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Food Food and more Food Please!

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March 23rd 2007 8:31 pm
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Mommy has not updated my diary in a long time because we have our own blog and that is where you can see daily pictures and hear about our Pug mischiefs!

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Stuck and held hostage in San Diego!

March 27th 2006 3:43 pm
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This last weekend almost turned out perfect for the family except I was held hostage in San Diego. The whole family went to San Diego because Dad had to go on a business trip there. Dad and Mom took Brown and I to Ocean's Dog Beach for the whole day and I ran like crazy all over the beach! We met lots of cool other dogs and many puggies, too. When we were at the airpoirt to come home, the airline folks thought I was too fat to be carried on (which Mommy prefers because it's a 3 hr flight and she doesn't like the idea of me being down in the cargo area by myself or even worst, being lost or injured by the airline). And then they said they did not have any large kennels for me and I would have to shipped out the next day by myself! Can you believe it? I am a 25 lb pug, not a huge dog. So then Mom decided it would be best for me to stay with my human grandparents for a month and then she can fly in for a visit and take me home. My grandma loves me. She buys me lots of treats and lets me sleep in bed with her. We watch TV together every night until late and we fall asleep together on her new Natuzzi sofa. But I sure do miss Mom, Dad, and Brown. And I will miss our next Pug Meetup...darn!


Ocean's dog Beach here we come!

March 25th 2006 2:32 am
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Ever since I was a puppy, I fell in love with Ocean's Dog Beach. It's known as the Disneyland for dogs...but I just love it for the clean beach and waves! I love to swim and chase all the different dogs around!

We just flew in the San Diego last night. Grandma was too excited to see me and bought me too many treats. Then Grandpa also couldn't stand my begging anymore so he gave me some grapes. Mom and dad come home late and found me with undigested food in my bed. But it was soooo good. I wanted more food after that..I had more space in my tummy!

I am so excited for tomorrow! Watch out San Diego puggies!


Ride in the back of the a dog crate?

March 12th 2006 3:45 pm
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Life has been weird for me lately. I seem to have less energy than I use to. I enjoy eating (of course) and stealing food and treats from my brother, digging in the trash for goodies, and sleeping. Mommy says I am officially a lapdog now. I often keep Mommy warm when she watches tv and lay in the kitchen next to her when she cooks. My brother is getting too hyper for me to handle. These days I want him to stop licking my butt and following me everywhere I go. I even started stealing his toys because he likes them so much. I always get to ride with Mom and Dad in the front while my brother rides in the back in the crate (he often has accidents in the car and Dad's car still smells real bad). I love riding in the front in Mom's car. My favorite thing is napping while Mommy turns on the seat warmer (...zzz...aahhh). But Mom got tired of me trying to lay on her lap while she drives and I like to get her light gray leather dirty. So now it goes down to me riding in the back with my a dog crate. What's up with that? I got my brother licking my butt and my face...can he just sit tight and let me enjoy the scenery?!


No Food! What is that about?!

March 3rd 2006 2:34 pm
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Today was not a good day for me. I had to get up early. Mom didn't give us any food or water. Brown, my brother, and I went to the Vet. for some vaccines and boosters. Brown had it easy. I had to get my teeth cleaned! Mom was uncomfortable with the idea of putting me asleep to clean my teeth but got scared that I would have gingervitis.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Mom's taking us to the Houston Pug Meetup and I'll get to eat again! Yah! But I also have a bad feeling about what Mom has planned for us afterwards. She recently received a Paws for Thought bathtub and bought lots of doggy dental stuff. I have a bad feeling about that...


Food Food and more Food!

March 2nd 2006 10:46 am
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I love food! Mom and Dad are tired of screaming at me because I love to dig in the trash after they cook. I can't resist the delicious leftovers! Every morning, I feel bad. I sneak a taste (actually I drink it all down) at my Brother's food when Mom's not looking. Mommy gives us both treats every morning. The moment she looks away, I stash my treat and steal my Brother's treat. Mom found out because I couldn't hide the evidence the next day...

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