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Prince Rufus I - This is my Royal Doggy Life!

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The slowest Frenchie on the block HAS BEEN TAGGED!!!!!

June 20th 2007 5:06 am
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Geeeeeezzzzz..... My mom is sooooo slow..... she didn't see that I had been tagged by soooo many friends: Coco, Bruiser, Winston, Midge and Ricky!!! Thanks you guys!!! Kisses to all of you!!

Here's the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post the rules of the game and 7 pawsome facts about themselves in their diary. Then once you are tagged, you choose 7 dogs to tag, listing their names in your diary. Don’t forget to bark your friends pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary for the rules -- or better yet, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been tagged!

1. I am The President of the Hearts - everybody falls in love with me as soon as they meet me... total heartbreaker... probably cause of my looks...

2. My best fury friend is Filou, a Pyreenean Shepherd - we have been best buddies ever since we met for the first time when we both were 3 months old - we even share the same birthday!!! We are just inseparable!!

3. I go to obedience class and to agility! I love AGILITY!!! So much fun!!! Everybody is always impressed with how good I am and how fast I learn tricks... I am just very athletic - love running, jumping, swimming, etc...

4. I LOVE food - I'll eat anything... but my favourites are the things that my mom cooks!!

5. Some people also call me "Master of Pout"... I guess I am just really good at it... ;-) Either the pout or my supreme Death Yodel get me everything I want in a sec... I guess I am also very clever... lol...

6. My favourite toy is Walter, The farting Dog... but I am also crazy about balls (any size), sticks, frisbees, bones and everything that makes loud noises!!!

7. My favourite time of the day is snuggle time with my mom - mornings and evenings... - Don't tell anyone... but I can be a softy from time to time... if I don't rumble, I purr...

I tag:

Hannibull Barka



May 18th 2007 7:00 am
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Hey you guys,

time flies... here is finally some news from me...

Actually nothing overly exciting happened... I started Agility with my mom and obviously I am a genious... I could have told everybody before... but hey... now everyone gets overly excited when I perform a new trick and I get tons of treats... I guess it's just worth that they don't really know how smart I am... ;-)

On Wednesday my best pal came to the office with me all day... I mean I really love Filou, but he could be a little less all over the other people in the office... He just has to know that it is MY office and MY staff... I put him in his place a couple of times and so we were ok...

But then he even came home with me!!! Hello??? Don't you have an own house?? An own mom and dad??? Also here, I first thought ok, just let him be and if I am good he will leave real quick... but then he started to get nasty and wanted all the attention of my mom!!! He even growled at me!!!!!! We had a little fight then... and next thing I know his mom comes to pick him up and off he went!!!

I finally had my house for me again! Geez, I really love my buddy - still - but I just don' want him to be all over my stuff... is that too much to ask?? I don think so!!

Ok, gotta go now!! Have to go to Agility - I am hungry for treats... :-) Bark soon!

Frenchie Kisses, The Ruf



February 12th 2007 1:51 am
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So, finally my mom got it!!! Let me explain...

My mom has been taking me to obedience class for 5 months now... there have been ups and downs... but I have to say that I never really enjoyed going... it was kind of boring and the stuff they made us do was really for idiots...

Well, on Friday our trainer announced to my mom that she was moving me and my friend Filou in an advanced group! It was about time!!!

Anyway, my mom thought she had to do some training with me at home the bight before class. I think she was afraid that I was going to fail Saturday morning... I know, I know... she is ridiculous! What makes her think that I can't keep up with all the big dogs - Labs, Australian Shep's, etc... I can take them!!!

So Saturday morning we had the class. It was cold and rainy, but still... I was the best! Didn't do a thing wrong! I didn't even move a muscle when i was told to sit and another dog - also called Rufus, wait a minute, I thought I was the only one?! - came to me and wanted to play with me! I think I made my Ma very very proud! At least she gave me tons of treats and an extended belly rub session after that...

What else can I tell ya? Yesterday I got into a fight with an English Bulldog, in the end I had to give in because he bit me right on top of my eye and I was bleeding... but no major injury! Thank God, don't want to destroy my looks, they are part of my image!!

Ok, gotta run! Talk soon! Love, The Rufus



February 9th 2007 7:20 am
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Hi there!!!

It's been a long, long time since I could get my mom to write a little message to all my fans... well, what has happend since then?? Let me think...

Oh, very sad... Walter passed over the rainbow bridge... poor little guy... remember that I told you that my mom gave his ear an emergency surgery... well, that worked out, but in the end he died of something else... don't want to go into that... let's just say, I wasn't that innocent...

I was very sad about what happened to Walter, so mom got me Walter's younger brother "Walter Junior" which is not the same, but at least a little consolation!

Well, then came Christmas... since I was the perfect little dog all year (...) I got tons of gifts that I loved!! Oh and I almost forgot! Right before Christmas I turned 1(!!!) year old!!!! That was big of course!!! But I still have to get my big party... well, let's see when that happens...

These days life is pretty easy to me although I overheard mom and dad talking about a little sister for me... don't know exactly what that means, but I am sure I'll find out soon... my friends Sam and Hannibull from the French Turkey Army will sure help me to get to know more about it...

