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A day in the life of Tobie.......

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Hey Gracie...that tickles!!! I've been tagged!!!

November 13th 2007 1:24 am
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The rules are simple...each pup that is tagged has to leave a diary entry listing 7 things they are thankful for. Then off they go to tag 7 of their pals...letting them know they've been tagged via pmail or rosette. Make sure you let everyone know who you tagged and who tagged you for fun! My bestest girl Gracie Nee tagged me!!! Thanks my girl!!!!

The 7 things I'm thankful for are:

1- My mamma and my papa for always lovin me no matter how many times I steal a drink from their cup.

2- My jar of treats that sit on the if only I could reach the dang things by myself!

3- All the dead bugs I can eat outside...regardless of what mamma may think...they are YUMMY!!!

4- My bestest girl Gracie for bein my girlpup...your the purdiest girl ever!

5- My bestest pals Sketti and Penny...I wuv you both with all my little heart!!

6- The big bed with it's warm and fuzzy flannel sheets!!

7- And last but not least...ALL MY PALS ON DOGSTER!!!!! Your the greatest pals a pup could ever have!!!!!

Now I'm off to tag my pals Hope, Cindy Sue, Charlie, Leo, Oliver, Otis and my Unkie George Underwood!!!


What a wonderful life...

September 19th 2007 10:01 pm
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It all started a couple of weeks ago...I met the cutest girl pup EVER! My bestest pal Sketti introduced me to her and it was wuuuuuv at first sight!! Her name is Gracie Nee...she makes my heart go a mile a minute.
After a few days of throwing silly hints her way with anonymous rosettes and pmails back and forth with Sketti...I got the bestest pmail from Gracie...SHE ASKED ME TO BE HER MAN PUP!!!! Of course I said yes...without hesitating...cause I just knew she'd be snatched right up by another and I just couldn't stand the thought of that. GRACIE IS OFFICIALLY MY FIRST GIRLPUPFRIEND!!!!!

I had to go to the puppy Hilton (aka...the kennel) for a few days last week while mamma and papa took our company to Paris for a couple of days. I was NOT happy about the idea of going but what was a apup to do?! Not too long after I got there...some of my bestest pals came and busted me out and we spent the day cruisin in the coolest convertible you've ever seen!!! We got back just before papa came to pick me up...phew!! that was a close one!!!

Then my 2nd barkday came this past Monday...what a wonderful day it was!! I received oodles of rosettes, pmails and even got the coolest box of pressies from Sketti and lil Penny that had my very own snuggle sack inside!!!!!!! I even have my very own 'puss' like Sketti's too...wuv that thing!!!!! My pals at Ratties and Labs threw me the most pawsome barkday pawty...we pawtied til the sun went down and then some!!! Dogaritas all around...yummy!!

I gotta say...I'm the luckiest pup alive to have such pawsome pals and a most beeeeeeutiful girlpup! My mamma and papa love me more than life itself!! Life is goooooooooooood!!!!!!!!


Luv tagged!!!

July 22nd 2007 9:54 pm
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OMD!! I've been luv tagged!!!! Yipeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

This is the new game on Dogster called Luv Tag... you are to 'tag' 3 pups that mean oodles to ya and explain why. You're not supposed to choose a dog that has already tagged you.

Chosing only 3 pals just doesn't seem right...I'd tag sooo many more if I could cause I love em' all!!!!

I've been lucky enough to not only be tagged ONCE but TWICE by my bestest pal Eddie and my Unkie George Underwood. I want sooo badly to break the rules (as only a good rattie would do...bol) and tag them both back but I'll behave and play right!! BOL!!

First of all I wanna tag my pal Sassy-
She is my big sis's bestest angel pal up at the bridge. She's been there to watch over mamma since Payton passed and for that I'm super thankful. She and Unkie George...along with his mamma...have been tons of support for mamma on those tough days. I couldn't ask for a better angel to watch over me!!

Secondly, I'm taggin sweet little Penny-
She is a bundle of laughs and goes a mile a minute...not even surgery can slow this girl down. She chose me to be her Unkie Tobes which really touched my heart deep down. Mamma and I have had a ton of fun watching her grow (waaaaay toooo fast I might add) and look forward to sharing fun times and even the not so fun times that life will throw our way!!

And last...but BY NO MEANS buddy Oliver-
What can I say about Oliver?? He's the tiniest pup I've ever seen yet has the heart of a giant!! He always has a way of puttin a smile on this boys face. Mamma and I have enjoyed the fun he's brought into our days with the adorable pics...great pawmails and sooo much more. ROME OR BUST OLIVER...ROME OR BUST!! BOL!!!


Tag...I'm it!

May 27th 2007 8:23 am
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I've officially been TAGGED! My pals Oliver, Maxwell, Leah, Max, Drake and Sadie got me and now it's time for me to tag some others! BOL!!

Here's the rules:

You have to make a diary entry listing the pups that tagged you, 7 facts about yourself and also the pups your going to tag... You have to choose 7 of them which was pretty tough for me to decide. I wanted to tag everyone...I LOVE TO PLAY TAG!!!

My facts are:

1. I'm a mamma's boy
2. I looooove to sleep on laps
3. I came all the way to Holland from Wisconsin
4. I'm a Teddy Roosevelt body type
5. I'm spoiled and love every minute of it
6. I love to eat anything that your eating
7. I love to chase around the house until I drop!

Now...I'm off to tag my pals Saucey, Nitro, Suzette, Harry, Kramer, Sully and Penny!!! WOOF!


What the heck is a hurricane??

