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The Day in the life of a short girl.

I had my rabies shot yesterday.

September 20th 2008 5:50 am
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Mama said that I had to go and have my rabies shot.She is afraid that I might get bitten by a wild critter that may roam around in MY yard at night if I am outside.
Ok.Mama said "Bessie,do you want to go for a car ride?"Of course I said yes,didn't she see the tail wagging 100 miles per hour?I was very excited that I got my pink leash clipped on to my collar and get to ride with mama in the car.
Mama and I sat in the back while daddy drove.I looked out the window just to make sure mama was safe.Well the car finally stopped.
Daddy got out of the car and opened the door for mama and me.
I sniffed the parking lot and the bushes.They smell different from my yard.So we walk to the building.Daddy opens the door and mama and me walk in.
Oops...I didn't like this place,so I immediately put my brakes on and refused to step in any further.That is until daddy picked me up.
Darn him.
Then this old man walks around the back with a carrier in one hand and this big old fat cat on a leash.I,of course ignored both him and the fat cat.
Then I heard :blah,blah,blah Bessie.Daddy put me on the scales to weigh me.I am proud to say I weigh 32 pounds.
So the next place we go is in a room.Oh boy.Off goes the leash.Some strange lady picked me up and held me,but I kept an eye out for mama in case she decides to leave.But...she stayed right there.
This little short lady in a white coat showed me this thing.She stuck it in my ears to look.Yeah I still have two ears,now please remove it from my ears,thank you.Then she showed me this other thing.She listened to my heart.I am still alive.
I really didn't like it when she was messing with my hips.So I smiled at her in a not so friendly smile,and I growled at her.The lady holding me said "if she growls again,muzzle her."I hate being muzzled.Hmmmph.
Then it happened!!!Ouch!!!She stuck me in the butt with a needle.That was my rabies shot.Good,its all done.Now I wont have to have my rabies shot until September 19,2011.


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