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I'm the Happiest Girl in the Whole USA

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I'm Mom's coach

October 24th 2007 1:02 pm
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Mom is in Weight Watchers. She just got a heart rate monitor and started interval training. Guess who's her trainer? We go on dog walks and I have her up to her target heart range before we're out of the driveway. When we started we tried running to increase her heart rate and I loved it. Then she found out the walk back up the hill was much more taxing so now we walk down the hill for 5 minutes, then up the hill for 5 minutes. She lost 4 pounds this week. I love the surprise when we change direction. I occasionally slow her heart rate when my hound nose must be satisfied. Our new issue is I AM FIT AND TRIM. Since I'm a Lab and Bassett Mom has always watched my diet and I am at my ideal weight. What's going to happened when I'm sweating off the pounds doing interval training??????? I think this is a good chance to talk Mom into increasing my portion.


I'm a Good Citizen

October 24th 2007 12:54 pm
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Everyone is so proud of me. I finally got my AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate. It only took 2 years. Mom took me to classes a couple of years ago and my best friend and I were the only ones to flunk. I was told I had to change my attitude. This was not a playdate; I was there to work. Last summer when we were at the CNYSPCA Pet Festival I took the test. I would do everything except DOWN. Mom swore I did it at home but there was no way I was going to do it there. So everyday for the past year I couldn't get a treat until I went over to my bed and laid down. This year Mom smeared her hands with jerky smell and we practice on the side with treats (no treats during the test). I was such a good girl. Everyone who knew me thought it was a miracle. Now I have my AKC patch and tag so everyone can know what a good citizen I am.


Kate and Mitch came to visit me

July 30th 2006 4:06 am
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Kate is a gal after my own Jockette heart. She was in an Ironman race in Lake Placid and she and Mitch stopped overnight. I really love her. Maybe I can do the Ironman with her next year.


Pet walk and festival

May 20th 2006 11:00 am
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Oh wow, oh wow. I took Mom to a fantastic party - a fund raiser in our village for the SPCA. There was a pet walk and lots and lots of activities and lots and lots of butts to sniff. Mom thought the walk would be once around the bseball field. Wrong! It was all the way into the village from the park and back up again. Recommendation: don't take an old broad to walk on these things. Mom wanted to pace herself and I was up to keeping up with the dogs in front of us. I really blew her mind when we were on the last leg. It was uphill and I thought that was a blast. Then there was 3 steps she thought we would work up slowly and I wanted to bound up them and make it to the finish line. I would have repeated the course again.
I met a lot of Pogos (Pugs) and everyone seemed to know I was a Bassedor (educated audience). My rump was a little sore from my tail wagging non-stop for 3 hrs. Can't wait for the next festival.


My vacation in Cincinnati

May 2nd 2006 1:54 pm
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Hi everyone. We just got back from a trip to Cincinnati. Mom found a pet-friendly motel to break up the 10 hour trip. She declared me the perfect passenger.
I had a wonderful visit with my skinbrother Mitch and his girlfriend. They were so much fun. I spent one day at Mitch's store, Biowheels, and was declared an excellent shop dog. Several of the guys that work there bring their dogs to work.
Mitch and Kate took me on a date while Mom was taking a cooking class. They let me climb a jungle gym at the park.
I came home spoiled. I kept going over to the door and tapping to go out. Mom knows my bodily functions well enough to know I was fibbing but Kate or Mitch took me for walks everytime I even sat by the door. Can't wait to visit them again.


I have a twin in the next county

February 24th 2006 5:04 am
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Oh you guys. I went to the vet yesterday (not my choice) and we met a lady who said she has a Bassedor just like me. She and Mom exchanged info so we can have a playdate. I love playdates.


Visit to CT for Thanksgiving

December 4th 2005 8:04 am
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Mom and I went to visit Aunt D for the holiday. Mom was so proud of me. AUnt D's Yorkie is allowed on the furniture but I am not. Mom told me "Go beddy" and I did and stayed there. I'm not sure why I was so obedient but Mom was so proud and told me how good I was. I babysat my baby Yorkie and kept her pretty busy. She still respects me as her Nanny.


Sunshine Friends visited our big mall

December 4th 2005 7:54 am
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Oh my aching tail. It was waggin non-stop yesterday when I volunteered to sit at our outreach table at the mall to let folks know about Sunshine Friends. Mom was so proud of me. I was on my feet 2 hrs. straight greeting people non-stop. The director of Sunshine Friends remarked on my incredible patience. There were 3 kids whose parents "let us babysit" while they shopped and they were talking non-stop to me. I cashed in on that and flipped over on my back and had them rub my tummy. I got to see my dogster pup-pal Bubbles (everyone loves a laid back St. Bernard)

Our table was right behind Santa's photo op kioske. If skinfolks have ever manned a table at a mall for a non-profit organization, it can be a boring day. This one had CONSTANT traffic. All the grown ups as well as children wanted to love the me and the two other pet therapists.

Everyone had to guess what breeds I was. Mom tried to find me one of those giant bones when we got home as a reward but we had to settle for the rawhide chews I love to flip.


Visit from Pogey

August 24th 2005 4:02 pm
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Scotty came down this weekend for Mom's birthday with Pogo and a cute little Cocker named Frodo. We had a great time. Meal time was intersting. Pogey thinks all food is his and I'm a polite hostess so we all got private dining rooms.
My only problem was Pogo wanted to hump Frodo and ignored me in that regard. Mom promised me I'd get some action this weekend. I led the two of them around the house on victory laps which everyone enjoyed.
Frodo came with nice soft toys that I got to practice my soft mouth on. I love when my skin brothers come (Mitch was here a few weeks ago). They don't mind when I climb all over them. It's so great to be part of a family that all love dogs equally.


I learned about Alzheimer's today

June 24th 2005 3:05 am
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I visited patients on an Alzheimer's unit today. You know what they say about poor short term memory but ask about oldies and goodies? These folks remembered how to give you an unbelievable scratch down your back (to perfection) and follow it up with a gentle rub behind the ears. My parenthood became the discussion of the group activity.

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