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My Life As A Bassa-Lasha-Poo

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I will Miss Ya FRANZI!

June 9th 2007 9:02 pm
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Well in some of my photos you can see me with my German human "cousin" Franzi. Franzi is all GERMAN she really is not realated to my family she is exchange student who came to stay with my human aunt at the begining of the school year of 2006 (last year) She just graduated High school she is very nice sweet and PERTTY! I adored her (which you can see in my photos) She has become part of the family. She is going to Washington with the other exchange students of the program, The she is coming back to Kansas, to stay for a little bit to see the 4th of July fireworks, because she has never celebrated fourth of July before! She is super excited! But then on July, 9th she is heading back home to Germany! But mom has her adress to send her mail, and email to send her information & messages. Well thier was a big party at aunts house (but i had to stay home! *HUMPH!*) Well next summer she is going to come and visit i can not wait to see her again! Me and all my human family will miss her very much and are praying for her!
With love


Teddie Sue Is HOME!!

June 4th 2007 11:11 am
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Yep sweet baby Teddie Sue, who was stolen along whith her mom's car has been found!
This is GREAT!
And the odd thing is yesterday when Teddie Sue was found was when mommy told her mom about teddie sue.
She told her the sad story in the morning and her mum thought it was awful! And then mu told her how Teddie had been missing for a month and a half!! And mom thought it was a kind of odd that the day she told her family about TS was the day TS was found! Mommy was so happy though she fell out of her chair and started crying tears of joy! She told her mom right away about the miracle of Teddie Sue's return! We are so very happy for this great event! And good to see that Teddie Sue is big and strong and not so little any more heheheh but she is still very cute!!! And we hope that she has had enough adventure for one month and a half! (BOL) And i think she will be happy just taking a stroll around the block!Teddie Sue you & your family are so sweet! And i know that there were angels watching over you helping you in your safe return.




June 2nd 2007 1:10 pm
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Well, mom has always been a sucker for stray dogs.
There is Hobbes (aka Buddy) who is the x-mas dog he came to our house a couple years ago on christmas day and was very special and stayed with us for 4 days. He was a awsome buddy we played alot! He was a five year old lab and was so fun and sweet! His parents picked him up mom was happy but still misses him, Hobbes didn't live far but unfortinatly they moved.
Oooh then there was Scooter the Ausie Shepered who mom found tied to a basketball goal up at the local elementry school he was matted kind of skinny and his collar was to tight for him, he stayed whith us for a night then since he was dumped by his owners a great animal control guy came and picked him, he gave him to animal haven a pawsome shelter were scooter found a home!
Oooh and the regular "strays" that live a couple streets down from us and come by once in a while Ginger the old lab mix and chloe the young Pom gal. There were a couple other strays but mum can't think strait right now. But this morning qw got to add a new buddy to the list. Bawsley the Boxer. This morning mom was asleep when her brother woke her up and told her that there was a stray bulldog on thier front porch she jumped out of bed and ran outside. There she found with her little sister and a young neighborhood girl was a small male boxer. He was VERY STINKY! But in good shape healthy had a collar and was very friendly. My Lori looked at his vet tags and called the vet clinic and gave them the dogs ID#. The vet people gave Lori the owners number, she lived a couple of streets down. Mom got Baws on a leash gave him some treats and water and put some baby powder on him! (BOL To sooth the stink) His owner came after 15 minutes very very nice lady. She said the dogs name is Bawsley and that he is a escape artsit! She also said he had gotten out of thier yard early that morning they looked everywere for him. Well Baws must have rolled in somthing so the owner said that Baws was in need of a bath today! She loeaded him up and we waved goodbey!
Well it was a very fun & friendly morning!


YEAH! I got tagged by chester!

May 26th 2007 1:50 pm
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TAG YOUR IT! I have been tagged by my christmas ex-change buddy CHESTER! He lives in Germany like my hooman cousin Fronzie!
here be da rules-

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!
Here be the lay down on me Murph Man Stud-

1)I am a big mama's boy if you have not noticed by my forums motto or diary title. I play with her, make her laugh. I lick her alot! I snuggle with her almost every night! And when i don't that means she isn't there wich makes me sad.

2) I ADORE my westie brother Joshy. Since joshy used to live with our grandpa mommy and the family knew him before they met me he used to come over every saturday with grandpa ever since he was about a one or two months old. Then they got when Josh was about a year. Soon josh came to live with us when he was almost two years old.

3) I hate the vacume sucker thingy! My worst nightmare! I sware that thing is out to get me!

4) I LOVE TO GO FUR CAR RIDES! But i don't like it when the car is super hot, which is okay because mommy never ever leaves me in the car when it is hot out she barely ever leaves me in the car any day no matter the weather.

