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That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It!

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Coming to live with my new mommy and daddy

August 21st 2006 12:46 pm
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Last year I came to live with my Mommy and Daddy. My previous owners left me out all night by myself in our cold Adirondack Winters. I now sleep in a cozy warm bed with Mommy and Daddy.

I know I have brought our household so much joy. Mommy says I have a great temperment and I made them fall in love with the breed.

Mommy also says I have boundless energy and boundless love and affection. Snuggling is my favorite pastime other than chasing my sparkly blue bouncy ball.

Mommy and Daddy love me more than words can say and I feel the same about them. Especially Mommy, I'm a mommy's girl.


My Tail of Devotion for Jenna Pooh DePasquale

August 21st 2006 1:43 pm
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If Jenna and I could speak to each other, we'd agree that God answered both of our prayers. I wanted a dog so bad and I kept begging my husband, Jenna wanted a new owner (we knew her long before we got her) and she always jumped in my arms when we went to the local bar where she lived. My husband came home one night with a crate and out popped Jenna into my arms and my heart. I would do anything for this dog. She gets my constant attention and affection because she gives the same in return. She puts her paws on my shoulder and puts her face against my lips when I cry -- almost as if to say here's a kiss Mommy, I hope you feel better. She's the second love of my life. She took the place of the baby I can't have!!! She's my four legged hairy little baby.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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A day in the life of Jenna Pooh

August 23rd 2006 6:53 am
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Every morning Mommy & Daddy get up and get ready for their day. They let me stay in bed because I'm usually awake all night guarding them. I once saved them from an electric blanket that was sparking. Wooo, am I glad I was awake for that one!!! I also woke them up the night the bear was outside. Daddy loves to look at the bears (from a distance mind you). Oh and the mice, I'm a good mouser -- Mommy loves that!

Anyway, after they get ready and before they go off to do their thing, they both get back in bed with me and cuddle with me and stroke my belly for a few minutes so we can all connect for the day. When Mommy is working she always promises to bring Thatcher the office dog home at lunch so I have a play date almost every day.

Then Mommy tells me to go ask Daddy if he'll take me for a walk. That word makes me fly off the bed. I go up and start wagging my stumpy tail in front of Daddy and he always says yes. Good thing Daddy is retired. I'm never left alone anymore. He takes me everywhere with him. By the way, it was my Daddy who brought me home to live. He saved me, he's my hero. Although Mommy is my cuddlemate. Well bye for now!


Hi again

August 23rd 2006 11:25 am
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I know I love to talk. When I bark at people, Mommy tells people to look at the other end, that's where my happy face is (my tail is always wagging).

Today Mommy had Thatcher my main squeeze over for my play date at lunch. Well, he got on the bed with Mommy!!!! Oh no you don't, not on my time!!!! Well I jumped from the door straight onto the bed and right in between Thatch and Mommy. I love you Thatch, but that's way too close. I'm the only one who gets Mommy's attention when we're together, just ask Daddy.

Well it was a fun play date until Thatch starts taking my favorite toys (they aren't usually my favorites unless Thatch has them, then they are my all time favorite toy!) As you can tell, sharing is not one of my strengths.

Well have a good day.


Buddy Lee

August 24th 2006 6:44 am
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Girls, I have a new boyfriend -- his name is BuddyLee. He's a cute little chihuahua whose just oh so charming. You might want to check him out. Although, no touching, he's mine!!! I am the jealous type. He likes my fairy princess outfit and Mommy says its okay if he's my boyfriend, but Daddy says I can't date until I'm 17 and even then I have to have a chaperone (I guess I'll never date). That's okay, Buddy and I can keep in touch! ta ta for now


Here's gabby again.

August 24th 2006 1:55 pm
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My Mommy came home today with Thatcher and I had to break the news to him that we can stay friends, but Buddy Lee is now my boyfriend. I have lots of dog friends that I love to visit and play with and I get along with all of them as long as they stay away from Mommy.

Daddy left me at home for 2 hours by myself (oh the horror -- okay I stayed in bed and slept the whole time, but don't tell Mommy that!). As soon as Mommy came home for lunch, I was all over her!!!! Call child protective! I kept screaming. She didn't pick up the phone.....hmmmmm.

