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A Day In The Life of " Louie" the Pugster

Introducing the "Orange" Beast

June 17th 2009 6:20 am
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Yeppers...momma got a new one....and it's Orange and we call it the "Beast."

Well she's tried it out several times....but I didn't write because I iz so embarrassed. The saga seems to continue on from the Monster to the Beast. I don't know if mom has a curse on her or what...but this could compare to nothin what the Monster did.

Well mom put me outside and I have to be careful cuz I don't want to get chewed up by the Beast. So I sit myself upon our deck and I watch the goin ons by my mom and the Beast. Sometimes I think she is tryin to tame it. But this time there was no tamin at all.

My mom got on the Orange Beast....and it's a bit different than the Monster....the Monster you would have to shift into different gears and such...well this one says is hydrostatic...drives like an automatic transmission car. Just press the button on the floor and a way you go. Well away she I said...she was tryin to get use to the new buttons and things. That Beast was a jerkin and a hoppin down the wheelies yet! Well my mom managed to go around quite a few times with no mishaps...but I could see somethin was brewin for quite some time....I sensed it...she never knew what was gonna hit her....but I did.... well she wanted to "cut" closer to the wall and such...because she has no weedeater and know push she tries to get that Beast in as close as she can...that is why she hits and bumps things....but she hadn't hit anything NOT YET!! Yeah, I am buildin up to it....what happened....hehehe!

Well she comes round and she is goin a bit faster than she should...well gosh all mighty...she ran smack into one of them purty solar lights that turns all sorts of colors and ran over dat...right into da little wooden wheelbarrow full of purty flowers...SMACK! and then the Beast FLIPPED IT!...Yep, flipped right over and smushed her fleurs....hehehe! You shudda seen her mouth drop and yell...Holy Crap...what's Dad gonna say??? And her eyes were jest wide as saucers too.... I come over to her and jest look at her with my googley eyes...about as big as hers....saying...arf arf...arf arf....translated...Daddy ain't gonna be better put the Beast away and shut if off.

So we gots the Beast all settled...checked her house...only some paint came off in one tiny spot. It's made of no cracks or anything. She uprighted her wheelbarrow with a few smushed fleurs...her light actually was ok...with the black spike cracked and chipped...but it still lights up at nite. Oh what an episode....and Daddy tried to laugh but he still wasn't happy cuz he paid good money fur dat Orange Beast.

So dat is one adventure wif the new machine...poor momma but poor Beast.

Yours truly,
Louie :o)


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