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Just a silly little naughty pup named Hope

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Bubba is in Heaven

May 4th 2006 5:31 pm
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Last night mommy took Bubba to the doctor. Bubba wasn't feeling good. He wouldn't even look at me. He just laid by our water bowl and drank a whole bunch of water. I kissed him, but he did nothing. His gums were very pale. Mommy put cookies on the floor by his feet; he didn't eat them. He also made a big peepee in the house as mommy was taking him out. Then he threw up all the water that he drank and made a small doodie (outside). When mommy got back she told me that Bubba died and went to heaven. She told me that I was the big girl now and that I must be good. I miss Bubba oh so much and I will always love him.

Grandma is still in the hospital (side effects from the chemotherapy). Mommy had to call 911 on Monday morning. Lots of men and a woman came in the house (Bubba and me were in our crates) to take grandma away. Mommy says grandma is coming home tomorrow. I really miss grandma. Please say a prayer for my grandma.

Mommy is very very sad. She could not go to work today, but she did take me for an afternoon walk. The nice people that she works with sent her beautiful flowers in a vase. I wanted to eat the flowers but mommy said "no". I love my mommy and I wish that she wasn't so sad.




A Close Call

April 24th 2006 10:06 am
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Last night on our evening walk, mommy and me saw four doggies (without their parents) walking in the street. There were two rotties, one husky, and one sammy/GSD doggie. Mommy and I waited ‘til they were gone to start our walk.

On the way home, we saw these four loose doggies again. They started to come up to us. I was scared. Mommy said in a voice that I never heard before "SCAT!" "GO HOME!" Three of the doggies left, but the big rottie stayed and looked at mommy. I pressed my body against mommy's side. I was quiet. Mommy continued to say "SCAT!" "GO HOME!" many times until the neighbors came and helped shoo that doggie away. After the doggie left, mommy and I walked home. Mommy is so brave and I love her very much. I'm glad that she is my mommy and I’ll try to always be a good girl.



PS: If you’re the mommy and/or daddy to a dog, don’t let them out by themselves. Bad things can happen. We doggies love to wear our collars, harnesses, and leashes. We love walking with you.


Bad boy puppy at the doctor’s office

April 10th 2006 10:33 am
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Saturday mommy took me to the doctor for my yearly shots. Mommy says I need shots every year so that I don’t catch any diseases.

Anyway, while we were waiting, a naughty husky boy puppy was acting mean towards an older PBT mix male while waiting to get his puppy shots. Barks were exchanged.

I didn’t even want to say hello to this mean little boy puppy. Bad bad boy puppy!

After I got my shots (it didn't hurt), I said hello to the PBT. He was 5 years old and very nice. Then mommy took me home.



PS: I weighed 66 pounds.


Our Second Anniversary as a Family

April 3rd 2006 10:20 am
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Two years ago today, mommy, grandma, Bubba, and me became a family. I was in a large cage when I saw mommy for the first time. The nice people in the shelter called me Sugar ‘cuz they said that I was very sweet. Mommy called me over to her. When I came to her, and stuck my nose through the bars, she touched my nose. I kissed and nibbled her fingers. Then she was gone. I was sad. Why does everyone leave me all alone?

Soon the woman who feeds and plays with me opened my cage, put my leash on, and there was mommy. We walked for a while, and then I was back in my cage all alone again. Again, I was sad. What's wrong with me?

Next, I was taken to a room where I saw grandma and Bubba for the first time. Mommy was there too. I went over to play with Bubba. He was so big. He moved back when I jumped at him, wanting to play. I think that he was afraid of me ‘cuz I was so young and he was much older. Finally, he sniffed me with his cold nose. After that, they took me away. I was sad again. Was I a bad girl?

The woman took me into another room (so many rooms that I didn’t know about). She weighed me. I weighed 30 pounds. She looked at my tummy boo-boo. She called it a “spay”. She also brushed my hair, sprayed me with something smelly, and told me I was going home. What is home? Soon, I saw mommy, grandma, and Bubba. They were smiling at me. Mommy put a red collar and leash on me. She called me Hope. I was happy and wagged my tail.

We walked outside. Grandma held my leash tight and mommy held Bubba’s leash. I had never been outside before. I was so excited. I jumped on grandma and knocked her over in the grass. I felt so bad so I kissed her face. Mommy helped grandma up, and we went into mommy’s car. Bubba sat in the back, and grandma held me in her arms, while mommy drove us home. I was very happy.

I’m still so happy that mommy, grandma, and Bubba chose me to join their family. Please, adopt your next dog and/or cat from a shelter. They need homes too!



PS: All of mommy's babies (including my big brother Bubba) were adopted from a shelter. Mommy and grandma know how much we need forever homes.