She loves me because last night we had a mouse in the house and the mouse got stuck in the sticky trap (I hate them, been there done that) and he was hopping all over the place. I thought it was hysterical, looked like he was doing the Mexican Hat Dance. I came out and started barking at it and tried to take a bite out of it, but Mommy stopped me for some reason, go figger!!!! Well anyway, she got the courage to throw a towel over it and swoop it up and throw it out the side door. Well we heard a cat meowing, so we think he got the mouse and the trap too!!! Good luck Mr. Cat. You don't want to play with me, then that's what you get!!!! Mommy just said that wasn't nice, but I don't care. ta ta for now!!! Jenna Pooh



August 25th 2006 6:23 am
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I have new pictures I just posted. My Mommy and Daddy are in these pictures. I'm so proud of them and the looks of joy on their faces make me happy. The picture with Daddy is my first day living with my new family. Daddy and I hit it off pretty good!!!! The picture of me with the pink thing on was mommy's sense of humor, she wanted to dress me as a pig (Arnold from Green Acres) for Halloween, well I didn't take to that costume too awfully well!!!! Give me a break, I'm a princess not a pig. Thought you'd enjoy seeing my happy family. The picture of me at Christmas shows the coat mommy made for me out of one of her old leather jackets. Pretty spiffy, huh??? I have to wear that when its really cold out or I can't go out. I love Christmas now, I get included and have packages under the tree and get my Greenies!!!! I LOVE MY GREENIES, CAN'T GET ENOUGH GREENIES, I'M HOOKED ON GREENIES!!! Whew, let me get a hold of myself.


My weekend

August 28th 2006 7:35 am
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Well, I had a wonderful weekend. Grandma came to visit on Saturday and she actually stayed over night. We have a new trailer and grandma got invited to stay over night, except Mommy and I had to go out and sleep in the trailer with her. What is she nuts??? I have a perfectly good bed to sleep in and Mommy and Daddy couldn’t snuggle together. Oh well, she’s family and she’s my Grandma. I love her, but grrrrrr. It wasn’t too bad, I got off the couch with Mommy and got in bed with Grandma, although Mommy kept getting me and putting me back on the couch with her. I was happy where I was. Sheeeeese. I won out.

Sunday was fun because Mommy and I took a ride by ourselves and I got to be with her all day. I hate Monday - Thursday, because she works all day. Friday isn’t too bad, because she comes home at noon. But I love following Mommy around, because every once in a while she’ll do something with me like throw my favorite ball, play tug of war, give me a greenie or a treat or take a nap with me. I hope everyone else had a good weekend. I've been staying in touch with my boyfriend Buddy Lee, oh how he talks so sweet.

Gotta go. ttfn -- doggy slobbers, Jenna Pooh


Mommy's upset with me!!!

August 29th 2006 7:17 am
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I hurt Mommy’s feelings this morning. I growled at her for tickling my belly. Don’t ask me why, but sometimes I do not like having my belly tickled!!! 99% of the time its okay, but this morning was the 1%!!!! Sorry Mommy, I love you!!! Did you hear me???? I said I LOVE YOU!!!! We’ll slobber and make up at lunch.

Anywho, we have a group “Rescued Puppies with Great Rescue Stories” which is open to all doggies who have been rescued by a loving wonderful family from a pound, puppy mill, abuse, neglect, etc. We love to hear happy ending stories!!! Please do not hesitate to join up and tell us your story.

Well, its getting to feel a lot like Fall around here (snuggling weather!!!) in the Adirondacks. Means (oh no) sweater and coat time!!! Grrrrrr, I should growl when they make me put on those awful outfits!!! Although I must say I do look stunning in leather (Buddy Lee told me that). I guess Mommy will dress me up like a princess for Halloween again. It is good to be Queen (oops, I mean Princess). Mommy tells me she is still the Adirondack Queen (she has a business certificate that says so) and will not relinquish her throne. Ha I say, double Ha in fact!!! I will succeed in dethroning her with Daddy’s help of course. I may never be the Queen, but I will always be top Diva in my house!!!!

Have a good one and please remember to always be kind to animals, they deserve love too. Please check out Buddy Lee’s (#209552) diary – he’s sooooo clever and funny!!!! You’ll get a chuckle from his writings. ta ta for now – Jenna Pooh


Slobber and make up!!!

August 29th 2006 9:42 am
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Just to let you know, everything is back to normal in Poozer's house!!!! Mommy and I slobbered and made up. I don't like hurting her feelings, but sheeeeze, let me sleep!!! Thatcher came home for our daily play date and I got a little upset with him because he took all of my toys (okay not all of them just my favorites (okay they are all my favorites if somebody else has them)). Then he got on my bed (okay Mommy and Daddy's bed) with Mommy. Grrrrr, I'm not having a good day. But him and I slobbered and made up before he left with Mommy. I must be PMSing whatever that is!!!! Toodles -- Jenna Pooh

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