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Willey Tuckers Life And Times!!

July 18th 2007 8:55 pm
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Doggie Love Tag Game
July 18th 2007
Here's where ya pick three good pups ya like and tell why. I got tagged by Skye

I'm taggin Harley, Odie and Rex . I have to tell about why they're great and then send them a message to tell them they're tagged next...(and to read my diary fur the rules) Oh yeah..or send a rosette .

1.Harley is a kind and caring gentleman! he has nice things to say to all, he is
very helpful, and very funny, he makes me smile, and sometimes LOL
Harley is a very good pal indeed, and i am glad he is my pal!!

2.Odie is my gurl, she is sweet and vary smart, she is always there fur me anytime i want, me loves me Odie!!

3. Rex is a good friend fur sure, he always comes through fur me no matter what i ask him to do, he is vary dedicated and vary smart!!!

You are all great!


~~*Willey Tucker MMS*~~


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