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Gracie sweet Gracie

Another note from Gracie's adoptive Mommy

May 19th 2007 8:15 am
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This is an update on Gracie from her new Mommy!!! She is a very lucky girl!!! We are soooo happy for her!

.......just checking in with you. Gracie is fine, doing great as a matter of fact! She & Macy have really hit, it off, the last couple of days they've really been playing & playing together. In fact, they're at my feet right now, just rolling & playing. Noow when I come in from work, I also have to take them for a ride, n addition to the ride Bill gives them, but they're not catered to, not at all! So, things are going well here, hope its the same with you. If you want to check on her, just send me an e-mail anytime & I'll reply. Thanks for the great little girl! Gracie sends kisses! Sheryl


It finally happened!!

May 1st 2007 7:25 pm
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I have finally found my furever home!!! My new Mommy is Miss Sheryl and I have a new fursister named Macy! I have a new Daddy who will be at home with us a lot while our Mom works. She says we will go for lots of car rides and she only has doggies to be a part of the family...that's me allright!!!
I will miss all of my old family and I know they miss me too but, I wiil get the attention I deserve Mom Debra says and that's a good thing!


I'm sneaky like a fox!

August 28th 2006 9:49 am
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Yesterday when Mommy had to take Daddy to work I was able to sneak out the door so I was going to go with them. However.......when everyone else saw me getting in the car they all freaked out so, Mom went and got them and we all piled in the car!! It took a few minutes for everyone to get in and get comfy cuz Tramp is scared to go in the car and Layla snarls at us if we touch her and Murphy wants to sit on top of Daddy! Mommy lost the keys between the time we went outside till the time we tried to go....and Daddy was getting aggravated....Mommy was laughing really hard. Turns out Daddy had the keys in HIS pocket the whole time! So total chaos but, we got cheeseburgers at Wendy's again because that's where Daddy parks his truck when he comes home...yippee!


Have no fear Gracie's here

July 6th 2006 9:04 pm
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Ok, I have one fear...the vet but, I think that's it. Otherwise I'm pretty happy go lucky. Ya know lifes too short. Girls just wanna have fun! I love to play with my brother Tramp mostly cuz we're closest to the same size but, we all play A LOT! I like to jump on top of everyone then take off running! Mommy says I'm a little instigator...huh?? Is that a bad thing? It's a good thing I'm so pretty...that's how I won Daddy's heart! He found me in the woods and I was sooo hungry! He called Mommy at work and asked her if one more dog was OK...I was #3 and of course she said sure...she's a softy. I was kind a pesky at first but, my charm grew on them and now they can't walk by me without petting me or giving me kisses! Boy am I lucky...well, I better rest up there are still shoes left in the closet and ankles left to nip!

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