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The Story of a California Girl - by Sheila

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Long past due updates

October 17th 2006 11:01 am
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O.k. where are's been ages since I've last logged what has happened in my busy life. Since so much has happened, I can only summarize:

Got my first big Agility Title in USDAA: AD! plus I'm a AJ and AS and received my first Super-Q in Masters Snooker the weekend before last!!
Both CPE trial we've been to were both Perfect Weekends with 10 Qs out of 10 runs...yeahaaa!! I also got my first real CPE title: CL-1 and I'm only a couple of legs short of the CL-2 title.

Life is good and my mom and dad love me veeery much :-)

Sheila the Agility-Girl


Catch up with Stuff

April 25th 2006 4:41 pm
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Well, it's been a while since I've had something to report; report-worthy wise. First, the good news: I won 11 (!!!) ribbons at the Dixon USDAA trial a week ago and got my Starters Snooker Title!! I had 5 qualifying runs, which is absolutely great, says mom. And dad, who is so proud of me and already put all the ribbons on the wall.

Now, the bad news: I heard rumors that we're gonna get another one of these annoying foster dogs....! On Sunday! His name is Glynn. And can you believe this: mom says that he is sooo handsome!! ...I'm sure I'm gonna hate him. The only good thing is the fact that I wouldn't have to play with Jersey anymore.

Wish me luck for the trial this weekend in Prunedale!! thanks.

Sheila, the Advanced Snooker Girl


First Trial in 2006

January 30th 2006 9:55 am
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Well, I did actually pretty well, although we didn't qualify. But is all mom's fault and she should read those Gamblers rules again. And please tell me where to jump earlier next time. But I was having a blast and was much faster then during practice...maybe that's why mom was kinda overwhelmed with my speed and screwed up a few times.

Oh, and then there's a new puppy again. Perry was finally adopted about 3 weeks ago, but soon aftern we got Oscar. Man, he always wants to give me kisses, and I hate it!!! I have to growl at him all the times but he wouldn't listen. It's really annoying. Jersey likes him though, which is good, because that way she wouldn't bother me. He he he :-)

'til soon!
Sheila, who's geeting a bath tonight because she got so muddy yesterday playing in that field and mom was to tired to deal with it last night.


I hate the new puppies....

November 3rd 2005 8:04 am
[ Leave A Comment ], what did they do to my quiet life????? Was it really necessary to take in these two quirmy puppies who always wanna play????

I have to growl at them when they are coming close to me. I don't bite them but I show them my teeth. They're not supposed to be in MY house. They are loud, pushy and play with Jersey all the time. And mom and dad gives them so much attention.

Well, at least I don't leave the room anymore. That's what I did when we got Jersey a year ago. Sometimes, I almost think that I should join the games....but then.....nah.....I'd rather sit on the couch and watch from above.

Too bad that the puppies are growing too fast, they sometimes are able to jump onto the couch's not safe anymore.

Sheila, who doesn't like all!


We got 2 Qs this weekend!

October 17th 2005 8:10 am
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Yipeee!! We got our first Qs in Snooker and Gamblers this weekend in Madera. And all the other runs went very well too, except for some stupid mistakes.

I went with Abby and Lola and they were really good. One day I will be as good as they are. And I slept in a hotel again and was very good.

Mom didn't like the rain on Saturday. She's still a newbie and wasn't prepared at all for different weathers. She didn't even bring an extra jacket because it was really cold and windy in Saturday morning. Sunday was good though and the sun was up all day.

We finished early on Sunday and were back home at around 2 pm. Dad was all proud of us when I presented the 9 ribbons (nine!!) yep. Lots of placements besides the 2 Qs.

I was really good. And mom's all proud of me. Now, I have to start running faster!



Another dog????????????

October 6th 2005 8:14 am
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Guess what, mom and dad have decided that we become a foster home for other dogs!!! more dogs!! That means I have to share mom not only with sister Jersey but also with another dog!!!???

I know I'm gonna hate that. At least at first. Until I will get to know her or him.

And to top it off, I will have to go to the vet today and get a Bortadella update! I hate the vet!!!!!! :-(

However, maybe it's gonna be fun. Maybe the new dog will be nice. And we can play. Maybe Jersey leaves me alone because she would play with the new dog. And I can sit on the Jacuzzy all by myself and watch them. Maybe it's gonna be fun. Maybe.

They say it won't be until after the Madera trial or after the Bolton seminar; that means I will have at least another 2 weeks of peace at home.

Sheila, who has no idea how that's gonna change her daily life yet....


Mom's Nightmare

October 4th 2005 8:03 am
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Mom told me about her nightmare this morning: she dreamed that I was adopted by someone and that I was always just a foster puppy at our house!!! Can you believe this? Mom was devastated because she didn't want to let me go to this new lady!

But finally she woke up and everything was good.

I know why she had that dream: mom and dad are becoming foster parents for other doggies pretty soon. Mom sent in the application for the Northern California BC Rescue yesterday.

I hope I can handle another dog. I will.

Over and out.

Sheila, who had a bath on Sunday and looks very pretty now.


USDAA weekend in Woodland

September 26th 2005 8:07 am
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Good Morning,

Well, we don't have really anything to brag about, except for a 4th place in Standard. All the other placements aren't worth mentioning because there weren't a lot of dogs. But I did get the dog walk contact once and did the weave polls well in the Grand Prix.

And then I would have had a perfect Jumpers run, but mom totally messed up because she choose the wrong tunnel entrace at the end of the course. And she didn't even know about it because she walked the course wrong all along!!! $#@%&%*

But we had a great time. Jersey and I behaved well in the motel and on the field and Dad had a good time too: sitting in a recliner in the sun, with a beer and a cigar, reading a magazine or a book.

We'll do better next time :-)
Sheila, who did the weave polls perfectly twice this morning before breakfast...


Agility Trials are Fun!

September 22nd 2005 8:54 am
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He, he.....I am now officially an "Advanced Jumper"! Yeahaaaa!!! yep, we got our third Starters Jumpers leg last weekend in Turlock and will run Advanced in Woodland next weekend. Pheww.... who would have thought that 6 months ago :-)
We also got a bunch of placements, including 2 first places in Snooker last weekend. Psssst....don't tell anybody, but that only happened because there were only 3 dogs in our hight category ;-)
Oh yeah, by the way, after 2 measurements under 21' they measured me twice over 21'. That means that I have to jump 26'!!! It's pretty high, but mom says that I clear those bars easily.

Mom says I'm getting pretty good. The only problems are the contacts at the dog walk and the friggin weave polls. Mom threatened me that I would have to do the weaves before I get my dinner from now one. Oh well :-) I already have one leg in Standard....but that was pure luck.

Sheila, the Advanced Jumper Puppy


I made mom proud again :-) and dad!

August 29th 2005 2:31 pm
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Yeah, we qualified on the Jumpers course in Prunedale last weekend and even came in 4th out of 22 dogs!! Dad is all proud about the 2 ribbons I brought home!

I messed up the two Standard courses though. Well, mom didn't really show me that I was supposed to hit the contact zones on the dog walks, so I missed them. But I did the A-Frames! I better did since I just finished an intense 2-day seminar, during which mom and I practiced those friggin' contacts like crazy.

I also didn't like the weave-polls. Still think that they are very difficult and I keep on popping out or miss the entrance. Mom just has to show me more clearly what to do and I will eventually get it.

But we had lots of fun and next time we will also enter the Gamblers and Snooker classes and the Grand Prix!


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