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Josie's got a new brother.


August 5th 2006 6:05 pm
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We did Farm Fair again this year and my Mom is so proud of me and my brother you can see from the pictures I got reserve champion in Rally and 2nd place in obedience....Mom says Im so smart....It was fun seeing the cows and horses too....


doggie school

March 2nd 2006 1:58 pm
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My mom told me I start doggie school next week. I LOVE DOGGIE SCHOOL..I have not been during the winter because my mom hates going out when its cold out. She said she has moved me back from super advanced to just plan old advanced because she said she gets confused in the super advanced and needs to relearn how to get me to listen. I know what Im doing its my mom who doesnt. oh well maybe she will finally understand that I am a the smartest dog in the world once we go back to school.....She says she doesnt trust me to stay when she leaves the room, that is only because I hate when I cant see her and need to be with her at all times...Maybe I will listen this time and realize she is coming back for me. Anyway I will update you guys after class next week....Lets hope mom gets her act together....


That new Kitten

January 28th 2006 5:09 am
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Our new kitten (Figaro) will not leave my tail alone. I cant help but wag my tail all the time but everytime I do that new kitten attacks me. Mom and my sister rescue me but the kitten keeps coming back. Mom gives me a break when she is not at home and puts the kitten in her bedroom so Im not attacked. Mom says the kitten will outgrow this but I dont know he seems to enjoy it to much.


Merry Christmas

December 28th 2005 8:10 am
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We had fun at my house on Christmas. Mom got up early as usual and would not let us open any of our presents till our sister work up. We always have to wait for her....Anyway she finally woke up and it was fun fun fun. We waited for our human sister to be done with her gifts then we got ours. BONES< TREATS and of course my favorite the TOYS....We played all day long with our toys (the favorite is a big stuffed shoe).we have already ripped that one and mom continues to find the stuffing around the house, she finally took all of the stuffing out and now we just have a flat shoe that we play tug of war with. Hope all of my doggie and kitty friends had a great Christmas.


Snow Snow Snow

December 5th 2005 4:28 pm
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ITS SNOWING.....Im so excited.....I LOVE SNOW.....



November 23rd 2005 5:32 pm
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went to doggie school tonight. My owner confuses me all the time at school. Thanks goodness our teacher keeps telling Mom what she is doing wrong..I know what Im doing but Mom doesnt....My brother Wiggles is very mad at me and Mom because we went out without him...


Josie has a new brother

November 22nd 2005 2:16 pm
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Josie now has a new brother named Figaro, a 10 week old black and white kitten. She loves her new brother . Josie and Wiggles chase and play with him all day long. Pictures will be added shortly....

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