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My Life As A Bassa-Lasha-Poo

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First day with Skin Cousins.

July 27th 2007 2:27 pm
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Well yesterday around 4pm 3 of my skin cousins came over to stay until Sunday afternoon! There is 12 year old Lucas, 10 year old Parker and 8 year old Emma. And since i have 3 skin siblings, (Carter 13,Evan 9, & Grace 7) they love to play with each other. I like the skin cousins but with all these kids in the house I try to be my mom's side as much as I can! But at dinner time there were alot of things hitting the floor. My 2 boys, and the 2 boy skin cousins are sleeping downstairs in our finnished basement. With a TV computer and Playstation 2. Grace is sleeping in her bed and Emma is sleeping in Mom's bed because Emma and Grace love to be with each other! And Mom shares a room with Gracie. So mom was stuck with her brothers room. Wich means she has to sleep on nine year old Evan's bed. (Wich is just a bit small for her BOL) So around 10pm The boy sshut off the computers down there and got into thier sleeping bags and started watching TV. And Mom grabbed her book and a few other things and headed to brothers room. She unmade the bed but by that time me & Josh were sitting by the door to her bedroom. So she went in her room and got my bone and put it on the floor of brother's room. Wich was good enoughf for me! I grabbed my bone and snuggled into mom's blanket that was on the floor. Josh being playful gave a great big AROOOO! And i just kept chewing on my little bone. Soon Josh got tired and jumped at the end of brother's bed and fell asleep. So mommy turned off the lights and closed the door the turned on this light by the bed she calls a "reading light" Whatever that is and opened her book and started reading. Mom read till almost 11:00 and i moved and moved all around. I moved many diffrent places on the blanket the went under the bed then went to snuggle with mommy then finnaly i went to sleep by the door on the nice cold wood floors. Mom soon set down her book and turned out the light for good. When she woke up i was at the end of the bed and Joshy was snuggled under her armpit. Then Lori came in that morning and Mommy & her talked but then Joshy came back in and sat there and Lori said that he looked cute and that he was such a cute boy! UH! So i started jumping up and down up and down as if to say "no no i am the cute!"Then they started laughing so i knew i had them! So i ran over to the corner of the room and grabbed my bone and brough it to Lori! she said i was such a good boy :D
It was a good morning


Buz Cuts 07 winners

July 23rd 2007 8:34 am
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B.O.L Jessie!
This was a hard one! Now pups don't feel bad if you didn't win because i loved all of the photos!;c;
Drum roll please************
FIRST PLACE~ Ginger!-You had almost no fur on your body but still had a smile on your face!
You win-
3 rosettes-One from me, One fromLouie,And another rosette from Postal.
2 Stars- one from Lucy and one from Daisy Mae
a Animated photo- Made by Caffery

SECOND PLACE~Cash-We love the little bald behind!
You win-2 rosettes- One fromBanyon, and one from me.
And a creative photo- By Sammi

THIRD PLACE~Sugar-Great look on your face! You can tell you were not to happy about your new haircut!
You win- Boe &Ceaser
Sinc e the photos were so great i had to have honorable metion! Each honorable mention gets a place in my corral and a bunch of bones on thier page! (I know it isn't alot sry)
Honorable Mention-
*Missy-and her great smile.
*>Maggie-Love the stretch!
*Kasper-Such a handsome boy.
*Milie NPC-Great pose.
*Shilo (ILM)-what a handsome angel boy.
*RuffianLove the great mohawk.
*Rudy-Such a handsome blad boy! (BOL)
congrats everypup! Now do not worry about contacting the donars i will contact them if you don't get your prizes in a few days p-mail me!
congrats everypup! and donars i will p-mail ya!%:D%


My new contest!

July 21st 2007 12:22 pm
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Well since it is summer time alot off long haired pups have been getting hair cuts. So i am going to start a new contest called Buz cuts 07!
Now it can be of you when well you really did get a buz cut or if you ever had a bad hair cut or if you just got shaved down some!Or it can just be of your summer cut! :D

Tag you photo-
Buz Cuts 07

The contest will end Sunday night and I will pick the winners either Monday or Tuesday! (Tuesday at the latest)
And mostly i am doing this contest because i buz cuts all the time :( And mom just figured out how to do those red links! BOL! So she wants to show it off! B.O.L!:))!

Because i forgot to put what the winners get! BOL!:))

1st Place-
3 rosettes-One from me, One fromLouie,And another rosette from Postal.
*A Star- Need a donar
*a Animated photo- Need a donar
2nd Place-
2 rosettes- One fromBanyon, and one from me.
3rd Place-
*A rosette-- I still need a donar

Good luck pups! Now you have all day Sunday to enter to! And to any pup that can donate somthing on my list either post or p-mail me! And thank you! This contest would be nothing without our donars!

Come on pups we need more pups to join!!!!!


Harley Fun.

July 18th 2007 2:52 pm
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Last night mom thought we might get in a fight because Harley likes to snuggle on mom's bed and i like to chew my bones & sleep on the end of mom's bed but i am very protective of my bones. But we all slept great. And we played and had fun in the morning. Then at luch time Har's mom came. But she says he might beable to come over again :D


A dog named Harley.

