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A day in the life of Lacy the dachshund

My injury and ensuing recovery

February 1st 2008 6:30 pm
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These past two weeks have been the most traumatic of my life. Two Saturday's ago I woke up at 11:30 and realized something was wrong with my body. My Mom says she awoke to my struggling. I don't know what happened but I couldn't move my back legs! Mom put me on the floor and called me to her but I was having a hard time getting my legs to do what I wanted them to do. They just wouldn't move! So Mom took me to a scary place where I stayed for 2 days. She called it the emergency vet. They kept me pretty drugged up until Monday morning where I was then taken by my mom to another vet. They did a mylegram and found out that I had blown a disc. They said I needed immediate surgery if I ever wanted to walk again. I hate surgery. I didn't have a choice, Mom said "ok" so off to surgery I went. Mom came to visit me Tuesday and they told her if I wagged my tail that I could go home. First thing Wednesday morning I wagged my tail so my Mom came and got me.
It has been almost 2 weeks since surgery and I'm proud to say that I'm pretty much walking on my own. I still have problems with coordination and I don't walk like I used to but I've made tremendous progress in a short period of time. They say my recovery time is 6-8 weeks.
My Mom knew that with back injuries time is of the essence. In order to get the best results it needs to be done within a certain time frame from the initial injury. However, don't fret if it's past the time frame. We've seen dogs walk after being "down" for a while it just takes time and continued work. You just have to work on rebuilding muscles and teaching them how to use their back legs again.
I sure scared my mommy. She was inconsolable for the first couple of days. Mommy is not used to being without me and she hated that I had to stay in a place I didn't like. Well, I'm home now and back to my old antics. Just wanted to share my experience with you. To those of you who have bad backs and/or have gone down in the rear don't give up. Keep believing in yourself.


Lacy in 2007!

January 27th 2007 10:13 pm
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I can't believe that this year I will have had Lacy for 6 years. Time flies. Who would have known that something so small, and now so sassy, could steal a part of my heart that will forever be hers? There's not a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for having her in my life. Even though she tries my patience sometimes (I'm sure I try hers as well!), I wouldn't have her any other way.
She's my little snotty princess and I love her with all of my heart.

She's still the alpha dog--second only to me ;)--and still as sassy and stubborn as ever. Oh, and very intelligent. She will make a stranger think that she's just "a dog" but I know she's just working that "poor, I'm just a small little dog" image. It doesn't work on mama so she doesn't try it with me. I have to smile, though, cause I think she's learned a lot from her Mom.

She's my little diva. hehe.


My trip to the vet

March 20th 2006 9:27 pm
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I don't know why my Mommy thinks it necessary to visit the vet. I mean, I don't wanna go, I wouldn't mind it if she didn't ever take me again, but still she makes me go. She says it's because she "doesn't want anything to happen to me that could've been prevented" but do they really need to poke me with all those needles??? That hurts. Oh and what's with some strange guy always trying to be nice when I could care less if I ever saw him again? Doesn't he get the hint? I don't want him touching me. He smiles, pets me, then sticks something up my rear and pokes me with needles. And he wonders why I don't like him and am not happy to see him. Where's my say so in all of this prodding and poking????


Today is my 5th birthday

March 17th 2006 8:38 pm
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I woke up this morning to Mom scratching me and wishing me a happy birthday. Now I was content laying on my pillow at the head of the bed, where I always sleep, and didn't need her waking me up just to tell me this. Throughout the day, she'd sing the birthday song, and even emailed her doxie list at 1200am to tell them about my birthday.

What is exciting, however, is her promise that she was going to bake me a cake this weekend. Now that I'll get up for!

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