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MY LIFE IN SUNNY endless Magical Mystery Tour!

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after all these years

July 19th 2013 4:08 pm
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First time I have looked through the videos and photos in a very very long time. I suppose it is why I don't return here very often. Sad memories of our beloved dogs. Great memories of Jake and the dogs and life as it was so awesome in Southern California. I shall return though. LALO too.


Pita's Birthday

March 19th 2012 10:10 pm
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A few of Pita's friends were thoughtful enough to send a rosette and birthday comment. I am very touched that Pita is still remembered by others. You all know how very very important and in love I was with that dog therefore anytime someone reminds or remembers her I am truly deeply touched. Thank you on her behalf. Bob and Lalo


From Pita's family to all who remembered and commented

May 28th 2011 11:58 am
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We wanted to so very much thank you all for your kind words, rainbows, angel wings and thoughts. We miss her dearly but will live on in our memories. We are thinking of writing a book about her extraordinary life and adventures over the past 15 years. Absolutely will keep all posted. Again from our hearts, thank you for your support and outpouring of love...Pita's family


A Tribute to Pita - January 6, 1995 - May 27, 2011

May 26th 2011 10:26 pm
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Pita January 6, 1995 - May 27, 2011

For Jacob, family friends and all who have ever known our beloved Pita, this by far is the hardest thing I have had to do. Altough I have buried family members over the recent years and our two other dogs,LAYLA and TEDDY; our Pita was never separated from us by years and miles. She has been a constant, at our side for the past fifteen years.
Briefly, Pita has achieved more in her life span than most dogs that I know. From the day that she wrapped her leash around my legs and plopped her bottom on my feet in San Diego, fifteen years, ago, we have been inseparable. During her life, she achieved the Agility Course, been certified by the State of California as a Medical Assistance Dog, having been my life saver on more than one occasion, been on the front page of newspapers telling of her unique and unusual abilities, Received the Canine Good Citizen Award from the American Kennel Club, traveled extensively from California to Florida, Texas where she and I met our partner Jacob who has been with Pita for these past ten years.
She has eaten at 5 star restaurants with us, been to all the major film studios in Hollywood, even the Los Angeles Opera where she met and photographed with Placido Domingo having a 5th row seat to observe the opera.
She has rubbed shoulders with famous TV and Film stars, befriended thousands of dogs and their guardians, from around the world, on her personal site Dogster.
I was recently asked why I obsess over her so much because after all she is just a dog.
The answer is quite simple, over the years that we have been together she was so much more.
Guardian, protector, best friend who has been completely loyal, loving, forgiving, trusting and all of this was unconditional. Both Jacob and myself have learned very valuable lessons from Pita. She is so much more than "just a dog". She is sentient, has feelings, memories, is self aware, an incredible memory and to paraphrase William Shatner, in all of our years and all of our travels together, she was the most Human".
I do not believe I have ever run across anyone that did not fall in love with her almost immediately upon meeting and her gentleness and loving, nurturing nature made it so easy to love her unconditionally.
Mark Twain once said that "If there are no dogs in heaven, than when I die, I want to go where our dogs go." I agree.
Pita is going on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge where she will be welcomed by all who have gone their before her. Her in life friends, Layla, Teddy, Taya and so very many more will be there with that first biscuit and grand tour where they will romp together awaiting the arrival of their guardians.
Although I am profoundly sad today, I will continue on know that one day we shall meet again. Finally I do know that so long as we keep Pita in our hearts and memories, she will remain alive and be a strength for us to continue on.
She will now be our guardians from afar.
I thank all who have met Pita for your devotion, love and friendship of Pita. On behalf of Jacob and myself and Pita, our love to you all and thank you for being our friends.


After a quiet time...Jacob had a birthday and Lalo had fun- with us....

August 17th 2010 5:41 am
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So it HAS been a long time since we wrote last on DOGSTER.COM however it was for a good reason. Daddy had some very serious things to deal with and had to leave us with daddy Jake and go to Michigan to eulogize his mom and have a European style "party" afterward.
I hear it was something wonderful and although daddy was an idiot and forgot his camera, his last brother did take a few pictures which he is sending our way. They will be up when they arrive;
And now down to the business at hand - JACOB had his 28th birthday and we secretly threw him a party. We are attaching some photos on MY page as well as Lalo's. When you guys check out Lalo's page, note that he thinks this dinner and such is ALL FOR HIM! Meantime, Jake and Bob had a wonderful time and spend a lot of quality time together, and Jake did have his bestest friends show up and get him loaded and presents did abound.
We think that the life of the party was John and his wife Jennifer as they did keep up in a barrel of laughs and John certainly had some great and fun stories about their past.
My daddy says that he remembers those days and kinda wishes that they were back. Pictures to follow and we hope that you like them. (By the bye: the little white doggie (on Bob;s lap is the ladies dog and HE is way cool.
So now if you look at the photos - here we go!


Daddy is back from Michigan....Hooray

July 31st 2010 4:54 am
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Bob had to go to Michigan to bury his mom and put her urn in the cremation garden. It was a wonderful and heartfelt affair we hear. Dad said that over 100 of his mom's friends were there and his Eulogy touched the many. We had to stay behind this time because of the occasion and the fact that Bob was flying in and out within 3 days. I don't think he likes Detroit too much. BUT, he met up with his remaining brother and sister and nephew and they really did this service up right. My dad's family was proud and dad was pleased with the turn out. Bob says that he was silent for some time because he was mourning and was working on the right words for the eulogy. Now that the closure is done, daddy promises to get back on Dogster and tell all about our various exploits around the desert and our future plans. Jake missed him terribly while he was gone and so did we. In fact, Lalo knocked him over when he walked in the door during his greeting but that was good. I being a little slower just licked him to pieces and of course Jake just gave a lot of love.
So that is about it for now and know that we will be back on a regular basis to talk about our adventures and hope that you all continue to read them. Love from my family, Bob, Jake, Lalo, me and my buddies in heaven, Layla and Teddy. Chow for now - PITA PET.


