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The Buck and Koa Chronicles aka Perros Del Diablo

Buck's plea to Uncle Paul

May 2nd 2006 9:31 pm
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Dear Uncle Paul,
I spent all night working on 10 reasons why you should take me with you to the Rocket Launch in the Mojavi Dessert. Below are my following 10 reasons you should take me to the Rocket Launch in the Mojavi Dessert.

Buck's TEN reasons why Uncle Paul should take me to the Rocket Launch in the Mojavi Dessert:

1. I will retrieve the rockets while you and Dad can kick back in the shade with the chips and the dips.
2. I keep all the elusive mojavi dessert deer and dessert bears away from camp with my high pitched alert howl "SECURE THE PERIMETER" You may ask why it is necessary for me to do this all night but then again have you ever SEEN any deer or bear in the dessert? I keep it secure.
3. I will eat all the steak scraps that you thought you wanted for breakfast. Thanks for getting distracted by that rocket mishap.
4. I will attract the one attractive woman (actually well the only woman and I think she is a woman) to our RV at the Rocket Launch in the Mojavi Dessert.
5. If your blanket gets kicked off at night in the cold cold dessert I can keep you warm. Only for five minutes though because my first duty is to my Dad.
6. Koa will be left at home which will further reinforce my position as way way way superior to him.
7. I will mark OUR designated campsite AND the campsites of others with my pungent, indistinguishable and unlimited supply of urine. I will declare in no unclear terms: " This is mine and this is mine and that is ... well also mine." It will be clear at the Rocket Launch in the Mojave Dessert what is MINE and also what is MINE. Which is important to you because it will also essentially be yours.
8. If , my belly starts to rumble from the dozen raw eggs, tub of mayo, steak leftovers, raw sausage etc ... and I have the urge to paint themojavi dessert with projectile "diorama" ... I will have great breadth of area to spray liquid turd. The Rocket Launch at the Mojave Dessert is very very large and big too.
9. People find me very cool and may offer extra beer to you and the caravanski because only other cool people would have a cool dog like me at the ROcket Launch in the mojavi dessert.
10. Most importantly. I will keep my Dad Safe and Protect and Love my Dad in the dangerous and precarious nature of the Rocket Launch in the Mojave Dessert.
Nobody can keepmy Dad safe or knows how to love my Dad the proper and correct way as I do. Do not entrust this to anyone else at the Rocket Launch in the Mojavi Dessert.



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