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hot time in the summer

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july 26, 2006

July 26th 2006 7:49 pm
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hello i bet you guys thought i forgot you. I did not forget. I have just been to hot to write. Odie say she can not sleep because it is so hot. I never sleep so i do not have this problem. Nobody wants to come out and play with me i am so lonely. I keep looking out the window for a playmate but no one shows up.
I tried to play with odie but she started to tease me saying my teeth are yellow. I am a man guys always have dirty teeth its manly. Pretty white teeth is a female thing. Ladies always have to be nice and clean. I have to go pretty soon and roll in the mud or dirt to get more smelly. bye maxi


july 23, 2006

July 23rd 2006 7:46 pm
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I was so scared i did something very bad. Everybody was yelling at me. I could not help it i started to cry and tears started to come out. I did not mean to almost get stuck in the water. I was so hot i wanted a drink of water and slipped in head first. odie was jumping up and down. I will not do that again. It to hot to go outside so i get bored inside watching everybody sleeping. Grandpa sleeping on the bed and grandma sleeping on the couch snoring away. Looking at everybody sleeping makes me want to sleep. Good night maxi


july 20 2006

July 20th 2006 9:48 pm
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Jump,jump,jumping maxi here. Iam jumping for joy grandma is coming home.Iam jumping for joy because my best pal david and allison.I dont know if i am jumping for joy or to much sugar in me. oh no i jump to closed to odie she is giving me a dirty look i hope i do not pee on myself again. I was so happy no minute and now i am becoming sad the next. Odie said she is sorry and looked at me with those big brown eyes. I looked into those eyes and could not be mad at her anymore. I am so tried and exhasted from jumping around and need to go to sleep. Where is my bed someone moved it. Oh there it is i thought for a minute someone threw it out. What a relief i was getting upset for awhile. Now i am going to bed. Have a good night.
Bye from maxi pad the jumping jack russell


July l8, 2006

July 18th 2006 10:24 pm
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Guess what odie just told me grandma is coming home real soon. I finally will get to have someone to sleep with me. I have been so scared in the night time with nobody to protect me. I know what you are thinking odie will protect you yeh right odie could sleep through a mass earthquake and not even move. I heard that my human cousins and auntie are coming tomorrow too. Two good news in one day. I will have someone to play with me and make mud for me to play in. It has been so hot the cold mud will feel so good. I wonder if they will let me sleep with them I promise i will not snore. I better go now i got to find the cat to give me a bath so i can look my best will everybody comes over. Bye Maxi


july l6. 2006

July 16th 2006 5:16 pm
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odie is complaining how hot it is outside try being me black on top and no hair underneath. It much be ll5 degree for me. At least we are inside were it is cool. I have a kong ball but nobody to throw it for me. It is so hot noboby wants to play. odie was eating fry hamburger meat with no seasoning that was so tasteless. I got some with spagetti sauce on it was much better. She was barking away in her sleep. Her eyes where moving funny and her feet were moving. Maybe the boy dogs were trying to get away from her. They got scared of her. Oh hear comes the cat and the next door cat two cats to play with oh right. Got to go now and chase the cats. bye maxi pad


july 15 2006

July 15th 2006 12:10 pm
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see odie diary for july 15 2006


july l3, 2006

July 13th 2006 5:25 pm
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I did not eat all your milkbones odie. Oh hi there sorry i forgot you guys where there. Odie thinks i took all her milkbones I only took a couple i did not think she would miss them she has so many. I told her she can check my poop to see if i ate them or not. She said she is going on a cat poop or earthworm hunt. I never did not those things but looking and watching her eat them i aquired a taste for them too. They are not to bad. The best part is to roll on the dead earthworm until they are really squashed them eat them. I heard we might get a new couch for odie and me to sleep on. I can hardly wait maybe odie will not like it and i can have the whole couch for myself. No odie it will not be pink with princess on it you have you blanket that is enough. Gosh i do not have anytime that has a maxi pad on it and is red. I think i should get to have the couch the way i want this time. I wonder where i can get a big picture of a maxi pad to put on it. I go to go now i am on a mission to find a picture. Bye maxi


july 12.2006

July 12th 2006 9:36 pm
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happy i am so happy my mommy went to the store and came back with a toy for me and odie. I got a kong ball and she got a moose. Now that odie what to sleep i have two new toys. When she decides to wake up 2 days from now she would have forgotten about the toy. She was a wild women this morning i was so happy to have someone to play with but she was playing to rough she knock me down. the cat is nicer to play with and after he plays with me he gives me a bath. After odie get tried of playing with me she bites me. When this happens i can not help but cry and than i have an accident. She always said she sorry and gives me a kiss afterwards. Better go to bed now. maxi


july ll, 2006

July 11th 2006 5:15 pm
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Has anyone seen odie did she run away? Oh hi there. Odie has been seen all day. I found her odie are you going to get up. She thought it was early in the morning but its nighttime. She slept the whole day away again. What a life.
She looks so hot wrapped up in the blanket she said she is freezing. it only l00 degrees outside. She did not even get to go to the bathroom. She is going to have an accident it the bed. It will be a big flood of yellow water. Get up all ready you will not be able to sleep tonight. She said she is going to sleep until tomorrow moring. Nobody wants to play with me the cat is sleeping to. I guess i will just go chase my tail around and around. got to go now. maxi


july 9, 2006

July 9th 2006 9:23 pm
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It the big maxi pad here. Odie is being mean today she said i stink just because i rolled in dead earthworms. I think i smell wonderful. She is making fun of my name she said it is named after a ladys personal protection product is it really. i do not think it is. odie stop it you are going to make to sad and i am going to start to cry. I have been nice to you all day. I even showed where the dead earthworms were so you could roll in them or eat them. You did not want to do that because you to busying flirting with the boys. Where is the cat here kitty kitty oh i forgot the cat is deaf and can not hear me. When i find him i will ask him about my name my be he will give me a bath so i can smell like a fishy worm. odie will really like that. While i got to go on a mission to find the cat. Bye maxi pad

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