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The life of a little Dachshund!

I got caught by a "sticky rat trap"!, OMD!!!

June 14th 2007 8:03 am
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Yesterday, my Sis & I were outside with our mommy ALL day. Mommy was cleaning the yard(whatever that means!) and we were chasing the chipmunks! I only want to play with them & don't understand why they don't want to play back?? Well, we chased one right up our neighbors tree and OMD, I got caught! I stepped on something "Sticky". I kept shaking my paw & it wouldn't come off! I finally had to come limping back to mom to show her what trouble i got into :-( !
Mom was like OMD, Bay what happened to you! Luckily, she was able to "untrap" me. She had to use fingernail polish remover to get the glue off my paw (per the vet) then wash my paw to get the polish remover off!
What a day, i got trapped! (thank-goodness it wasn't the really bad kind of traps with the claws!) After that happened, we stayed away from that yard! We couldn't help ourselves though the chippy was in our yard & we chased it up their tree, not even thinking we were "invading" their territory.
What a tough way to learn a lesson!


Mommy says I was naughty, but I still got pizza crust-he,he

August 6th 2006 6:07 pm
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My mommy took my sister & I to get pizza. We love it when that happens cause we get the crust. When she was in the pizza store, I guess that's when I was naughty or so she says. Right there in front of my eyes (well okay they were tucked under the arm rest) was a stack of napkins. My mommy is soo neat & clean, i guess that's why she had them there. Well in a matter of 5 minutes, I tore them babies up! Boy was that fun, shredded paper napkins EVERYWHERE. For some reason mommy knew it was me, like no the Queen Meadow could never do that(okay she doesn't,I'm the only one that does). So mean while mommy was picking up paper, I was watching the pizza. Why do they put it in that hard cardboard box? All I wanted was the crust cause I've never tasted the "innards" before. Then mommy said I was in double trouble when she seen me biting the box! She must have memory loss though cause I still got the crust when we got home. uuhhhmmm good stuff. If any one needs a paper shredder doggie, I'm the go to dog. I can get paper into the tiniest, tiniest little bits of peices, nobody will be able to read that baby when I'm done with it! I learned from watching mommys shredder(but I do it better!).


My Tail of Devotion for Bailey

July 10th 2006 7:03 pm
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Bailey, you helped us so much by easing our pain of loosing Tex. Because of that we promise to show you the best life a dog could ever have. Whatever & whenever you need you will get it & it will be the best. Thank you for coming into our lives & stealing our hearts. Love mommy, daddy & Meadow.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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thank goodness for mommy, daddy & meadow

July 7th 2006 5:56 pm
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whew-saved in the nick of time! They were going to put me in a welphing cage to churn out babies all my SHORT life. It would have been a short life because I ended up with cysts on my ovaries so thank goodness I was spayed. Mom & Dad had to because if I got pregnant they would have had to keep all of my puppies because they would be too cute. I think the only human contact I got when when it was feeding time or time to hurt me with those darn puppy shots. Boy was I scared in my new home, I hid on my mom & dad any where I could find to hide. I am 3 years old now and I am trusting them better now but it's still hard to erase those memories. Oh my I do love my sister, Meadow. She showed me that mom & dad are the greatest.

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