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The World According to Maggie

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A sad the hood...............

November 28th 2012 10:46 am
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Mom got leaky today when she and Auntie Ann had to put a For Sale sign in Pappy's yard. Their nephew was going to buy the house, but can't get a loan so it has to go on the market. Mom had her heart set on having her nephew next door and not having to sell to strangers. I hope whoever gets it are nice humans who like dogs. Mom is worried they will get mad when Shiloh and I bark too much. But we have a right to bark at strange humans living in our Pappy's house. :(


A sad day for Mommy...........

August 4th 2010 5:57 pm
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Mom's brother had what appears to have been a heart attack this morning. His heart had to be started 7 times which caused damage to the brain because of lack of oxygen. The doctors says he is brain dead and there is no hope for his survival. He will more than likely be taken off the ventilator very soon. Mom is so sad and exhausted tonight. I am going to cuddle her very close tonight and make her feel a little better. Pawlese say a prayer for my uncle's family.

Maggie :*(


I think I am going to be depressed- again.....................

June 14th 2010 2:06 pm
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Mom got those black boxes out of the closet again and has started making a list. That can only mean one thing......;o(

Yup, I know all about those black boxes. Whenever they are brought out it means Mom and Dad are leaving and I ain't talkin' about just for an hour or so! If they take those black boxes, it means it will be for several days. And they always come home smelling of strange places. It means no treat when I go peepee in the morning and come right back in; it means I will have to sleep in my bed on the floor cause I am too hefty to jump on the big bed; and it means Dad won't be here to give me my afternoon pupperoni treats. But on a brighter note, it does mean Pappy, Auntie Ann, Auntie Sandra and Mr. Johnny & Mrs. Betty will be taking care of us. We will get to play with Lexi, Gizmo and the Beagles!! And Mrs. Betty gives us treats that Mom doesn't get for us. I will be sad the 'rents are gone but will look for the good things about their leaving. But they will surely get the cold shoulder when they return home from both me and Shiloh. ***but only for about 20 seconds*** HeHe



I've been tagged!

February 2nd 2010 5:14 pm
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So I was tagged by my friend Benny Blanco from da Bronx and I'm supposed to list things I love.

1.I love my guy ATTIE!!!!
2.I love my Mom.
3. I love my Dad.
4. I love my stuffed bunny.
5. I love my sis, Shiloh
6. I love my pupperoni.
7. I love my furless kids, especially Hannah.
8. I love chasing birds, squirrels, lizards and snakes.
9. I love my warm bed.
10. I love car rides.

I will be tagging.................

1. Jolly
2. Abby
3. Bailey
4. Casey Jane
5. Finn
6. Josh


A Special Day..........

August 8th 2009 9:20 am
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Today is a very special day. It is my Auntie Ann's birthday. She is my mom's older sister which makes her my aunt. Auntie Ann is my mom's very bestest friend besides being her sister. They were born 13 months apart and were best pals growing up. Oh, they had their ups and downs like me an Shiloh, but they have never stopped loving each other.

Aunti Ann always blazed the trails with Pappy and Granny. As soon as she got permission to do things like wear lipstick, Mom just dropped in line and did it too. Mom never had to do battle with the 'rents.

Auntie Ann always knows how to make Mom laugh, but will cry with her too. There are family fueds but Mom and Auntie Ann always stick together. They are a pack for sure.

When Auntie Ann turned 50, Mom bought her an old purple dress from the thrift store, a floppy straw hat with a hugh paper flower on it, and some old granny shoes. She made Auntie Ann wear them for her birthday party. Mom read her the poem..."I Shall Wear Purple ".
Auntie Ann went all over town showing off the outfit bragging that her sister gave it to her for her birthday. Mom started getting phone calls from the bank, grocer, and Post Office. It was so funny.

Fast forward a year when Mom turns 50................
Auntie Ann's gift to Mom guessed it....THE SAME OUTFIT!!! She told Mom she had to wear it all over town like she had done. Mom did and even took her camera to record the event. Just as Mom was ending the "event" she saw a poster with her photo on it. It was a plee to find her as she was deranged and needed pychiatric help!!
Mom nearly peed her pants. hehehehehe

Anyway, that is the kind of relationship they have. They share the good times as well as the bad. But most of all, they love each other. The bestest part is Auntie Ann loves me too!!!!





