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NADAC Trial today

April 18th 2009 2:39 am
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Today I went to a NADAC Trial, where I was entered in Novice Jumpers, and two Novice Touch 'N Go Competitions.

We got up really early, 5.30am !!!! and I didn't get any Breakfast either !!
"What's that all about", I said to Jade, but she didn't know, and told me that she & Scout didn't get any Breakfast either.

Hmmm, there must be logic behind it I guess - and there was, I was to find out later.
Anyway, I was doing really good in Novice Jumping till about halfway around, and I got just a little bit excited, and started to do 'zoomies'. !!!! So mum 'excused' us from the Ring BOL :) Pity I was having soooo much fun :)

We then all got Breakfast :) Mum didn't want me running on a full stomach, in case I threw it up, so she did the right thing and made me wait :) Gee, Mum's are smart.

Later in the afternoon I did the two Touch N Go Trials. Mum was hoping I wouldn't do zoomies again, and I said that I'd try to not be silly. Anyway, the Ring has obstacles that I'd never practised on before - hoops !!! So mum wasn't sure how I'd react to them, but I was OK, she had nothing to worry about.

There were lots of tunnels (yipee !!!), the 'walk, A-frame and hoops in the Ring. Mum was really happy with both my runs, even though we didn't get a Pass. I listened to her more she said, and I even did some distance handling for her, which made her really happy :) and I didn't get silly and do 'zoomies' in the Ring.

I got a really yummy Dinner when we got home too, so I think I like doing NADAC. :)

Well, I'm one tired puppy, so I'm off to bed - Night all.

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