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"Mom loves me best" by Petie

I was tagged and now I'm tagging you!

November 14th 2008 9:49 am
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I have been tagged by my pal, Jamoncito PigPig! What a guy!
He told me 7 cool things about himself and says that now I have to list 7 interesting things about myself, post it in my diary, then tag 7 more of my best furry pals to do the same.
This is SO fun!

The object of this game of tag is to learn some more things about your friends.
So think up 7 fun facts about yourself and post it in your diary.
Then pick 7 pals to pass it on to and have them do the same thing. What better way to get acquainted?

OK, here goes...

1-Um, Everyone says I am a sissy and a scared-y cat. (How can I be a cat if I'm a dog?) I run hide behind Dad or Mom a lot. What's really weird is sometimes, some people are scared of me! Not for long though usually unless they are REALLY sissies.

2-Let's see, uh, I have real pink skin and very thin white fur so the pink part shows through. That makes me delicate and I sunburn easy.

3-There is nothing, nothing, NOTHING I like better in the whole wide world better than CHEESE! I would run through fire for cheese. I might have mentioned cheese before.

4-If you take one of the other dogs for a walk or a ride and not take me, I will howl like a dying banshee. The neighbors think I had my leg cut off or something I carry on so much.

5-I was raised by a crazy jonser in my formative years who didn't feed me because he had to spend all his money on crank. It made me very food motivated and frightened of men for a long time. Mom saved me from that life.

6-I will not move off the pillow at night. I don't care what you do to me, I ain't budging! Too bad, you will have to lay your head on top of ole Petie.

7-I am a master of the "flop and roll". I run as fast as I can and then, suddenly, I slam my body down on the ground and I roll over! Then jump back up, run and do it again! It is great and people love to watch me do it.

I guess that's 7. There's more to me than that, like I watch Dog Whisperer and Animal Planet on TV, I sleep on my back with my legs spread wide open, I've been known to steal filet mignon off the kitchen counter when my people's backs were turned and I believe I could've had a career in therapy 'cause I can soothe whatever ails you. Maybe we should be have to say 11 things about ourselves?

Eleven to seven, I am tagging the following wonderful pups:
Would you guys PLEASE send me back the 7 great things about YOU? Thanks!

Cheeto, because my real dad is called Chito
Lilah, because my Mom loves that name
Peetie, because MY name is Petie which is almost the same
The BC Bunch, because Dad feeds The BC Gang every day
Pie, because my little sister is nicknamed Pie too
Luna, because she's pretty and looks like Hope
Tank, because he's cool looking and lives in South Africa
Selena, because she's beautiful...


Thanksgiving - my attitude of gratitude

November 15th 2007 1:27 pm
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I am Thankful that I live with my real Dad who's the alpha and he loves me.
I am Thankful that I have a great pack who all get along great.
I am Thankful that we get to go to the beach or to run in the field every single weekend!
I am Thankful that my humans are total dog-loving crazy bleeding-heart animal rescue people.
I am Thankful they let us in the bed and on the furniture.
I am Thankful my mom "stole" me from the mean man who didn't feed me when I was a puppy.
I am Thankful they sometimes feed me table scraps.
Okay, make that they usually feed me table scraps.
(in addition to my regular well-balanced dog food, that is)
I am Thankful I look tough so no one messes with me because I'm a scared-y cat really.
I am Thankful to have so very many Dogster pals!
Thank you, God and thank you, Dogs!

I am also Thankful Michael Vick never crossed paths with me.
For both our sakes.


Petie's 7 random facts!

October 22nd 2007 8:11 am
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I've been tagged by Ellie! Wow, what fun! Thanks, Ellie. Now I'm tagging you guys.
This is a fun game to get better acquainted with your Dogster friends. Here’s how we play: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are Tagged need to post in their Diary the rules and their 7 random facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Then let them know by p-mail or a rosette that they have been Tagged and to read your Diary for instructions on how to play.

OK here are my 7 random facts:

I love cheese more than anything!
I really really love puppies. And not to eat them, just to love them.
Riding in the car turns me on. I always want to come along with you.
I can align your chakras by sleeping next to you on the pillow.
Fleas drive me absolutely crazy with itchiness.
Please don't try to clip my toenails. I like them long like that.
Um, what else?...
Well, I'm mostly white, I'm quite handsome, I'm especially gentle, I'm not crazy about cats. I'm afraid to eat a pig ear in front of my dad, Munch, I'm obedient, slightly chunky and very lovable. I run pretty darn fast too. I guess that covers it. How about you?



I got beat up!

September 29th 2006 7:35 am
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Ow! Ow,ow,ow,ow,ow!!!!!! Cookie bit me! My sister and I got in a fight and she was mean, meaner than usual. I didn't do anything, just got a little to close to her couch or something and she jumped me!
Then she wouldn't let go even with Daddy yelling and pounding on her. Now I can't walk good and I have big bite marks on my head and leg and chest. They took me to the vet and left me there all day! Man, what the heck got into her? I hurt. But Momma and Dad are treating me real extra good and Cookie has been banished to the yard.


It wasn't me!

July 27th 2006 9:04 am
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There were 5 piles of poop on the kitchen floor this morning. Peee-uuuu!
Five! Can you believe it?! But it wasn't me, I swear.
There may be 5 dogs in our family but it was only 1 dog who left those poops in the kitchen.
4 of us are sitting up on the bed looking all innocent.
I sure hope mom knows exactly who done them. The new guy.
The dude you have to practically drag outside.
Boy oh boy, he needs to learn some manners! Bad breeding you know.
The rules of etiquette do not allow for "business" to be done indoors at any time.
Someone should tell him. Especially not where you eat. No.
Because pOOp and fOOd do not go together. Even though they both have that OOOOO sound.
Dad almost puked.
How could he do it 5 times? That would take me most of the week.


My poem

July 20th 2006 8:27 am
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Petie Wheatie's really sweet!
Petie Wheatie loves to eat!
He loves cheese and he loves meat!
Petie Wheatie wants a treat!

Feed Petie Wheatie!


My special powers

February 20th 2005 11:24 am
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Okay, this is how I do it. At night in bed I lie up by the headboard on the pillows, not down at the foot. I place my sweet face with my soft white furry brow right next to yours and we both drift off to sleep. My unique soothing nature of peacefulness, gentleness, love and simplicity transfers over by brainwaves through the nighttime hours and you awake with a smile on your face, renewed, refreshed and totally de-stressed. 100% natural, better than Valium, absolutely free. Safe, effective & recommended by doctors, veterinarians and lucky, smart dog owners around the world.
Note: Can be habit-forming.


Mom loves me best

October 8th 2004 1:54 pm
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Mom loves me best I know because for her birthday all she asked for was a life vest for me, Petie. Nothin' for the other dogs. Nope.
I don't swim so good, see. Sure, I know how to paddle but I'm like, terrified the whole time and like it better if I can touch bottom or I head desperately for shore.
Now Dad got a boat and we go far out in choppy waters on the weekend. I want to come along so so bad and squeal if they won't let me but then when they take me along, I cower in the bottom of the boat with my tail 'tween my legs.
So my mom put in her birthday order and it came in the mail from America the other day--bright orange like a rescue dog on TV! Check it out-- I can float like a boat!
Also she lets me breathe on her in bed at night.

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