January 19th 2007 2:41 pm
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Boy oh boy was it a baaaaaad day yesterday!! I was sitting there mindin my own business ( I was bein nosey and sniffin around the floor for tid bits) when all of a sudden I heard this loud THUMP out in my back yard! Went to the back door to investigate and found nothing but some crazy wind. I continued doin what I was doin. All of a sudden, Mamma came runnin past me and out the back door...boy was it LOUD outside! The rain was comin down sooooo hard and the wind was blowin sooooo loud and then the lightning stuff started. What on earth was goin on??!! This crazy stuff lasted for what seemed like forever. I had to pee sooooo bad but there was NOOOOOO WAAAAAY I was gonna go out in that noise! When it was all over, Mamma and Papa started talking about something called a hurricane?? They were talking about how the news was tellin us we had 81mph winds which is considered this hurricane thing I guess. Whatever the heck it was...I didn't want anything to do with it for sure!! Thank goodness we were all safe! My backyard looks a little different today...things are moved around a bit and stuff is missing. Did I mention I had to pee sooooo bad?? Well Mamma took me outside after some coaxing (did I tell ya how loud it was out there??!!) and I finally got the courage to go. I caught a glimpse of some leaves blowing around a little bit...and for those that know me know I can't pass up that opportunity so off I went. Mamma was laughing so hard at me cause while I was trying to run around...I was blowing around a little bit. Mamma calls me her little Tumbleweed now!! Dunno what that means but she and papa find it pretty darn funny! All is better today. I had a tough time going outside today but I was just afraid that hurricane would come back for me *sigh* Thank goodness everyone was okay and nothing major happened to us or the house. But boy was it enough to give a pup the shakes!!!


Waaaaaaa Hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

January 4th 2007 4:24 am
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What a happy...tail waggin kind of day!! Dogster chose me to be DOG OF THE DAY today!!! :o)

My tails a hearts a racin...and I'm runnin in high gear!!! Thanks Dogster dudes and dudettes...your the bestest!!!!!

Sloppy kisses to allllllll- Tobie


WOW....I'm official now!

October 4th 2006 1:41 pm
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Well it's official...I am now a 'registered pup'! I finally got my papers back from the Continental Kennel Club and the Universal Kennel Club International. It took a really long time to get this stuff back but I was patient. My new official name is * drum roll *


Mamma decided to name me this cause my puppy mamma's name is Journey and I had to travel soooooo far to be here with mamma and papa. It was truly a LONG JOURNEY HOME :o) I'm soooooo excited, my nubby tail won't stop waggin...........................

Sloppy kisses to all- Tobie


What an honor...Diary of the day!!! Thanks- Dogster!!!!!!!!!!!

September 21st 2006 4:49 am
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Hi all my furry friends out there in Dogster town!!
I just had the greatest surprise email from my pal Boscoe...I'M DIARY OF THE DAY!!! Mamma and I didn't even know it yet since we'd only checked our email til that point. What a fantastic surprise!! Could my birthday week get any better?? :o)

I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone that has been a part of my puppy world from day one. Thanks to Unkie George...with his help, Mamma was able to find such peace by being a part of the fun here after losing my big sis Payton. He was mine and my big sissy's very first pup pal and has been soooo great at letting everyone know about the two of us. If there were a way (might be one and I just don't know it) to tell the whole world how much that means...I'd shout it out!! THANK YOU UNKIE GEORGE UNDERWOOD for being YOU!! And to allllllll my other super fantastic pals...a huge thanks to you too!!! I look so forward to gettin mail and treats from each and every one of you.


Ps...Just so you all don't think I LOVE MYSELF...the rosette to me from me was meant for my pal Meatball!!! My puppy brain must be working overtime...clicked the wrong pic to give it out...YIKES!! I need a nap!! WOOF!

Sloppy kisses- Tobie


Biggest hugs to allll my new pals!!

September 18th 2006 6:50 am
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What a beautiful day.....woke up (slept in til 10:00 to nurse my bday cake hangover)....went out and did my business....snuggled with mamma.....ate some breakfast and logged onto Dogster.

WHAT????? WHO???? FOR ME???? Can this be real or am I still asleep?! Checked out my mail and wadda ya know.....I had 13 rosettes given to me, received 1201 bones and received 26 new pup pal requests....allllllll for meeeeeee!!!! I have a sneaking suspicion that my Unkie George had a paw in all of this :o) Well??? Did ya George?? I can't even begin to bark about how much fun I've had emailing each and every one of my new pals and checkin out their pages!!



Happy 1st Birthday to meeeeeee..........

September 17th 2006 1:31 pm
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WHAAAAA HOOOOOOOO!!! My birthday is finally here!!! Boy oh boy did mamma and papa hook me up too!!
My day started out pretty crummy....I had to go to the kennel for a couple of days cause mamma and papa went someplace called Prague in another place called the Czech Republic. I was a very lonely puppy cause I was afraid of the other pups around me. Mamma told me I would be okay and I knew she was right but I just didn't want to be there. Mamma felt really, really bad when they came to take me home cause she didn't know I'd be that way. But BOY did they ever make it up to me!!!
When we got home, they gave me a bath and washed up my blanket and tigger from the kennel. I was sooooo sleepy from my bath (warm water always wipes me out) that I wasn't able to keep my little eyes open. Mamma let me sleep for a while and when I woke up, there was a cake with my name on it and a whole bunch of presents waiting for me!! I FORGOT IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Needless to say, I was WIDE awake at this point and was asking for the fun to begin.
Mamma and papa sang to me and gave me my super cool was even shaped like a dog bone! Then the best part....EATING THE CAKE! It had peanutbutter frosting which is one of my very favorite special treats and it had yummy red and blue letters that spelled out my name too. Once the cake was was time for the presents. Man....are birthdays fun or what?? I got soooooo many new toys to tear up.....I with!
All in all I'd have to say that my first birthday was beyond what I ever imagined it would be. My day was filled with the things I love and most of all....MAMMA AND PAPA!!!

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