5) I like to go on walks, lets go up to the school, around the block, to the pool, anywere but make sure to bring water this fuzz ball gets hot fast! :)

6) I think frogs are weird. I remeber the first time i ever saw a frog in our backyard (because we have a pond in the backyard) It was the first spring with my family! I went up to the frog and sniffed it from a wittle distance, then i touched it with my paw and it jumped at ne! BOL!

7) I like to chew on bones, especialy at night! It is my thing!

here are the puppers i tag~~

jelly- 350247

liberty- 126434

Pugsly- 276696

Molly- 458505

Sharna- 259082

Biscuit- 160670

Bosco- 137552



Smeelin nice

May 1st 2007 7:18 am
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Well Sunday,
Mommy gave joshy a bath outside with the hose since it was so dog-on hot outside, and of course she gave me a bath to. She said that i smelled bad.
And you know i have to ask the question what is with humans and smell?
I meen humans put on smelly stuff, and armpit soap, and shampoo and they make a huge deal about stuff smelling bad! And what i don't get is dogs smell ten-times more then humans but you don't see us running away from every yucky smelling thing! Or put odd smelling soap on our arm-pits! Come on most dogs eat kitty poop! (YUM) I just had to ask because well maybe that eill give a reason fur mom not to give me a bath any-more! :-)


Skid Boot May you Rest In Peace

March 27th 2007 3:43 pm
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wow.Murph's mom here.

IT seems like just yesterday me and my mother were huddled around the TV watching the first sesion of pet-star.
It was the final cut winner takes all.
We were both amazed by this adorable dogs talents.......
We watched the Tv very closly and when they said skidboot and David were the winners we jumped up & down screaming and hugging each other we were so happy!!
We told alot of people in our family about skidboot.
I told my mother about skidboot We looked at each other and began to cry. He was a good dog. At the time were well life was a bit hard skid boot puta smile on our faces skid boot also inspired me to train dogs now training dogs are one of my favorite hobbies.
I shed a tear for him & his family..............His legacy will never ever be forgotten i promise you all that NEVER EVER!
Murphy & Mom

In honor of skip boot-
March, 25 skid's last day.


This Stud Got To Strut His Stuff!!

March 3rd 2007 3:08 pm
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Today mommy took me and Joshy to the first ever spring dog fashion show!!
But mama knew i can get a little shy & SCARED she only put on my bandana that my buddy chester gave me & my leash that says "SPOILED ROTTEN"
i was so frightened that mommy had to carry me down the RUNWAY!!
B.O.L!! but i didn't bite any doggy and i actually had a lot of fun! i made friends played and got lots of treats!! And i even won somthing!! I won simplest BUT cutest outift! and i got a BIG treat, and the judges got me a tiny gift card and mommypitched in a bit of her money with the gift card and got me my very own BOBO! You know one of those luffa dogs and a green one!! i used to play with my friends but he tore it appart, but now i have one and it is PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!
It has been a long day and a fun one! i really hope we do it again! hopfully mummu will not put me in that pink dress!! B.O.L!
-Murphy xoxoxoxo


huge fire in downtown KC!

February 7th 2007 6:13 pm
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Yes you read right!
A buisness with chemicals and flamable liquids set fire at today and a huge explosion happened there at 2:18pm today!
this is downtown downtown so far away from were i live but it still is a HUGE FIRE!
And all the power downtown is down.
And since the fire is so HUGE!
And since there is so much flamable stuff there the fire was getting bigger and bigger and after a couple hours of fighting the fire
fireman were comanded to stop and retreat! because the fire was getting so our of countrol! And the biulding started having more explosions:(
so they had to evacuate everyone down there (not me) and the poeple who had to evacuate are now at community centers & high schools. but the poeple staying at at the high schools were not alowd to bring pets!:(
but this very nice vet offered if any one would bring thier pet in that he would watch him (what a nice guy)
But any way since the fire was so bad and the water was just not helping they have to let the fire burn our..they are guessing the fire might be done in 72 hours!
well can you pups please say a prayer for the nice people/pets down there? thank you
hope it gets better

P.S no one has been hurt or killed in the fire hoefully it will stay that way!



February 5th 2007 5:11 pm
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Yes i have the most beautiful valentine!
and all in time for v-day!
her name is sugar!
And boy am i lucky!
but watch out girls iam taken! BOL!
Take a look at her isn't she pertty?
we are also both lasha mixes!
yappy valentines day everypup!♥



January 30th 2007 6:14 pm
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Well this all started out when the fabulous NWALINS gang helped a doggy named mathew!
And they helped save a dog and helped make dogster famous!
WOOOHOO you pups rule!
here is the link (it was on thier page that is how i found it BOL)
I was so happy when i watched i was ready to do backflips!..ehh maybe iw ill just tell mom to do it and i will watch! BOL!
oh right the news story!
here we are!: 814&bw=

go look!

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