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hot time in the summer


June 19th 2012 8:42 pm
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I am truly blessed for being adopted into a kind loving family.The decision was made by my momma, grandma, and my late aunt to get another sibling for Odie because she was having emotional issues. They say the day i came into there life was the day everything changed i am a very active pup and still am. They recuse me from a man that had me in a small cage for 2 months up high on a table first person i say was my late auntie looking at my goofy big head and funny black eyes. She told my momma we are not leaving here without him but my momma did not have enough money to pay for what the man wanted so my late auntie said do not worry and paid the rest of the money. She save me from the life of saddness i would of face if i had not been adopted. Thank you Auntie Irene you are my angel now in heaven. I want to make sure that when it is time for each and everyone of you to adopt a pet please go to the shelters and recuse and adopt a pet. Look in those eyes of those shelter pups and kitties they have so much love to give too you. Just as my aunt in heaven look into my eyes and seen the love i had to give to my family. . My momma has a big heart of gold just like my late aunt she will go without to make sure me and my sister odie and my cat brother ernie have everything we want in life. I am truly blessed and thankful they took the time to adopt that big head goofy looking dog. I am also proud of my real name even if some say it is not a good name MAXI PAD was given to me by my late aunt so i wear it with pride.
Please every pet deserves a chance at a lovely forever home too just like i have too.


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