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Adventures of a lead dog

How can you get along with a girl????

August 5th 2007 9:35 am
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I didn't get to write a diary entry yesterday. Mommy was tired from taking Angel to the emergency vet hospital, and then she was busy with some silly human stuff. Have any of you dogs out there ever noticed how "important" the humans think the things they are doing are? I've watched what they do, and believe me, it isn't important at all. I haven't seen them out killing birds or even swatting bugs. You'd think they would learn what is important in life. I do understand the importance of eating and taking a good nap, but the rest of the stuff they do is silly.
Now, back to the "Angel is an idiot" story. Angel managed to pull a claw out of her front paw and she was bleeding all over the place. The Fster saw the blood and got Mommy and they both got upset and rushed Angel to the vet, and the vet fixed her, and put a purple polka dotted bandage on her leg. Yes, that did make me laugh. It was cute, but she looked so silly wearing a purple bandage on her paw. I'm sure she must have asked for it. You know how girls are. She even allows Mommy to let her wear clothes. I personally think her new shirt that says "brother for rent" is disgusting. I don't wear a shirt that says "check e-bay for sister sale". I'm not going to sink to the level of wearing a shirt just to annoy Angel. Anyway, back to her injury. Angel is an idiot. I believe I've mentioned that in past entries. The puppy loves to jump, and when she is walking, she prefers to walk on top of stuff. I never did that as a puppy. The other day she fell off the bed 3 times because she wasn't paying attention to where she was sitting, and she sat on the edge, and PLOP, she was on the floor. I think she has found a bar somewhere because she acts like she is drunk. I have smelled her breath, and I didn't smell alcohol. A breath mint wouldn't hurt her. HAHAHA Anyway, she is okay, and I do like her so I'm glad she wasn't hurt seriously. Mommy hopes maybe this will keep her from some of her wild aerobics because Mommy has been concerned that she might hurt herself. We huskies are very stubborn when it comes to changing our behavior so Mommy doesn't know how to stop her from doing some of these things. She is amazingly graceful when she jumps through the air. Then she falls off the bed when she sits. Do any of you other dogs think that is funny? I know I do.
I also want to cover the "Indiana Jones hat" incident that happened yesterday. Mommy ate at Cracker Barrel the other day, and bought Jeff an Indiana Jones hat. Yes, fellow dogs, now I have to put up with the Fster wearing his hat asking me if he looks like Indiana Jones. I don't even know who Indiana Jones is. He said is was a movie series, and I asked why I haven't been able to see a Snow Dogs 2. He said Disney was planning to make one, but hasn't. Back to the silly Fster story. Angel loves that hat. Yesterday she went into his room and climbed up on his furniture and got it. She tries to wear it, but her head is too small for it. She didn't hurt it, but Jeff found it in another room, and it was a bit wet from being carried in her mouth. I told her that I may not have watched the movies, but Indiana Jones is a man--not a woman. She went into her "women can do anything men can do" speech. I then asked her that if women can do everything a man can do, how about shutting her yap. I have no idea why she is mad at me. We guys can't catch a break. We say the least little thing and the girls get offended. She gained some weight and so she asked me if her butt looked fat. I told her that it didn't look any fatter than the rest of her. She gets mad over nothing. I know all you dogs out there (particularly the male ones) know what I mean. You try your best to be a gentleman, and they don't appreciate your efforts. Now Angel is in here wanting on the computer. She probably wants to tell her side of the story which, if she told the truth would be, "I tried to steal Jeff's hat, I'm getting fat, and I've annoying the Deemster." If she writes anything other than that, she is lying. I'll let her get on the computer because, to be honest, I'm a little scared of her. I hope all you dogs are having a good weekend.

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