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My Life As A Bassa-Lasha-Poo

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Petconnection! & Bawsley!?

January 13th 2008 6:31 pm
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Mommy was a the animal shelter for a good while yesterday! She and Lori were at Petconnection (yes the shelter I came from! WOOT!)
They donated some old rugs some old blankets, some home-made pup treats, some Dingo rawhide meaty chews and a thing of kitty toys that mummy got from the local super store.She also took photos of some of the adoptable dogs & cats so they can post the photos on petfinder.It was pawsome!Then later that day Bawsley a male older boxer who seems to always wander from his house came over for the second time ever. (he came over one in the summer). We did a bit of digging and found were he lives, the next street behind us but his owners were not home.It was freeeeeeeeeeezing out and he didn't have a fully fenced yard. So we left a note with phone # and adress and took Bawsley Back to our house.He ended up staying the night in our heated backporch.He was a very gooooooood dog (says mommy, I wanted nothing to do with the goof!)It turned out his pawrents worked late and came home late and since it was very late they saw the note but didn't want to wake anyone and such.So they picked him up around 8:30am or so.
Well I have been a very tired pooch So I am off to chew up my bone and sleep tell the sun shines!


Family, lovin

January 5th 2008 8:07 pm
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It was a good day! Around 2:30 in the afternoon, Grandpa Jim came over.(The grandpaw that used to own Joshy) I was happy too see him, like always. Mommy told me some of the other family member's on Lori's side were coming over today.I should have known, the David bought all this food from the store and lots of it was on platters. It was a great day. I got some lovin, and scraps of food here and there, and now I am snoozin away.Well actaully not at the moment, I am off to chew on my beloved bone!Well Nighty Night!


2008 Baby!

January 1st 2008 1:28 pm
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Happy New Year! This year I wasn't even that afraid Of the fireworks! Well any who this year I want to help many shelter pups. Like Sammy who is my adoptale pal of the week! Sorry it is a bit late been, busy busy busy. Well wittle Sammy is a sweet 4 month old Chi who cannot wait to have a forever home, a family to snuggle with someone to love forever and ever.Well I hope you all had a great new year well so far! (BOL) Well I have to hop along, bark with you all later!
-Little Man


I had a barktacular woofmas!!

December 26th 2007 6:53 pm
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I sure had a great woofmas, thats for sure. Santa stuffed my stocking (well I share "my' stocking with Joshy but you get the point) with goodies for both me and the white "boy". We each got a little baggy from land of paws with a rawhide bone in the shape of a candy cane (which I really am enjoying at this very second!) and a tummy twirling, dog biscuit. It was fat one that looked like a milk bone biscuit but it was dark bigger, and it had special doggy icing (three diffrent colors! red,white and green. Mmmm) And it even had special sprinkles! I sure enjoyed that, mom took a video of me enjoying it and a few GREAT photos of me in the snow with her Brand new camera that she simply adores like crazy! (woot) but it went crazy later that day and all the pcitures went "POOF!" :(
But she is still taking some of me so I should have some new photos up soon :)
Any woof I also got a busy bone for woofmas too! After the huamsn left around 11am to the human uncle's house for about 5hours Josh & Me were able to enjoy our yummy delight. And one last present that totally shocked our entire furmily that santa paws gave us was a gold colored pair of....DOGGLES! Woot! Thanks Santa. Mom says I look way too adorable in them! Well I sure had a pawsome barkmas, that is a 100% sure. *yawn* well I am going to go snuggle then hit the sack and sleep with my new stuffie bud Thorton that my beloved pal Tillie gave too me! Thanks Again Tillers.
-A Very Content Murph Man!



December 24th 2007 7:11 pm
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Santa Paws is coming tonight! WOOT WOOT WOOT! I cannot wait okay so I am off to chew on my old bone to keep me busy until the big guy comes. :D


My adoptable Pal Of this week: Jullian A handsome pitty mix

December 23rd 2007 9:26 am
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This week I have Jullian as my adoptable buddy of the week! I hope he finds his home very soon. He has been searching for a home for a year! He is a year old staffy/pittie mix who lives in Texas and really wants a forever home. Can you help this baby boy?



December 20th 2007 8:22 pm
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I sent out my package for Tillers today! The mail dude told mommy it will be at her house right before woofmas! I really wish mommywasn't out all day. But she was, she was shopping and running erands for HOURS with the Lori. She didn't even have time to load my new woofmas photos! Eeeek they won't get loaded in time! They are MUCH better than the other ones. And I need to load my new photos with "Thorton!" oh speaking of Thorton tillie adored the name Thorton for my little fluffy dude!
*yawn* well i better get into bed because i might want to get up early to do well lots of things! (BOL)


I got a package today from Tillie!!

December 19th 2007 7:23 pm
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Today when mom got home she saw a huge backage on the dinning room table and saw it was from the pawsome Tillie! And even though Joshy has 2 packages I didn't care this one was for me! From the one and only Tillers! Mom turned into a small child once more and after water 15 minutes (BOL) she opened it! I was really interested in the bag of treats, shaped like ornaments, barkmas trees and such. But the big thing was the big huge adorable FLUFFY Stuffed sheepdog! It could even velcro around you waist arms or both! Mom even helped me name it (after I had a few treats, mom ran through a few names and took some photos) we came up with the name.........Thorton! Don't you just love it??
Well mom has been working like crazy and has been sick :( so Tillie's package will be sent out tomrow and will be late *whimpers* sorry Tillie.
Love you all!
A happy boy with his new bud Thorton!



December 9th 2007 5:52 pm
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Wow I have had a grrrreat barkday! Not only is it my barkday it is my 4th gotcha day anifursary! I had my special dinner just a little bit ago! It was my normal dog food with some cottage cheese, alot of shreds of cheese, a carrot in the middle, and a few soft squishy noodles and a bit of broth! OMD IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I just opened my paresents. I don't need much just the other day i was playing and batting around a pumpkin eraser! Here is what I got-
**2 bones (JUST WHAT I WANTED!)
**A squeaky candy cane!
**Lots of treats
**And a hand-me-down doggy raincoat! (It used to be rosie's! Thank you angel rosie!)
And I cannot even say enough thank yous to the sweeties who sent me happy barkday paw-mails, rosettes, special gifts ect. THANK THANK THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
I had such a great day. I am now taking a nap with my family, I am one blessed boy!


One more day Till me 5th Barkday and 4th Gotcha day!

December 8th 2007 10:38 am
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Mom cannot even believe that tormow it will be four years that I have faithfully been by her side! I wuff my furmily so much and cannot believe I am five years old! Well I also decided to update my adoptable pal of the week (In hopes to keep my mind off were my barkday prezzies are! BOL)
Meet Zukey my adoptable pal of the week! She is a three year old beautiful pittie princess who is looking for a forever home! Zukey also has three legs! What a special girl!Don't be afraid she is a pitbull she is SUCH a love bug. And wouldn't hurt anything but a toy! Now help this beautiful girl find her forever home by visiting her page, who knows you could find your one true love!

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