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A Day In The Life of " Louie" the Pugster

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Today I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

August 26th 2015 11:58 am
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Hi, All!!

Well today I had to clean and dust off my Angel Pug Wings...and then I put them on and had to leave my family. God told me it was my day to report. So I tested my wings out and they seem to work pretty good...but I iz sad also...because I had to leave my mommy and daddy and also sassy Annie. I'm gonna miss them so much but I also know I have a new duty to fulfill. I am gonna be an agent fir da Angels and so I needed to leave. BUT I will look over my family and will protect them like a good Angel agent would do.

And I will continue to watch from a Star in da sky when my momma gets on dat Orange Monster Machine she rides. And I will guide her she don't hit anything.

Well I have to fly off fur friends want to see me and see my neat Wings that I got.

so I want to say... I love you mom, dad and Annie. I will tell Jake and Jessie that you miss them lots too. Lots of Hugs and Kisses from Angel Louie.


R.I.P. Mr. Elliot Jay

October 21st 2010 4:09 pm
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I am in a really sad mood my mentor, Mr. Elliot Jay, went to the Bridge. He was the one I looked up to and asked him things and he would give me good advice. I actually had 2 mentors... the other mentor, was Odie..the Talking Pug. He is at the Bridge I miss them both. He was there to greet Mr. Elliot Jay along with Winnie Wiggles..."Winnifred WigglePants" Plus many other Dogster Pugs that we were all friends of. But today, Mr. Elliot made the trek to the Rainbow Bridge. He was very special and I will never ever forget him.
I just wonder why they all have to go but one day it will be my turn and he and the others will be there to greet me too. But for now, I will go on and do things that I must do. I gots to help my mom wif dat Orange Beast...we have to tame it and I know Mr. Elliot Jay would want me to do dat.

Good bye Mr. Elliot Jay, but I guess it's not really good bye because your spirit will always be around us and whispering in our ears wif advice.

I wuv u Mr. Elliot Jay...I wuv you my pal.
God be with you .... tell the others at the Bridge, I said Hi!

R.I.P. Mr. Elliot Jay (EJ)


June 2nd 2010 3:01 pm
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Well I haven't been in Dogster for a long long time now. My mom got interested in another program and forgot about me and Jake. She forgot I had friends this time I kicked her hard in the knees and told her she better lemme write at least in my diary. So here I am.

So much has gone on over the past few years, so I will jest talk wif you all on current events. Jest wants you all to know I am the new guard fer da tiny castle here at home. Jake has retired and is spending time wif his lovely wife...Birdie Jakers...his "Bird of Paradise." So I tries to protect da mom and da dad from the jailbirds of Caneeda. They take one look at me and they knows dey gots troubles. I wook at dem crosseyed and dey run. Dey know I mean business.

And my mom is gettin a bit better with the new orange beast machine. Only problem she has is gettin it started to run. Its not like her old Orange Monster. I think it's gonna be a hot summmer cuz its been a hot spring so far. And we pugs have a hard time breathin in in order to guard dis here tiny castle, I gots an air conditioned room wif all the nice contraptions. :o)

Well time fer me to stop typin. My paws are sore..cuz I ain't use to doin this myself. So talk later you gatordawgs.

Very truly yours,


Introducing the "Orange" Beast

June 17th 2009 6:20 am
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Yeppers...momma got a new one....and it's Orange and we call it the "Beast."

Well she's tried it out several times....but I didn't write because I iz so embarrassed. The saga seems to continue on from the Monster to the Beast. I don't know if mom has a curse on her or what...but this could compare to nothin what the Monster did.

Well mom put me outside and I have to be careful cuz I don't want to get chewed up by the Beast. So I sit myself upon our deck and I watch the goin ons by my mom and the Beast. Sometimes I think she is tryin to tame it. But this time there was no tamin at all.

