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Tails from the House of Pug: Irving & Maxwell

I Found It!! I Really Found It!! Mr. Ball is in safe and- loving paws at last....

June 17th 2007 9:03 pm
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Just look at the picture on my page and you will see--- I found Mr. Ball after three years missing!!! As you know, Mr. Ball was the first toy I ever got when 'da mom rescued me and the only toy I have ever loved and been posessive over. Before I got a baby sister and then Maxwell Mr. Ball had to travel with us everywhere and I wouldn't let it out of my sight. My beagle cousins would pick it up and squeak it at me but they new better to use their teeth to destroy it-- they did it just to get my goat, and unfortunately, they got my goat pretty often. Anyway, it was three years ago exactly when Mr. Ball disappeared. We looked high, we looked low, we looked everywhere for new Mr. Balls- our friends at dogster looked for new Mr. Balls too- Miss Birdie sent us two very adequate balls but they weren't Mr. Ball, and Pudge thought he found on once, but it wasn't..., we looked in the weirdest of places, and every crevice we could get our paws in. We even looked under 'da mom's massive bed with the 18" mattress she got three years ago.... but no Mr. Ball was to be found. Well, on Friday 'da mom got new sheets for the bed; she thought a pretty midnight blue color would complement the pug hair on the bed nicely. As she was tucking the top sheet into the footend between the footboard and the mattress-- an awkward angle at best, she felt something with the tip of her finger. She did her best to hoist the mattress up a couple of inches and get her other hand down there and WOWSA!!! She pulled out Mr. Ball!!! We had been sleeping on it ever since the Marshall Fields Deliverymen delivered and set-up her new bed three years ago-- THEY trapped Mr. Ball! Needless to say Mr. Ball was squashed flat-- cause he already had a couple of holes in him before his ordeal, but 'da mom stuck her finger in him and started pushing out the sides trying to make it somewhat ball shaped. I came down the hallway and was standing in the bedroom doorway when I saw it!! My heart pounded faster as it swelled with joy- I came running across the room to 'da mom and demanded she give me my Mr. Ball-- Oh, it felt so good to have him in my mouth again. Maxwell tried to see what the big deal was and take him but I wouldn't let him. 'da mom just kind of looked at me dumbfounded cause here I was across the room, looking at a ball that didn't really resemble what it used to look like, having not seen it in three years and yet-- I knew immediately it was my best friend, Mr. Ball. I have been enjoying the company of Mr. Ball all weekend, just the peace of knowing my best friend is safe and will forever be with me. Mr. Ball doesn't squeak anymore, or bounce, or stay round for that matter-- but it doesn't matter to me, cause my Mr. Ball is my friend.

Thank you to all my good friends who looked for Mr. Ball...... my gratitude knows no boundaries.


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