Thanks to all my friends and more

June 3rd 2010 2:13 pm
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BOW WOW! Daddy was working this morning and finally got a chance to sit down at the computer. Came over to me and gave me an extra big kiss and hug and squeezes. He tells me that I was picked as one of the Diary Pics of the Day. I am so very grateful and happy that I am remembered now and again. Afro Ken, Saphira, Riley, Josephine and so very many others who sent me a little something to snack on AND even remembered and honored my brother Lalo and my heavenly family; Teddy and Layla. A million times thank you from Bob, Jake and me.
Well over the last few days it has been miserably hot outside. It hit 100 yesterday and today and tomorrow it will be 110! I AM NOT AMUSED! However, we have fans that we lay in front of that daddy placed strategically throughout so that the air vents blow the Air Conditioning cold air on us. And yes, he even brings our food to us so that we can eat with cool air and water on the rocks. Daddy had to take a few car appointments today so he did not take us - too hot. It's OK though because we make it up in the evening when it cools down somewhat. Oh, daddy took us and Jake to the Starbucks in Palm Desert yesterday and had his usual tea and bagels for us. Then the store manager came out and said that daddy couldn't smoke there. He asked why and they said that they are a smoke-free environment now. I know, I know, he shouldn't smoke anyway but he only smokes a few a day now as he is trying to quit (again). But he said it was hard work. Anywho, the point being that he got really ballistic with them because we always go to Starbucks and spend a pile of money there. So he told them a few very naughty things and wanted his money back and said that he would never do business with them again as they are violating his rights. He even makes it a point not to smoke around older people and where kids are. He is considerate of others but this really frosted him. So now we will take our money and cigarettes elsewhere. He also wrote Corporate a nasty letter about that and how it was handled. He said that slowly our rights are being taken away. Not the same as it used to be and that America is changing for the worse with restrictions and all kinds of civil rights abuses and all that you read everyday.
So we took ourselves elsewhere and had our out time and all went well. Daddy does not smoke in the house and goes out on the patio when he needs his fix. That is because he does not want us to inhale the stuff. One day he will quit for good. Other than that, Jake made some Talapia fish with this really excellent spicy sauce called Uncle Charlies Cajun Sauce. He said that it was the best fish he ever had. We even got a small bite with the sauce. And then it was a run for the water bowl! BOL!
Tonight we are going to watch Aliens in the Attic and have ice cream and just hug around.
So, we are off to do our business and again wanted to thank everyone for their thoughtfulness and kindness. Love to all from us Desert dwellers - Pita, Lalo, Bob and Jake.


Yum Yum Hamburgers forever!

May 29th 2010 12:53 pm
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I just wanted to thank, Saphira, Bo, and so very many of you for your kind words and my delicious hamburger treats. My daddy makes me burgers now and again but now, WOW, I can stash these aside and munch out whenever I want. Thanks a lot!
My dads and Lalo and me are going to take a day trip (Yeah! Car ride)! Perhaps to the Salton Sea just south of us before it evaporates and have some fun. It is going to be a very hot week so we had better take advantage of the last of the cooler days of the desert. The wind is blowing so it will be more comfy for us furry ones. We are about to have some scrambled eggs and bacon and then it is off to the salty sea to see what we can see and hopefully find some mischief to get into. Love Pita and family


Happy Mommy Day

May 9th 2010 12:12 pm
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I just wanted to howl HAPPY MOM DAY to all my dogster and catster friends. My daddy lost his mom recently but that does not stop him or our family from enjoying the wonderful day ahead of us and wishing all well. We want to send out an extra bark to the Kiwi Boys, Flicka, Bo, Afro Ken, Zeke and Jackpot. Hoping for a cooler day and we might even find a roadrunner today. My Rimadyl is helping a lot so I can actually move a little faster today. Wags to all - Pita and family


My Dogster pal wrote a Book - WOW !

May 6th 2010 4:20 pm
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Before I tell you about the book, me and my family wanted to tell you that all is well. Daddy Bob is studying for a Life and Annuities License and Jake will be doing some Marketing work for that. We are getting a very cool office not too far from our place and we will have fun playing with the clients while daddy does his thing. Also we changed and updated our non profit information on GOODSEARCH. Since we do work with rescue animals we felt it appropriate to mention PITA Foundation and its update.
Now for the fun stuff. We received an doggies e mail that my friend BO (a dogster) wrote a book; actually BO dictated and mommy did the typing. But we were privileged enough to receive an autographed copy of it with paw print and all. The book is entitled BAD TO THE BONE - MEMOIR OF A REBEL DOGGIE BLOGGER by Bo Hoefinger. We are currently reading it and so far it is absolutely awesome and a book that is hard to put down once started. Our congratulations to BO and family for writing such a delightful and entertaining book. It is inspiring and funny. I strongly urge everyone to get a copy of this most entertaining book from one of our own. We are absolutely humbled that BO would take the time to send us a copy (signed) and are in awe of the stories.
So once again, a Dogster rises to the top of the pack! Hooray for BO and family.
Maybe we should write a book but it would never compare to this one!
Barks, wags and super purple licks to Bo and every Dogster out there! Love Pita, Lalo and Bob and Jacob.

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