I like children!

March 30th 2006 3:18 pm
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Mommy has been taking me to meet children when we walk. I now like them. They are just little people. They play with me and I kiss them. I'm so lucky to have my mommy.




Friday the 17th is Bubba's Birthday

March 15th 2006 12:34 pm
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My big brother Bubba will be 11 years old on Friday. Mommy and grandma will give us both cookies. Bubba LOVES cookies. I will give Bubba lots of wet kisses and nibbles on his birthday 'cuz I love him so much.

Please wish my big brother Bubba a Happy 11th Birthday and SEND HIM LOTS OF COOKIES!




My grandma needs chemotherapy again

February 21st 2006 3:38 pm
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Mommy told me and Bubba that grandma needs chemotherapy again for colon cancer. Grandma had chemotherapy from 1999 to 2000, and some other procedures that I don't understand, but the cancer came back. From what mommy told me about cancer, I don't like it at all. Please say a prayer for my grandma. Thanks.



PS: If I could bite the cancer I would.


I hurt mommy by mistake on Sunday -- I'm so sorry mommy

January 31st 2006 9:50 am
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Sunday afternoon mommy was on the floor. I thought she wanted to play with me, so I ran over to her. I knocked mommy down with my body (mommy says I weigh 65 lbs). I hit mommy in her face with my body. Her upper lip bled a whole bunch (on the inside where her teeth are). I felt so bad.

Mommy had to go to urgent care. She couldn't get stitches 'cuz the gash was on the inside of her lip. She also needed a tetnus shot. Mommy couldn't go to work yesterday 'cuz her arm hurt from the shot and her lip hurt. Mommy's lip is puffy too. I gave her kisses to make her feel better. I will try not to be such a bundle of energy. Mommy feels a little better today, so she went to work.

I'm sorry mommy.



PS: Even though mommy hurt, she took me out for all of my walks. She is such a good mommy, and I will try very very hard to be a good girl.


My tummy feels better

January 25th 2006 10:56 am
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Mommy has been giving me my pills (she says they are called Flagyl) twice a day since Saturday. My tummy feels better and my doodie is normal. My bottom does not hurt anymore. I did not make my first doodie until Monday evening. I was afraid to make a doodie after hurting so much on Friday.

Mommy says that I should not eat anything off of the ground (outside or inside). I will try. Mommy also gives me extra water in a small bowl 'cuz I don't like to drink much water.

Mommy also tells me to be a good girl when we go for our walks. She tells me not to bark or to chase people on motorcycles, bikes, skates, skateboards, scooters, etc. I want to chase them to tell them to be careful, but I will try to stop and listen to mommy.

Mommy also doesn't want me to to bark and pull to go to other dogs that we see when we walk.

I will try to be a good girl because mommy is such a good mommy and I love her so much. I also love Bubba and grandma.



I went to the ER Saturday 'cuz I had a bad tummy ache

January 23rd 2006 1:18 pm
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Friday afternoon my tummy started to hurt. My doodie was coming out loose and my tummy was making noises. I was up all night and cried for mommy to take me out to make more doodie. My bottom hurt too.

Mommy said that I had diarrhea, and there was blood in it too. Saturday morning we went in the car and drove to a big building. I had to walk up stairs. We waited for a while, mommy spoke to a woman, a man came into the room, and took me away.

I was so scared, and I wondered if mommy was leaving me there 'cuz I woke her up all night. I heard voices, but none were mommy's. Finally another man came in. He listened to my chest, and stuck a thermometer in my bottom. It hurt. He said that I was a good girl.

I waited some more for mommy. A woman came in and started feeling my tummy. She tried to put something in my bottom again. I cried, and she stopped. Soon, we walked to another room. How I hoped mommy would be there. But she wasn't.

Did mommy leave me here? Would I ever see mommy, or Bubba, or grandma again?

The same man put me on a cold table stretched out, and left while noise was being made above me. Soon he came back, and took me back where I first was taken.

Suddenly, I heard my name. I was scared. What was going to happen to me? Soon another man came in, and we went through another door and THERE WAS MOMMY. She did not leave me here. She was very happy to see me. She hugged and kissed me. I played cool 'cuz I did not want her to know how scared I was and how much I missed her.

Mommy said that I had Colitis, and I would have to take pills for a week. We walked to our car, and mommy drove us home.

When I got into our house, I kissed Bubba. Mommy put me in my crate, and took Bubba outside to make pee pee. She came back, put Bubba in his crate and left. I fell asleep, and woke up when mommy and grandma came in.

I was very tired and slept all day. I did not want to go on my evening walk. I just wanted to sleep on my couch with Bubba, grandma, & mommy close by.


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