That was it for right now! Soon it's gonna be my moms birthday... What can I give her as a gift??? Any suggestions appreciated!!

Ok, gotta run into my weekend! Tomorrow I have to go to doggie school again... and on Sunday I am visiting granny and great-granny...

Have a great weekend! Frenchie kisses from The Rufus coming your way!!!!



October 2nd 2006 5:52 am
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Hi everybody,

how's it going??

Well this is just going to be a quick entry since I always have tons of stuff to do...

But I just had to inform you that sadly my friends Walter, the farting dog and Luca Bear had to go through some surgery yesterday... Walter's ear came off... don't know why but somehow I swallowed it... and Luca Bear's eye had was so badly injured that it had to be amputated... MY POOR FRIENDS...

My mom gave them an emergency surgery and was luckily able to keep them alive that way... but now I have to be careful with them and need to pay a little more attention when playing around...

Gotta run now!!

Barks and bones! Rufus



September 5th 2006 5:06 am
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Hi there!

I know it's been forever that I got my mom to post a new diary entry for me, but she is always so busy that she just didn't get to it...

Well, finally here I am again looking back to a very exiting summer... where do I start??

I think I don't have to tell ya that this summer was unbelievably hot in July and cold and rainy in August... that was kind of a bummer!

But nevertheless, we went to the beach where I saw the sea for the first time in my royal puppy life and I have to say: IT WAS PAWSOME!!!! I just loved the feeling of the salty water on my fur (in the beginning I thought I could drink all that water, but since I am pretty clever :-) I soon understood that it was not for drinking...) I played with a lot of nice doggies and I did a lot of swimming! I am a natural, you know?! Unfortunately, I also got a bite in my enormous ear from another dog, don't know what that was all about, but hey... whatever...

After going to the beach, mom and I stayed at my granny's place for a couple of days which was pretty nice too (since I was allowed to sleep in bed with granny... but don't tell anyone...).

Last Sunday for instance we went to the Frenchie meet-up again! We had been there once when I was still little and now finally we went back! It was great!

And I have to admit that I kind of fell in love... I think... but I am not sure... there was this cute little Frenchie gal and I really think that I might like her... but this time I have to see how everything develops... I don't want to be disappointed again...

Next weekend mom and dad are taking me to France - the country of my origin!!! I am pretty exited about that and very curious to see other Frenchies overthere... let's see if I understand what they say overthere...

I have to get back to work now... you know... I am very busy and important as usual... and I just have to rule the company...

Talk soon,

Barks and Bones!

Rufus - in love - maybe


My Tail of Devotion for Rufus AKA Prince Rufus I.

July 10th 2006 4:12 am
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You are the best dog we could have ever wished for!!!

Every single day you make the sun shining for us and all bad thoughts go away when you greet us with your huge ears pulled back and your wagging bootie!

We can't even think of a dog that is more adorable than you are and we are so greatful to have met you!

There are no words that can describe how much mommy and dad love you!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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July 10th 2006 3:40 am
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Hi to everybody!!

Today is a wonderful day cause WE WON!!!

The finale of the Soccer World Championship was so exciting that I basically slept through the whole thing... but hey, I was wearing my Italy fan shirt... and that counted!!

My mom was like freaking out during the penalties (that's what my dad tolf me later...) and she almost cried for happiness when it was over... :-)

After the match mom woke me up to go for a quick walk and there were so many people outside, it was amazing... I didn't like the French fans because they were teasing me for my tight shirt (I mean what do they know, huh???) so I was barking at them all the time... :-)

Anyway, I am kind of glad that it is over now and that mom can concentrate herself full time on me again...

Have to run, talk soon!

Barks and bones, your Champion Rufus



June 28th 2006 4:02 am
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Hey dogs of the world,

how are you today?? I am ok, although I didn't see my girl anymore... I am a little sad about that, but hey... what am I going to do??? Probably fate will bring her back to me one day...

Other than that: My mom went on a business trip to the US last week and I have to admit I was not ok with her leaving, but when she came back after 4 loooong days she brought me very yummy doggie treats with yogurt!! Mmmmh, heaven!! And she got me a new fury friend: Walter, the farting dog! He is great and makes all weird noises when I bite his tummy...

I got so exited when mommy came back that I peed all over the floor and on her feet... and she was so happy to see me that she did not even get mad - lucky me... but I was just not able to hold it in... shit happens you know... actually "pee" happened more like...

Ok, gotta get back to work now, chewing some cables...

Talk soon,
Rufus & Walter



June 20th 2006 3:53 am
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Hi there,

today is a wonderful day... the grass is green, the air smells like meat and bones and I believe that I found the love of my life... huh... isn't life great?!?

I met her yesterday in the park. I had never seen her before, but I think you just know when it is true love, don't ya??

She is a 9 weeks old Golden Retreiver puppy and her name is Luna... isn't that the most beautiful name ever??

First I think I was a little too wild with her and I think she was a little afraid of me, but then I got a grip and we played lovely!! I didn't want her to go away ever again, but then she had to leave and I don't know when I am going to see her again...

Am I even going to see her ever again? I am sure I will, although I overheard my mom saying something like "She doesn't live here, she was only visiting...", but that can't be...

I have to investigate now... Talk soon!

Barks and bones, Rufus in love

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