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Adventures of a lead dog

November 2nd 2007 11:04 am
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Mommy took off early this morning--it was the crack of dawn--about 10:30. I didn't know people could get up so early. If this continues, I am not going to get near enough sleep. She went shopping. She did come back with a Dingo bone for each of us (or 2 for me if we are using Demon Flash BAndit math).


I have to admit I borrowed that little poem from a cigarette add that used to be on tv years ago. I believe it was Winston. No one in the famly smokes, but Mommy has watched people buy them, and she announced that the price for them in Michigan is too high,so if she did smoke, she would quit. A lot ot prices are too high. They need Marshall Lucky to put an end to high prices. He was in a very funny movie called Used Cars that came out a long time ago. Marshall Lucky did the commercial for their car lot and shot down high prices (by shooting cars at the competetor's dealership). He would need a staff of deputies to help him keep up with all the high prices out there now.

I found a bag of tootsie rolls yesterday (it was in plain view when you open the cabinet door, knock out a few items. crawl into the cabinet, etc.). Mommy always leaves things sitting where a husky can help himself. Anyway, it was various products by that company, and I discovered that I love the fruit flavored tootsie rolls. Orange, strawberry, etc. They are all good.

I've got to get back to my Dingo 'bone(s).

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