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My Life As A Bassa-Lasha-Poo

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Shop Till Ya' Drop!

December 7th 2007 7:30 pm
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Mom,Lori and Josh (I was working on my handsome sleep at home) went to petco after the school was let out. They bought some barkday prezzies I know this for sure they also bought some wonderful stuff for my best buddie Tillers! She is going to love the presents!


Snowy days........

December 6th 2007 6:47 pm
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Snow snow snow. It snowed all day but it will porbably all be gone by staturday then all be back times 10 on Monday BOL! But i played and played w/ joshy in the fuzzy cold white mounds. We made our run paths and I was covered in snow balls by the time I cam in. Hey maybe it will snow on my barkday? You kniw it's on Sunday ;)


Coolest pet contest finalists listed!

December 5th 2007 6:09 pm
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And sad to say my beloved pal Tillie did not win. But Dazzle won best in show! Woot congrats Dazzle and gongrats to all the winners!
But our good catster pal Gordy won best in show!
Well hugs to all!



November 21st 2007 1:10 pm
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Hi Pals! First of all I cannot wait tomorow is thanksgiving! I am definatly thankful for my good pal Tillie. And guess what?! Tillie is a finalist in the world's coolest pet contest here on dogster!!
Here is the link to vote for best in show. If you scroll down and go into the working dog section you will soon see a photo of Tillie herding a big huge angry cow! She isn't the biggest pup in the world and the cow is H.U.G.E! But she is a tough girl! Tillie is one of the sweetest pups ever! And even if she doesn't win best in show i think she should win working dog but if she doesn't win at all she is going to always be a star in my eyes!

(Here is Tillie's dogter page)


Happy Birthday Mommy!

November 6th 2007 6:47 am
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Today is my mommy's Birthday! And my human brother's b-day! (they are twins)I gave mom extra sloppy kisses this morning! But she didn't seem that happy though on the count of it was6am! BOL! Mom also has a late start day so she doesn't have to go to the that one smelly place for another hour! Well being the mama's boy I am I shall give mama extra extra love! Happy B-day Mama! Oh and hooman brother Carter to!


Halloween Contest At Petco

October 27th 2007 7:53 pm
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This morning was horrible.I had to have a bath.Josh actaully kind of enjoyed it! Because mom was in the bath tub (well we had a shower) with us so she could bathe us faster. I hated it; I dislike anything with water that does not invilve drinking it! (BOL) After our shower mom brushed me and used this wierd thing called a "Blow dryer" (she has used it before on me) Because It takes about 3 hours for my wet hair to dry! (BOL)
Then around Two In the Afternoon Joshy,Mom,Lori, and my little human boy Evan --10yrs--, and Me packed into the car. We were going to petco (we live about five minutes away from it) We parked and mom and Lori put my Giraffe costume on and Joshy's pirate costume on. It was a Howl-O-Weenn costume contest! There was some very very very tough compatition! All of the people were so Friendly & sweet and the animals so adorable and nice. There was even a black cat dressed as a witch! I wnated that cat. But I was actaully fairly okay. I only growled ONCE at a bulldog pup when he got a bit to close.
Well everyone adored my costume! But i didn't win. Wich was A-okay! I got a big bag of howloween treets (Joshy got one to!) Lots of coupons off toys & bones, and i got my picture taken, and oh so much love!
It was a good day.

P.s I might have not won but my good pal Tillie won first place at her petco! Congrats Tills!


Got My Pawsome Prezzies From Tillie Today!!

October 17th 2007 6:44 pm
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Today when mom got home around 3:45pm after being home for a bit it was still very stromy and rainy outside. But mom went to get the mail and there sitting ontop of one of our pumpkins was a soggy package.-by then it was probably four BOL ;)- (Not to soggy because there is a little roof on our porch but still soggy BOL) Okay anyway, i saw mom bring it in and i did a bid ol' happy dance! And while she took what seemed forever to open it i kept sneezing (wich means I was happy and could not wait!)
Well here is what pawsome stuff Tillie sent me all the way from CA-
*A bag of healthy yummy dog treats (mom says i have to share with Josh!)
*A cow hoof field with yummy stuff!!! (because Tillie gets to go to her grandpas farm and herd cattle she wanted me to see what one smelt like so she bought me that yummy goodie!!)
*A wich Halloween Loofa Dog!!! Yeah! A orange Bobo to match my Green Bobo Gogo! (BOL)
*And A pawsome wittle Orange bandana with ghosts and bats it also glows in the dark! (super cool!!) And Mom says i look just oh so adorable in it!

Well I sent Tillies prezzies Monday so hopefully she will get them soon!! I can not wait till she gets them! I hope she likes the prezzies because i adore the ones she gave me! (The cow hoof with the yummy stuff in it is long gone) BOL!!
Kansas Kisses


Got My Prizes From Tetsuya today!

October 12th 2007 10:50 am
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Well today around 12:30 in the afternoon my Lori came down with a package that she got from the mailman. Mom jumped up form her seat by the computer. She thought at first it was my exchange pal Tillie and felt bad that we have not sent ours out yet. Then she called me down and i did a huge happy dance! Because yesterday,Joshy got a big envolope filled with goodies (mommy let me have some to) from his beloved pal Hershey. So i knew there was some good stuff in this package. Mom opened and gave a big "awwwww" I jumped around to see what it was and it was a squeaky fat yellow ducky! To cute! Mom squeaked it and i bit its nose! hehehe! But i smelled treats and explored the box while mom showed Lori the ducky. And mom turned around right in time before I got a hold of the treats. They were yummy yummy treats. And to tell ya the truth mom didn't know it was from Tetsuya until she read the note on the treats *blush* sry Tet. But then she remebered Tetsu picked me as the winner for his contest splish splash! (He also gave me a pawsome star)
Well the treats were awsome but mom only let me and Josh have one for now! NO FAIR!
Thank you very much Tet you rock my little shiba buddy!
Murph Man Hugs


Steve Irwin Memorial day.

September 4th 2007 6:59 pm
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Today is the one year mark steve irwin became a angel. How sad. It doens't even feel like he is gone, but that is true because he is not. He lives forever in our hearts and minds and always will. He saved so many lives of animals and inspired so many people. Man how we miss him. But me and my family know we will meet him at the rainbow bridge.


Bassa-Lasha-poos are not made for swimming!

September 1st 2007 4:06 pm
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I tried to tell that to mom this morning before she made me go into our man made pond! She wanted to see how well i did because that would probably be the only time i would get to swim in the pond it is not made for swimming!! Well i kinda sunk mom had me on a leash but in the deeper parts she had to hold my tail because my butt would sink all the way down! I swam for a bit then got out and she gave me and josh a bath with the hose. Josh was done first and mom put him on the porch to dry while i got my shampoo rubbed in. Then i herd this odd barking and I saw Josh cock his head then i gave a few sharp barks mom laughed. Both her and Josh knew who it was but i didn't!! Then the sliding door opened and Grandpa Jim walked onto the backporch and Joshy did his wiggle but dance and "talked" to him. I gave a few little barks to let mom know that i wanted to see grandpa! But i still had to finnish my bath!
But grandpa stayed for a while it was great! Oh and mom lost the bet she thought that i would be able to swim i kinda could but mostly i needed help David thought that atleast half of me would sink! HE WAS RIGHT!
Well what a day! I am sitting under mom's chair snoozing the day away as she does her thing on the computer!
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