My mom got on the Orange Beast....and it's a bit different than the Monster....the Monster you would have to shift into different gears and such...well this one says is hydrostatic...drives like an automatic transmission car. Just press the button on the floor and a way you go. Well away she I said...she was tryin to get use to the new buttons and things. That Beast was a jerkin and a hoppin down the wheelies yet! Well my mom managed to go around quite a few times with no mishaps...but I could see somethin was brewin for quite some time....I sensed it...she never knew what was gonna hit her....but I did.... well she wanted to "cut" closer to the wall and such...because she has no weedeater and know push she tries to get that Beast in as close as she can...that is why she hits and bumps things....but she hadn't hit anything NOT YET!! Yeah, I am buildin up to it....what happened....hehehe!

Well she comes round and she is goin a bit faster than she should...well gosh all mighty...she ran smack into one of them purty solar lights that turns all sorts of colors and ran over dat...right into da little wooden wheelbarrow full of purty flowers...SMACK! and then the Beast FLIPPED IT!...Yep, flipped right over and smushed her fleurs....hehehe! You shudda seen her mouth drop and yell...Holy Crap...what's Dad gonna say??? And her eyes were jest wide as saucers too.... I come over to her and jest look at her with my googley eyes...about as big as hers....saying...arf arf...arf arf....translated...Daddy ain't gonna be better put the Beast away and shut if off.

So we gots the Beast all settled...checked her house...only some paint came off in one tiny spot. It's made of no cracks or anything. She uprighted her wheelbarrow with a few smushed fleurs...her light actually was ok...with the black spike cracked and chipped...but it still lights up at nite. Oh what an episode....and Daddy tried to laugh but he still wasn't happy cuz he paid good money fur dat Orange Beast.

So dat is one adventure wif the new machine...poor momma but poor Beast.

Yours truly,
Louie :o)


Hear Ye Hear Ye!! Orange Monster Machine Bit the Dust!!

June 4th 2009 1:53 pm
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Yepperee!! I saw it with my Own eyes...the Orange Monster bit the happened a few days back. My mom put me out front on the stoop to watch her mow the front yard. She started it up and it was running.....and as she rounded the first corner, there was a Poof of Blue Smoke comin out da front end of the Monster. I thought maybe he was angry and was turnin into a fire breathin dragon...but No...he was tired and about had it....and it just kept on smokin more....but my mom, she just kept truckin it around the lawn....doing her last wheelies with it.

Well somehow it stayed strong enuff so she could finish the front and back lawns....and then my mom laid her to rest. Parked her under the tree and told Dad he better buy her a new with lots of life.

So the udder day they went to a Monster Machine Place and found anudder one and they iz suppose to deliver it tomorrow, but we haven't heard from dem yet. But you won't believe the color of the new Monster's Orange...jest like the other one. But we gots to call this one anudder name. So we iz still thinking about it.

This one is made of sturdy steel whereas the udder one is jest strong plastic. So when my mom hits won't break or crack. So it's gots lot of armor plate on it.

Well take one minute and say a pray to the Orange Monster Machine...we sure are gonna miss it.

Yours truly,


Let's see.......

March 16th 2009 5:54 am
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Lemme see...I am jest so stunned dat I am writing in my diary. I can't believe my mom lemme do this on my very own. I think I gots to "thank" my hooman brudder, PSYCOHOL. He lives on a really itsy bitsy island out in da middle of nowhere and he loves to read my diaries cept dis time when he checked, it had been too long between writings. Well you can all blame my momma on dat. She's a meany!!! meany, meany, meany!!

So let's me make good use of my time, cuz I may not be able to write fur a very long time again.

Well I iz gettin to be a very big boy now....I iz older and I iz more handsomer everyday. I still have my lovely lady...her name is Zoey from the "Tater" state of Idaho. You know what?? She once sent me one of them Big Tater's and dey were kinda delicious....but she is my "SugarPants."

