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Willey Tuckers Life And Times!!

The Story So Far!!

November 18th 2009 8:28 pm
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I want to Thank You all for all the prayers and gifts, I thought I would let you all know what happened to me..

Well Mom and Dad have been remodeling our house all Summer... they removed the carpet in the whole house, we didn't like that at all you see under our carpet we have concrete :(

I was sitting on the sofa in the family room watching them(which is very interesting to start with) they both think they know more then the other!!!!! so it was not purty BOL

well the door bell rang and that's my signal to go into action to protect Mom and Dad :O I immediately jumped from the sofa to the coffee table and slid all the way across and landed on my right knee on the concrete, I did yelp but got up and ran on to the door to make sure no one was gonna bother my Mom, Dad or Bear!!

Everything was ok for a couple days then Mom and Dad noticed I was limping :O
they told the Dr what happened and he say it was probably an abrasion and we should watch it!

2 weeks later
I am now holding my hind leg up when I walk and not as active as I was..
Back to the Dr I go......... I would tense up when Dr Yancy tried to check my leg so he told Mom we are gonna have to sedate him so we can see :O yikes

they gave me a shot and that's all I remember ?????

the Dr showed Mom what was wrong with my leg and gave her options of what he can do!! Mom choose this one :(

Click here to see what they will do to my Leg

So the Dr took Mom back where I was waiting for her, only I was still sleeping, Melissa said she would give me a wake up shot :) she did and as soon as she did that Mom said I started to have a Seizure and of course Mom started crying and Dr and helpers grabs me and takes me in another room, Mom don't know what they did there cause they made her stay out, she didn't like that.. well in a few minutes they brought me out and I saw Mom and started licking her.. she grabbed me and held me tight and told them (DONT DO THAT AGAIN)

OK so now I gotta take pain med's and inflammation med's until Monday.. I have to be at the hospital by 8 am Monday so please keep me in mind, I think it will be ok!! but Mom is scared to death :( Love you all and Thank You for all your kind pmails, gifts and candles

Hugs and Licks
Wills and Momma

Barked by: Checkers 1994-2009 (Dogster Member)

November 20th 2009 at 7:13 pm

I am watching over you, Willey.

Sending you and mom tons of PoP.

xoxo ~ Checkers
Barked by: WRIGLEY (Dogster Member)

November 24th 2009 at 5:19 pm

Get well soon little buddy and be more careful. Sometimes we think we're indestructible, but we're not. You should be more careful so as not to worry your parents as much. They really love you. Our prayers are with you. Big Husky Hug.


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