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The next SCREAM!

May 22nd 2007 12:00 pm
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My mom says they should make a new Scream movie, starrin' ME!! Cause I sure can SCREAM!!! I hadda go to the vet yesterday...I itch and scratch alla the time!! And, I'm losin' hair on my legs where I chew on 'em so much! Well, we got there and Mama took me in and I was bein' such a GOOD GIRL!! Then the doctor went to TOUCH me and , before he could, I opened my mouth and gave the most piercin' scream you can imagine! My Unca Sebo heard it outside in his truck...with the windows rolled up!! I screamed for a full minute before takin' a breath and doin' it some more! The doc backed up with his hands in the air and said..."I didn't even touch her!" Well, my mama knows that I'm a 'fraidy dog about some things and the vet is definitely one of them!! Unfortunately, the screamin' didn't help...that mean ol' doctor did the worst thing you can imagine...he expressed my anal glands! *blush* I'm still upset about that...I may never get over the trauma!! Yes, it feels better but there must be a better (ie. less hurty and embarassin') way to do that!! And, that's not even why I was there!! So...then he gave me a SHOT! Oh, the horror!! The PAIN!! The FEAR!! What a disgustin' day...and I'm still scratchin'.

Oh, well. Life is sometimes very hurty and scary, but there are usually treats after so...looks like I'm gonna survive!


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