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My Life As A Bassa-Lasha-Poo

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Vick (!?)

August 27th 2007 7:26 pm
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Well atleast some good has come out of the entire M. Vick Event. It seemed that it opened many peoples eyes to dog fighting and that many poeple still do it! And what is really sad Vick used KITTENS (YES KITTENS) AS BATE!! Well any way the only good thing is that people have really stepped up in helping animals some poeple are going to local animal shelters and bringing thier Vick T-shirts and cleaning dog cages with them! (meaning picking up poop with them!) Hey helping is helping BOL! And do you here about the Chewed up vick cards on E-bay!! A persons dog chewed them up and now at this moment they are going at $7,300.00!!!!!! And the person selling them says she will donate all the money to the animal shelter! I am hoping they follow through and do that! And there is still one more day alot more money could be made for the animal shelter!


mom visisted my shelter today!

August 19th 2007 6:32 pm
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Well today while Mom and her mom Lori were up in Mission KS (wich is not very far at all and were they used to live a few years back) Well after being at the laundry mat for a hour (our dryer is broken at the moment) Mom and Lori decided to take a quick visit to the pet connection. See they got me from pet connection! But "TPC" Used to be in the mission mall but it got torn down this December, so the "TPC" Moved well just down the street to this much bigger biulding! Mom has been wanting to see the new place for a while they have been there since i think Jan.
So Lori and Mom walked in and even ran into one of the people mom has chatted with online through e-mail. The first time mom thanked her for helping her find her baby! And gave her my dogster link the lady said she loved looking at my dogster website her dogs even has a d-ster page :D (I will post her link in a minute) well mom can not wait to volunterr there! You have to be 18+ to work there but about 16+ to volunterr by yourself so mom has to volunterr with her mom for a bit but the lady says she might be able to volunterr anyway! I will keep you updated!



August 18th 2007 6:56 pm
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Well today i played around with Joshy and snuggled with mama. Then i went on about 4 car rides with mom joshy and Lori up to the school because Lori had to move the sprinklers up at the local school because Lori & David help out there with the court yard and all the flowers. Joshy and me would run around the fields while mom watched us and some times ran around with us. My favorite part was the car ride! Of course! And alot of snuggle time today to!
A great saturday if i do say myself!


Less dogster time. Darn.

August 16th 2007 4:10 pm
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Yes it is true. 2morow mom starts school again wich means less dogster time.But i will atleast try to stop by dogster once a day and check my paw-mail so if you need anything send me a paw-mail. And also i would like to thank everypup who has given me a rosette or shall give me one in the future! You guys make me feel like a movie star! THANK YOU!


The smell of brand new pencils.

August 15th 2007 4:28 pm
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Well yesterday mom was helping Lori and skin brother Carter with the school supplies. There were a couple piles one for mom one for carter one for Gracie and one for evan.Gracie & Evan who are in elementry school start 2morow (a half day for them) mom starts school on the 17th.
When i walked in yesterday and saw the piles of stuff i was a bit confused and hid under the coffee table while Joshy sniffed around with a huge smile on his face! I will be sad about the kids and mom not being around as much but i get used to it and kind of like it. More time alone,more sleepy time and more play time with Joshy! And i have missed going on the daily car rides. Because during the school year Lori on her way home from work picks up Gracie & Evan from school then about a hour later it is time to pick up Mommy and Carter. Wich means one thing....CAR RIDE! And almost every school day last year Joshy & Me got to go in the car to pick up Carter and mommy! so much fun!
But it is sad because less dogster time. :(


summer tagged by my pal Max!

August 13th 2007 2:38 pm
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I was summer tagged by-Max Here are the rules!
Here are the rules of the game. Make a diary entry giving 5 pawsome facts about yourself! Choose 5 pals to tag and list them last. Post the rules of the game. Send your pals a pawmail or rosette telling them they have been tagged to play the game. Write 5 facts and tag 5 friends.
And here are the facts on me!~

1)I am a mama's boy.
2)I love to go for walks and car rides.
3)I don't like vacumes at all!
4)I am a proud shelter dog! And i support shelters!
5)Before finding my forever home I had a "wife" and 2 "kids" at my old home.

I tag~
5-Smurphy Murphy



August 4th 2007 5:52 pm
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WOOHOO! Around 2pm today mommy my Lpri and wittle Gracie came home from the lake! YIPEEE! I missed them so much! Now we can catch up on Dogster! and we are so happy to see our bud Kaiser as DOTW!
Bark at ya guys soon.


See ya later mommy!

August 1st 2007 10:29 am
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I will miss ya! Today is the day. Mommy will be leaving with My Lori, and lil skin sister Gracie at around 5pm today and be back either Friday or They may even stay till saturday! But i have had alot o support though. I made a post in plus friendly, and i got some great ideas of sneaking in mom's pack or my new pal Postal came up with a mailman shipping me to the lake house! BOL! And the sweet little bulldog fur babies Lilly & Ringo gave me a great drink rosette!
Well they do have a computer at the lake house but she will probably not have time to get on. So i will see ya guys Friday!
i will miss you all!


Don't Leave Me Mommy!

July 30th 2007 2:29 pm
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On Wednesday around Dinner time, Mommy and my Lori and my lil skin sister Gracie (seven years old) are going to our neighbor & family friend's lake house till Friday Night. And me & Joshy can't come! DARN! So I get to stay home with just,Joshy,My david, and my 2 boys Carter & Evan. But i am going to miss my mommy so much! And with our luck mom says probably while we are gone one of our friends or one of us will be DOTD or somthing and we will miss it!:))!

Mmm anyone have any ideas of how i can slip away in moms pack?!:-k


One year on dogster & Another day with Skin cousins.

July 28th 2007 12:39 pm
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First i shall bark about how today is my one year fursery on dogster! WOOHOO!! It isn't as a big deal as when it was Josh's one year fursery because he was the first pup in our family on dogster and helped us find dogster! But i am still super happy! wow one year! In this whole year i found some great pals! Like Romeo we haven't barked in a while but he is a great pal! Then there is Chester We became pals after we were paired up during the christmas gift exchange her on dogster. He gave some great prezzies! And i adore the toy he gave me and the bandana i wear it all the time!! He is a great pal! Then there is my pal Mrs.Nesbitt we aren't best pals but pals none the less! And my now fur-angel pal Clover
I have many pals but those are just some of them! This has been a great year!
Well last night was a bit better I was more used to sleeping in the skin brothers room. But mom didn't stay up to late. Oooh and mommy says we might beable to go on a big walk today with the cousins up to the park :D If so i will eidt the entry and give some details!

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