July 17th 2007 6:59 pm
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This dog named Harley came over for a sleepover today. I didn't really like him at first but then i started to love him! We played a little bit! And i stalked him around the house. And we even went on a walk with mom. Then we had a party in the basement. And i started to well um mount Har he was mad at me. But then we just snuggled for a while.
It was great day! :D


Vet man!?!

July 15th 2007 12:28 pm
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We went to see the vetman at petco for half price shots today. I remember last year we went but there was diffrent guy doing it but they are both super nice. We were second in line, but we had to wait about 25 minutes for the vet man to come. Finnally when he did come the golden pup in front of us got her shots then it was my turn! He first took my blood, then he gave me bunches of shots in my scruff! And actaully after it was over and mom put back on the ground i was actually happy! I started dancing around and i was ready to go! When mom put Josh on the vet table i saud it was time to go and grabbed Josh's leash and headed for the door! Mom says i was being a goof ball! Hehehe! After Josh got his shots we had to walk around and wait 10 minutes for the results of the heartworm test to be over. And while mom was letting us walk around a sniff well i peed on one of the shelves even though i had just had a potty break outside. Then after i got in trouble for peeing Josh did the same thing in the same place!! Mom was not happy. Well then we found out we both don't have heartworms! YEAH! After being there for a hour we were sleepy puppers! The at home mom gave us each a yummy busy bone she had bought at petco because we were good boys!After showing off my bone i ate it right up. It was a good day! But i didn't like it when we were waiting in line at petco and one of the people got out a huge vacoom and turned it on and cleaned up one of the iles! That was scary!!!!!!!!


Da Vacoom Cweaner Attack!

July 13th 2007 8:14 pm
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Wow pups i haven't written in a while. Well you would not imagine what happened yestereday! The evil VACOOM CWEANER ATTCKED ME!
Yes! I have hated dat vacoom cweaner it is so scary and i knew some day it would attck me and it did! Yesterday i was just strolling along in the dinning room when the tube part of it fell on me!! I was so scared i couldn't move and also i was kind of tanggled in it, mom came to the rescue thank dog! And as soon as i could i ran away as fast as i could my tail tucked in so far!! I didn't come out from under mom's bed for about a hour!!!!!!! It was horrible!


Yeah family fun!

July 3rd 2007 4:10 pm
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Well today around 3:20pm, mom put my leash on and put a leash on Josh and said those wounderful words! "wana go for a walk?" of course by thhe time we had our leashes on we already new it walk time and were jumping around and wagging our tales like mad! She told us tha were going to walk up to the local school, and meet her mom (aka "MY Lori") up there well actually suprise her mum because the younger human Kids Evan &Grace are up there, because of summer care and "my lori" picks them up around four or a bit later every day that they are there! I was so happy to go on a walk! Especially since it was so nice out! But it was very HOT! We had just left the culd-e-sac and were going down the sidewalk when a car pulled up. It was our "aunt" Maryland! Actually really she isn't our aunt but we call her that because she lives next door to us and is a very close family friend. Mom talked to her adn it ended up she was going down that way, so mom hoped in the car and we followed! IT WAS PAWSOME! I just love car rides! But Mary went down the culd-e-sac because first she had to drop somthing off at our house. And we invited moms twin brother (and our skin brother) Carter to join us! We made our way to the school, but it was a bit early it was three thirty and the kids didn't get back from thier field trip till about four. So Maryland said well lets go get puppy cones! YEAH! So we were off to the outdoor icecream place! Mommy & Brother got these ice cream things but aunt mary got me & josh puppy cones Puppy cones are little ice cream cones wioth vanilla icecream in them! This was our second time having a puppy cone! It was super good! But mum had to wipe off my face because i had ice cream all over it! hehehehehe! Then it was time to pick up the kids! They were so suprised! It was a great day! I got to go for a long car ride, and eat a puppy cone, and be with my family!



June 26th 2007 2:13 pm
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Dear Diary,
Guess what? Well Yesterday mom was sitting on the couch with me & Joshy watching TV and it was around 1:30PM. Mom had given me a bath a couple hours before but i was still a bit wet so she was brushing my hair. All of a sudden the TV went black and the lights went out and there was tis "BOOM" It scared me and Josh out of out fur! Mom (being home alone) went to go talk to the neighbors. Only 3 other neighbors had their power out and it actually turned out our transformer thingy was what caused the power problem that is why we herd a Boom. After a bit it started getting really hot in the house and the oddest thing was when mum let us outside to go potty our pond's water fall wasn't working.
Finnally after a couple of hours the power was on! Thank DOG! It was starting to get darker in the house so me & josh would bark at anything that moved or we thought moved in the house! (BOL)
Well Licks and love to all my pals!


Papa's Day!

June 17th 2007 4:22 pm
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Well today is father''s day, and being a father i am really enjoying this day. See before my loving family adopted me my old owners had another dog (do noit know her name) And well she was very pretty, and before i knew it i was a daddy at only the age of one! Hehehe! I have never been a big fan of pups though but my babes were all right. My mum never got to meet my "wife" and "children" because they got scooped up at the shelter before me.
Well in a hour or two mommy says the entire family including me & Josh get to go to the outside ice cream place! And Joshy & Me get a little vanilla icecream cone! I can not wait! I might come back today and update on how the adventure was. But you can also read Josh's diary when we get back!
Hope everypup is having a great sunday!
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