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A mighty fine day.

August 6th 2007 9:40 am
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Wow, what a good day I had today. Do you wanna hear about it, cause I would love to tell you.

It started off rather mundane. You know, the ususal. Bella and I get medicine cookies in the morning (actually Bella gets the medicine, I just get the cookie part). It was also LONG walk day, I look so forward to them.

However, the normal day was interrupted by the gardners. You see, mom and dad usually aren't here when the gardners are here, so daddy let us out to go play with the gardners. I like the blower, I put some nice teethmarks into the gardner's blower-tube. That I am proud of.

I started go get antsy. 11:30 had come and rolled by and my special dogwalker had not come, so I barked and barked at mommy and daddy to tell them that something is wrong, and that they needed to call my dogwalker to make sure she was okay( and still coming). They did call her, and to my surprise, she showed up rather quickly. HURRAY!! HURRAY!! MY DOGWALKER IS HERE!! Anyways, I lft for a couple hours and returned all pooped, but very happy. A lonng walk and some playtime in with my poodle buddy.

Next, a good nap, followed by some company which is always fun, especially if they come over and pay me lots of attention. Hmmm. what a good day.

Please excuse me while I take a nap now. Good days always make me sleepy. nighty night


Independence Day!!

July 5th 2007 2:52 pm
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First off, Happy 4th of July to all!! I hope that all of you weren't afraid of the fireworks. I thought that I would be, but wasn't as afraid of them as I thought. Go ahead, bring them on, the big ones, the loud ones, the ones that simply go "BOOM" I can take it. Well, maybe not the ones that go "BOOM".

I also discovered my shadow last night. I was standing in the light and noticed a very dark dog next to me. I investigated and had no reason for alarm, it was just my shadow. Shadows are nice. They never bark at you or bite you. Also, they are always around to keep you company in the light.

Maybe it was my shadow nearby that made me so brave during the fireworks...

Nah, I'm just getting braver on my own.


I'm Bored!!!

June 15th 2007 8:59 pm
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I'm bored. No one will play with me. Dad is working and mommy is playing that dumb guitar again. Bella wont even play with me. She hujrt her dumb hip and has to rest for a few days, plus I think she is too hot and tired to play today.

Sheesh, barking at daddy usually works, but not today. They suck!!! I'm gonna go outside and try to find a fun squirrel to play with. Mybe I will hunt for flying insects again. Hey look, the sprinkler is on. The sprinkler is always fun to play with, plus I get wet and cool down, how nice.

Uhh, what was I complainig about again? Well, never mind, playing with water is FUN!!!


Something is lurking behind my house

February 14th 2007 10:19 pm
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Oh, it's you, good. Well, I have been a little on edge lately because I am sure that something is lurking behind my house. You see, the house behind my yard has been empty for sometime now while the owners fix it up, but at night. something is lurking. I know it!! The owner of the house is missing out on some rent that he could be collecting from his elusive tenants, which I believe to be either raccoons, rats, oppossums, or skunks. They really annoy my sister and me. We hear things. I even overheard that my Daddy heard it too.

It has gotten so bad, that we have a mystery hole with an attached tunnel in our yard. My racketball went down that hole and rolled down the tunnel. I want that racketball back. Oooooo, if I find those lurking animals, I will...

Well, let's just say i will bark at them real loud.


Dear Santa...

December 21st 2006 3:39 pm
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Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I only ripped up ONE of Daddy's slippers. The other one is still in the backyard (I will rip that one up after Christmas). I bark at strangers at the door and smother those who my family likes with love.

Santa, I would really love a truck-load of bones for Christmas. My favorites are Jumbones, but others will do too. I would also like a treatball that drops more treats at a time than the one i have now. Oh, also, Lots and lots of fun toys!! I would also like a futon of my own so I do not need to share it with sister Bella, who makes me get off so she can lie down. Finally, I think that I would really like a can opener that I can use myself to open my dogfood whenever i want.

Thank you very much, Santa. Remember, i have been very good this year, even better than last year. Have a great Christmas. Be careful driving your sleigh. remember not to drink and drive.

P.S. Oh, by the way, please remember to give Daddy new fluffy slippers.... I can play with them and rip them up again (that was fun)




A New Toy

August 31st 2006 8:48 pm
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Cool, Daddy gave me a new toy the other day. It is a little ghst that says BOO. I rather prefer the smaller toys, they are easier to chew and throw around.
By the way, this is a secret toy, because mommy is not supposed to know that daddy bought Bella and me toys. "They have enough already," she says. Daddy dissagrees, as do I. New toys are fun. I love new toys. And the toys will keep coming so long as mommy does not read this entry.

Go one daddy, keep buying us toys, you know we love them.

Don't let mommy be a stick in the mudd and tell you....
Oooo, gotta go, mommy is coming and we don't want her to read this.



Fun & Games

August 26th 2006 9:56 pm
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Hi all, (licks all around, even to those who did not bathe today)

Today, mommy, daddy, Bella. Auntie Gayle, Darby, and I went to our frist day of Fun and Games classes at the Pasadena Humane Society. We have a very nice trainer, and co-trainer too. We learned how to catch a treat (ho hum, already know that one), and how to put toys into a bin. We also learned how to play dead.
We had great fun, and i even got in a few sneaks over to Darby. Bella was across the room, and looked as though she was really dead during "Play Dead". She likes laying down.
What was the funnestest was when daddy threw a treat into Darby's bin and i got it out, then Auntie Gayle threw one in my bin. Finally, Auntie Gayle and Daddy threw treats and all of us went to get them in the same bins.

Boy, treats, good friends, and fun, a winning combination.

Can't wait till next Saturday!!


Agility in my backyard

July 30th 2006 11:31 am
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Hey, I don't mean to brag but my daddy built me some inexpensive agility equipment for me to use. Well, I let Bella use it too. She likes to run interferance when I am running the course. Auntie Gayle brings Darby over too, and we use it together. I have my very own jump, weave-poles, tunnel, tire jump, and pause table. My daddy built them out of PVC pipes (whatever that is). He said that it was really easy and made all of the equipment for less than it would cost to buy just one of them. Anyone interested in making their own agility equipment should email me and I will forward the message onto my daddy.

Well, gotta go now, I am learning to not be afraid of the tire jump anymore.

Chow Bow Wow


WOW, Is it HOT!!!

July 24th 2006 11:42 am
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Wow, It has been so hot lately. It got up to 116 degrees here one Saturday. At about 1:30 p.m. our power went out. Mommy and daddy packed us into the car and took us over to our friend Gayle's house. It was nice, she had power. She also has Darby which Bella and I love to play with, even though it was too hot to play, so we just hung out. Much of the time, I was very busy hunting her cats. I love to hunt cats, but that's all I do. I don't eat them or nothin' I just like to hunt.
Finally, at night we went home, and the power was still out. Boy, was it hot!! Bella and I went into the bedroom, but eventually went out into the familyroom to join mommy and daddy.

Just when we thought that te heat would not go away, the power came back on, and we all enjoyed a nice cool (yet short) night's sleep.


I'm in Agility!!!

July 19th 2006 10:30 pm
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Hey, Guess what...

My mommy and daddy enrolled me in AGILITY classes. I went for the second time last Sunday. Boy, is it great! There are lots of other dogs, and I have lots of fun running all over the equipment. I think my favorite is the jump. I like to jump. Teach says that I am very good at it too. I like it when people praise me like that. It makes me want to do more. I can also tell you the piece of the course that I hate the most too. It is the tire jump. There is a big tire hanging that I am supposed to jump through, but it is kind of scary. I hope I get used to it, though, cause I really like doing it too.

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