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Adventures of a lead dog

Visit to the vet

August 8th 2007 1:33 am
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I had to visit the vet for shots today. Angel had to get the last of hers also. The vet visit wasn't fun, but they seldom are. The vet also looked at Angel's paw and said it is healing nicely, and the claw is growing back. We got to go for a ride afterward, and I enjoyed the ride.
It is still miserably hot here. We even got some rain, and it is still HOT. It would be nice if it would cool off a little.
Angel has a point about ice cream. It is nice and cold on a hot day. Maybe we should lay in it instead of eating it.
This has been a dull day so there isn't much more to write about. I hope all you doggies out there have a good week.

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