the bed until Mommy gets home!!! Oh, and by the way, Thatcher my pup pal here is finally well enough to go to work – he’s pretty tough for a shy fella!!!

DS&PL – Jenna Pooh

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