Also, my brudder, retirin from "guard duties" of the tiny castle. He says it is passed on to me and I will be trained by him. He says I will do the barkin and runnin now and he will just sit in presence to give it more of a scary feel. So guess dat means, I git my own "cooler wif lotsa ice and water"...and a pair of "shades" to wear. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. But my mom, says I need a Hut wif air conditioning in it..cuz I iz a Puggy...and we can't I gain one on Jake. Hahahaha! He's always had to roast in the heat.

And guess what??? I get one step closer to watchin my mom drive the Orange Monster Machine. Hopefully there won't be any mishaps. So I better stay outta her way and the Orange Monster.

Well I truly wants to "THANK" my hooman know I got to meet him once...he is one super cool DUDE... I hope I gets to see him again.

Well I best be goin now! later Gators!!
Yours Truly,
Louie :o)



January 5th 2009 12:28 pm
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Well my mom is even letting me write a little bit in my diary today. She jest let Jake finish his diary, now it is mine. Who knows when I will be able to get on.

Well not much happening with me anyhow. I had a nice cwistmas and got a few toys to play with. I didn't get any treats though...they all went to Jake instead. I'm on a diet still and Jake tears all the toys up. So I guess Santa Pug knew who to give who for cwistmas.

I even get to run out in the snow and play. Since my dad made them backsteps to the backyard...I can get there directy via my backdeck. It's so much fun and I get to play wif my big brudder, Jakeroo.

He is bigger then me...but so what...I am jest as fast as he is. I do my pugtona runs and Jake jest sits there and watches...his head spins around. BOL!

Well I'm gonna go snooze's one of my nap times now. Take Care all My Pals...Happy New Years to you All too!

Yours truly,
Louie :o)


OK I Was Tagged!!

November 12th 2008 9:26 am
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Okays.... I was tagged by several friends... so I is combining my taggs to one big humongus tag.... and oh yes... thanks Arwen and AJ-HHP

Here are seven little know or greatly known facts about me:

1. I really love playing wif my big brudder, Jake. He is careful when he plays with me especially when he's a big doggy.

2. I wuv's my momma and dad. My momma feeds me and lets me sleep wif her and my dad plays wif me and also sleep wif him in da mornings.

3. I once destroyed our old couch. I ripped the zippers and took the stuffing out of the seats.

4. I wuv to sleep alot especially on the comfy arm of dad's big lazyboy rocker.

5. I wuv all my pals from Dogster and in da groups I am in. They are all a ton of fun to play wif.

6. I am a ninja pug.

7. I hate wearing clothes....PERIOD!!! They makes me uncomfortable.

Now I will pick seven BFFs & BBs to have them share their secrets too!

1. Minnie
2. Howard Pee PugPants
3. Kitty
4. King Spivey
5. Wheezer
6. Elliot Jay
7. Monster


November 5th 2008 11:26 am
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One word... Today is not a good Day! :o( And that is all I have to say.

Yours truly,


Today is My 3rd Birfday!!

September 14th 2008 7:10 am
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Well I made it thru anudder year and now I iz anudder year older and wiser. My mom says I may be anudder year older but she isn't sure about me being any wiser. As I say, "Whatever!"

But my birfday has already jumped into High Gear....I gots my prezzies already so I can play wif dem all day long. I got a rubbery allygator and 2 furry from my mom and da udder one is from my new loving friend, Karen...dat is my squirrel buddy's momma...(Misty). And she came over yesterday and she let me jump all over her and even give her some "knuckle" nibbles on her hands and elbows. I jest wuv her. Not many people like having me jump all over dem, but dey gots to understand dat I am jest so excited!!

So anyhow, today is my birfday and it's my day and I iz gonna have a blast! I told momma dat I can do whatever I want. I told her she gots to take more pics of me too!

Well I gots to go now...I got lots of fun things to do. Thanks to all my pals on Dogster fer all da Birfday greetings and rosettes! Dey is "Cool" man!!

Yours truly,
Louie da Birfday Guy

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