February 18th 2007 2:00 pm
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Mom and Dad have brought a new pup into MY house!! She is an obnoxious little brat. She plays with MY toys, eats from MY dish and gets the attention that should all be MINE!!!!
Shiloh has been here one whole week and reeked havoc on MY life. She has to be watched constantly. If she isn't chewing on something she is pottying on the floor!
But all in all, it is nice to have a sister to play with, as long as she understands I am boss!!!!


A very sad day.

August 7th 2006 4:47 pm
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Today has been a very sad day for all us pups on Westies Unite. Our sweet little Isis has become too sick and weary to continue here with us. Tomorrow after being loved and cuddled by her parents, she will be heading to the Rainbow Bridge.
Little Isis was born in a Puppy Mill and has had many battles to fight in her short life. But up until the past several days, she has been able to weather the storms. She has fought the good fight but her spirit is kinder to her than her little body has been. It is with great sadness that we , along with her parents, will say goodbye to her. I will always remember her as our Little Princess Warrior. May her Parents find peace in knowing, but for them, she probably would not have lived such a wonderful life.
So, Godspeed little one.


Luckiest Day of Your Life Mom and Dad!

August 1st 2006 3:11 pm
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I came from a far away place on an airplane to your home exactly 2 years ago. Not only was it the luckiest day of your life, but mine too. I am one of the most loved and cherished little pups on earth. I couldn't imagine my life anywhere else. I have a wonderful Mom and Dad, get treats all the time and when I am really good, I get Frosty Paws! I get to sleep in the big bed and sometimes I even share my space with my pesky kitty brother, Gus. I really do like him or else I would hurt him when I chase him. He puts up with my playfulness and hasn't scratched my nose yet. I have my own door so I can come and go whenever I want during the day. My yard is very big and has a fence around it. There are squirrels, moles and lizards to chase on the ground, but I don't stop there. I try to catch the birds in flight too. I have skin kids who visit Mom and Dad, called grandchildren, and they play with me. I love to play chase, with someone else being IT, of course. And I fetch really good. Sometimes I won't give it back right away but eventually I do as I don't want to bore my humans. Soccer is my favorite thing to play outdoors. I try to anticipate which direction the ball will go by the foot that hits it. I usually get it right and catch the ball quickly. I love my mom and dad so very much and I am thankful they found me. I am truly a very lucky pup indeed.

Maggie's mom here..........You are so very right Maggie dear and we love you too!


Havin' fun in Cancun!

July 13th 2006 6:32 am
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Dear Mom and Dad, I am having a great time here in Cancun. Woodie is doing a good job of looking out for me. We had a little thing concerning Wendy and Billy, but I think that might be straightened out by now.
I was catching the rays yesterday after Attie Sme......uh..rubbed my sunblock on me. When I went in later I was fried! There is a dang Chihuahua at the cabana who is jealous of the attention all us Westies are generating and she substituted my block with oil! But Billy had some oinment, Woodie suggested Aloe and Miss Maddie had plenty of baby powder so I am all white again.
We are going to the Aztec Ruins today. Woodie and Digby are going to use Woodie's dad's metal detectors to search for coins or other artifacts that might be valuable. I have a diversion plan worked out to distract all the park rangers. Hope it works.
Well, almost time for the bus to leave for the ruins so I'll sign off for now. I'll write again soon. Luv Ya!!!
Maggie...having a really good time


Hello everyone

May 30th 2006 7:53 am
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It has been a while since I wrote in my diary. That last entry was my April Fool's joke. Not to worry, my mom and dad love me very much. I am the center of their world.
I have had my 2nd birthday since then too. I got lots of pressies. Mom got me some Frosty Paws and a cake all of my own. I have posted a photo to mark the ocassion.
I also had a slight accident since April 1. My dad is doing some home improvements and I accidentally tore my neck on a nail or peice of wire. I had to get 5 staples, a shot and some medicine because of it. But I was a good girl and didn't bite the vet. I knew she was helping me. My booboo is all better now.
I have been quite the huntress as well. I found 2 snakes for Mom and have killed several moles. Oh, do I hate those pesky moles.
Mom went away for a few days and I had to stay with Daddy. When she came home, I was so glad to see her. But after the initial wet, wiggly hugs and kisses, I hung out with Dad for the remainder of the day. I just ignored Mom altogether, until bedtime, then it was all snuggles again.
I entered the Snobby Dog contest and came in 4th out of nearly 100 entries and just yesterday, I came in 3rd in a Memorial Day Contest. My mom is so proud of me. I'll always be #1 in her eyes.
I am having so much fun on Westie Unite with all my Westie pals. They are all such special pups, each with his/her on unique personalities.
I will try not to take so long for my next entry.
See Ya!

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